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Bus sheltersMaterialsDurable, readily available and cost effective materials - aluminum, timber, and glass.Timber furniture adds warmth for user comfort.Use of recyclable aluminum and timber.Daylight sensors to reduce lighting power consumption.

Look and feelShelter form and the use of color make the shelter easy to identify from a distance and create a recognizable icon for the bus network.Shelter can be customized by adding features such as solid roof panels, mesh wall panels, solar lighting, interactive screens, kiosks, bike racks and bins.Vertical signage panels provide solidity and display information, branding or art.Modular system allows configuration of reflect local settings.

DurabilityPowder coated aluminum structure will not rust.Timber is easily maintained.Glass and solid panels are covered with anti-graffiti coating.Engineering and manufacturing techniques maximize the lifespan of the shelter and minimize the amount of materials used.Laminated and toughened glass minimizes the risk of broken glass.SafetyDay/night lighting sensors.Glass panels create an open, light filled waiting space with clear visibility for all users.Laminated and toughened glass minimizes the risk of injury from broken glass.

Shelter from weatherRoof height, angle and overhang maximize weather protection.Glass front, end and mid panels provide protection from wind and rain. Glass front panels and solid walls keep users dry.Solid roof panels and UV resistant roof graphics reduce heat and glare from the sun.Insulated roof provides shade and keeps shelter cool in summer.

SizeThe size of a bus shelter depends on the climate as well as the number of people who are expected to use it.

Where there are large fluctuations between peak and off-peak use, a bus shelter can be designed with leaning rails, overhangs, and seating areas outside of the shelter to accommodate the differences.

Product advantagesWind resistanceHuge temperature differencesSnow resistance (can hold snow on roof)Many years without maintenanceEnvironmentally greenself-efficient