Now it's autumn english version (nx power-lite)

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Text of Now it's autumn english version (nx power-lite)

  • Now its autumn,leaves roam and scatterAgain the wind flings heavy drops againstthe glazing

  • And youre reading old letters,tattered and fadingAnd retrace a whole life-time in just one hour.

  • With sweet trifles you enjoy such time-wastingYoud hate to be disturbed by a tap on the shutter:

  • For when its sleeting outside,its so much betterTo dream by the fireside,sleepily nodding.

  • So I stay in my chair,staring into the fireDreaming of old tales and a fairy queens sighs;

  • Around me the mist rises higher and higher;Suddenly the rustling of silk makes me rise,

  • Steps so soft,barely touched by the old floor.Then with slender,icy hands you hide my eyes