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NU4YOU.NET TRAINERS TOOLS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM For trainers only Slide 2 Nutrition + Personal Training = Results Nutrition plays an important part in any personal training program. Nutrition for You realizes this and is reaching out to personal trainers with tools to help you and your clients succeed. Our tools allow you to see how your clients are progressing nutritionally and if they are adhering to their exercise plan. Slide 3 is FREE for trainers Slide 4 Nu4You is a premium membership service providing each of its clients with individualized, science-based meal prescriptions and nutrition coaching. Nu4You focuses on a healthy-lifestyle approach to weight management. Slide 5 The meal plans are created based on THREE key energy expenditure factors. First Factor: Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Slide 6 Second Factor: Lifestyle or type of work during the day. Nu4You can also help those gaining weight by building muscle mass while minimizing fat mass gain. Slide 7 This is where you can make sure your client is following what they have committed to do. Third Factor : Exercise Slide 8 Total Energy Expenditure (TEE): TEE = RMR + Lifestyle + Exercise Prescription of calories are based on a deficit from their customized TEE. Slide 9 Nu4You is NOT a calorie counting program. Nu4You translates the calories prescribed into allowances of different food groups. This results in your clients following a balanced nutrition plan while learning about serving sizes, portion control and moderation. Slide 10 Food record keeping Educational videos Shopping list 7-day sample menus Recipes Nutrition coaching via phone Ability to journal Nutripedia Newsletters provides many other benefits Slide 11 How can you help your clients? Slide 12 3 easy steps to participate in The Trainers Tools Assistance Program: Join (its FREE for trainers). Invite your clients to join (they pay for their membership). Search within for your clients and then you can assist them. Slide 13 Once your clients join Nu4You, you can invite each of them to participate in the trainer-client program. To invite clients: Go to Account & Profile Slide 14 You need to request an invitation and be accepted by your client as their personal trainer before you are able to see your clients food and exercise records. In your Account & Profile, search for your clients that are members of Slide 15 Your request is pending Slide 16 Your client will get an alert about your invitation. She/He can then accept your invite. Slide 17 Once you are approved you can assist your client and start learning about their goals, food intake and exercise records. Slide 18 Understanding your clients goals is the first step. Client wants to lose 20 pounds Caloric prescription, exercise and allowances Slide 19 Food choices, portion sizes and meals eaten Calories prescribed and consumed Allowances prescribed and eaten: This date went well. Slide 20 On a day by day basis allowances eaten may vary: Here the client has gone slightly over or under some allowances. Exercised and burned 400 calories today Slide 21 As the week progresses we see a weekend day where the client had difficulty staying on the plan. Excessive consumption of calories Client went over grains, fats and drank too much alcohol. Slide 22 Our bodies work on averages, not individual days; therefore is based on weekly averages. Calories: Average consumed and expended through exercise per week You can clearly see the problem areas which can help start a discussion with your client. High on grains, fats sugars and alcohol Low on protein: If this continues there is risk of losing muscle mass Slide 23 also provides reports and graphs to help see progress Slide 24 We understand the importance of a multidisciplinary team to help our clients achieve their goals. Communication is the key on a multidisciplinary team. Under trainer Tools you can write notes to communicate any nutritional concern or any changes in exercise plans to our team of nutrition coaches. Notes are not seen by clients. Slide 25 Thank you for taking a tour of the Trainers Tools Assistance Program. To get started as a Personal Trainer with Nu4You: Email Your name Contact phone number Email address Location