Np Växjö 2015 Survival Guide

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<ul><li><p>Cover</p><p>horn</p><p>VXJ</p><p>NP SWEDEN 2015</p><p>in 72 hoursone semester in</p><p>Survival Guide</p></li><li><p>2Table of Contents</p><p>bubblan pic</p><p>Table of Contents</p><p>3: Arrival Information</p><p>4: Accommodation</p><p>5: Schedule</p><p>6: Social Events</p><p>7: Organizing Committee</p><p>8: Useful Tips</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>3Arrival Information</p><p>The pickup location will be at the University. This is a 10 minute bus ride from the central station.</p><p>From the station, you will take bus number 3 to-ward Universitetet.</p><p>You will get off at the stop Linnuniversitetet</p><p>Watch this video to find the bus:</p><p>The bus ticket costs 26kr but it is cheaper if you buy for two (47kr).</p><p>The bus leaves every ten minutes during the day. In the very early morning and evening it goes less often.</p><p>If you plan to arrive after 9pm, please contact the OC to get other arrival information.</p><p>Those of you coming from Halland, Skne, Ble-kinge, and Jnkping can use your regional traffic cards on our buses.</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>4Accommo-dation</p><p>pic of slottsstaden</p><p>Accommodation</p><p>You will stay in student apartments on the cam-pus.</p><p>The rooms will not be furnished so please bring a sleeping bag and pillow as well as something to put under you.</p><p>Your accomodation will have:-soap for hands-paper towel and toilet paper-a limited amount of plastic cups-around 1 shower/WC per 10 people</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>5Schedule</p><p>background pic snowy vaxjo again</p><p>Schedule</p><p>THURSDAY</p><p>14:00-17:00: Arrival</p><p>17:00-18:30: Pizza Party</p><p>18:30-20:00: Buddy Mingle</p><p>20:00-23:30: Amazing Race</p><p>FRIDAY</p><p>7:30: Wake up!</p><p>8:30-9:00: Breakfast</p><p>9:00-10:30: Plenaries</p><p>10:25-10:40: Fika</p><p>10:40-12:30: Plenaries</p><p>13:30-14:25: Lunch</p><p>14:30-16:30: Plenaries</p><p>SATURDAY</p><p>7:30: Wake up!</p><p>8:30-9:00: Breakfast</p><p>9:00-10:45: Plenaries</p><p>10:45-11:00: Fika</p><p>11:00-13:45: Plenaries</p><p>13:45-14:40: Lunch</p><p>14:45-16:15: Plenaries</p><p>SUNDAY</p><p>7:30: Wake up!</p><p>8:30-9:00: Breakfast</p><p>9:00-10:30: Plenaries</p><p>10:30-10:45: Fika</p><p>10:45-13:15: Plenaries</p><p>13:15: Lunch</p><p>16:30-16:45: Fika</p><p>16:45-18:00: Plenaries</p><p>18:00-19:30: Free time</p><p>19:30-21:00: Welcome Dinner</p><p>21:00-22:30: Middle Party</p><p>22:30-2:00: Club Night</p><p>16:15-16:30: Fika</p><p>16:30-18:05: Plenaries</p><p>18:05-19:30: Free time</p><p>19:30-21:00: Dinner</p><p>21:00-22:30: Middle Party</p><p>22:30-2:00: Hippie Party</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>6Social Events</p><p>Buddy Mingle Amazing Race Welcome Party</p><p>Private Club Night Hippie Dinner Hippie Party</p><p>Eevry semester we start with an event where the exchange students meet their swedish buddies for their first time.</p><p>Here is a good opportu-nity for us to get to know eachother with several activities tested and ap-proved by our hosts from our Buddy Committee!</p><p>A really fun activity we have done with our stu-dents where we race in teams around campus to complete tasks.</p><p>One task will be to create a drink with your buddy section, so make sure to bring ingredients and make a good one!</p><p>Although it is the second night, we want to haev you experience one of our grandest events, the welcome party!</p><p>It will be a sitting of more formal style, called Fin-sittning in swedish.</p><p>The theme will be gold so wear all the gold clothing and accessories you can to make the room spar-kle!</p><p>We will rent out a club for our own enjoyment along with a few lucky stu-dents and our committee members.</p><p>There will be a DJ and bar - think of it like a big pre-party in a club envi-ronment.</p><p>Dress up in your grooviest gear and experience a classic theme party, Vx-j-style.</p><p>This will be a less formal sittning, called fulsittning in swedish.</p><p>If the weather is nice we will have a middle party outside, and then contin-ue our hippie night with our exchange students in our favorite on campus pub!</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>7OC</p><p>background pic collage of oc</p><p>Organizing Committee</p><p>Martin Westman Rebecca Hwing</p><p>Timothy Daniel Ulrika Ehrensthle</p><p>Head of</p><p>0733221406</p><p>Tech/</p><p>0708203791</p><p>Food/</p><p>0763118072</p><p>Sponsors/</p><p>0709326519</p><p>7</p></li><li><p>8What to bring/useful tips</p><p>Background snowy vaxjo</p><p>Useful Tips</p><p>- Write down your roommates phone number in your cellphone (since we have limited amount of keys) - Take a shower on the day you leave for NP. We have a limited amount of showers and it will save you time during the event! - An NP is a very action-packed event with non-stop activities. Rest up and dont plan anything afterward!</p><p>- You are allowed to drink alcohol anywhere outdoors on Campus, but not in the city.</p><p>What to bring:</p><p>- Air mattress (you will sleep on the floor) - Sleeping bag - A towel - Clothes for Hippie Theme Dinner and Party - Semiformal clothes/Smart Casual for welcome din-ner - Golden clothes and accessories for Welcome Party- Ingredients for the drink you will make with your bud-dy section for the Amazing Race - Camera - ESN Spirit</p><p>Internet Access:</p><p>All university rooms have eduroam. Those of you who dont have access to eduroam will be given a guest account at the university. Well try out best to provide internet in the rooms but we cant guarantee it.</p><p>8</p></li></ul>