Novell Open Enterprise Server for Beginners

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With NetWare general support ending in March, now is the time to upgrade to Novell Open Enterprise Server 2. You can take advantage of brand new capabilities, as well as retain the NetWare services you know and love (many of them are even better on Linux). Attend this session for an overview of Novell Open Enterprise Server running SUSE Linux Enterprise. You'll also learn how NetWare has evolved into Novell Open Enterprise Server and how simple the upgrade path can be.


<ul><li>1.Novell Open Enterprise Server for BeginnersLothar Wegner Technology Sales Specialist </li></ul><p>2. OutlineToday's environment Benefits of Open Enterprise Server 2 Time to Migrate Success Stories What's next for OES 2 2 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 3. Today's Environment 4. Today's Marketplace DemandsGrowing adoption of x86 virtualization for server consolidationAdoption of virtual appliancesGreater ability to maximize return on server resourcesMerging of consumer and corporate demandsWindows 7 migration and integrationCross-platform interoperability4 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 5. Customer Demands I need you to help me.... Better manage my complex, mixed environment Keep infrastructure costs down Maximize existing investments Help end users be more productive Be sure my infrastructure supports business priorities Leverage today's newest hardware 5 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 6. What is Open Enterprise Server? 7. History NetWare services have been available since theearly 80'sManagementServices Security Services+ =Print Services File ServicesNetWare Operating SystemHardware 7 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 8. Evolution Open Enterprise Server 2 NetWare services on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Management ServicesSecurity ServicesSUSE Linux EnterpriseServer 10Print ServicesFile ServicesSUSE Linux Novell OpenEnterprise ServerEnterprise ServerHardware 8 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 9. Deployment Options Open Enterprise Server 2 Physical hardwareManagement Management Services ServicesSecurity ServicesSecurity ServicesPrint ServicesPrint ServicesFile ServicesFile ServicesSUSE Linux SUSE Linux Novell OpenEnterprise ServerEnterprise Server Enterprise Server32-bit Hardware64-bit Hardware 9 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 10. Deployment Options (cont.)Open Enterprise Server 2 Virtualized with XEN (or others)Other Operating SystemNetWareSLES SLESOperating System Operating System Operating System 32-bit VM32-bit VM64-bit VM64-bit VMNovell OpenEnterprise ServerSLES with XEN Virtualization Hardware 10 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 11. Open Enterprise Server 2More than NetWare iFolder 3.8Enhanced Identity Novell Cluster Business UpgradeManager 3.5Services Continuity User &amp; IT UtilitiesBundle EditionCluster ProductivityDomain SAMBA &amp;AFP stackCIFS stack iPrintServices for NetAtalk Interoperability Windows POSIXDynamicArchive &amp;Novell Storage DFS w/ File StorageStorageVersioning Services Junction Technology(NSS)Support Networking &amp; Auto YaSTWindowsNetStorage DNS &amp; DHCP Novell Client eDirectory Management (64-bit)Sentinel ready 3rd PartyNovell ClientNovell Novell RemoteNSS Auditing Linux AppsiManager Manager XEN Virtualization Av. on NW &amp; SLE kernelsAv. only on SLE kernel SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 12. While you are here: CL211 Deployment Options for Novell OpenEnterprise Server Workloads CL212 Lessons Learned: Novell Open EnterpriseServer Upgrades Made Easy CL305 Upgrading from NetWare to Novell OpenEnterprise Server on Linux: The Novell ConsultingWay ATT200 Bridging NetWare Skills to Novell OpenEnterprise Server ATT206 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11: BASHScripting Fundamentals 12 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 13. Moving to Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 14. BenefitsSave your money for strategic projects. Upgrade to the infrastructure that controls your costs. Don't rip-and-replace... Interoperate! Control costs of growing infrastructure with powerfulconsolidation options Utilize existing administration skills and processes Enjoy vast selection of commodity hardware More than 4,000 supported applications14 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 15. Powerful Consolidation Possibilities With Open Enterprise Server, you can reduce servercount by: Consolidating servers Virtualizing multiple workloads Standardizing on the SUSE Linux Enterprise kernel for network and application workloads even yourdesktop! 15 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 16. Dynamic Storage Technology Improve File Storage Administration Reduce costs by leveraging less-expensive storage forstale data Set customizable policies to manage file storage Simplify back-up and associated administration No impact to the end-user experience 16 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 17. Dynamic Storage TechnologyReduce Complexity, Cost, and RiskBEFOREAFTER Drastically reduce backup windows Stop adding expensive SAN storage Don't impact user experience17 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 18. Policy Engine in Your Control Use Novell Remote Manager for Linux to manage Dynamic Storage Technology shadow volume policies Create, monitor, modify, and delete policies Start and stop time Frequency Monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, and 1 time Volume operations Move files from primary to secondary Move files from secondary to primary File criteria Time stamps File size File type 18 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 19. Domain Services for Windows Seamless Interoperability No requirement for the local install of any client Simplified management of users and groups Use Microsoft Management Console to manage eDirectory users and OES files Eliminate server duplication by using OES and DSFWas AD domain servers in addition to OES workloads Maximize the return on value of your heterogeneousenvironment 19 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 20. Domain Services for Windows Interoperate &amp; Simplify Same user login Access to new services Eliminate multiple clients 20 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 21. Domain Services for Windows Domain Services for Windows provides login, authentication and directory authorization for Windows workstations in eDirectory trees and integrates with existing eDirectory deployments 21 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 22. While You Are Here: CL300 Life Without the Novell Client CL308 Advanced Tips for Dynamic StorageTechnologyCL310 Domain Services for Windows: BestPractices for Windows InteroperabilityATT313 Novell Domain Services for WindowsInstallation and Administration 22 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 23. What's New in Open Enterprise Server Service Pack 2? 24. What's New in Service Pack 2?Powerful Features That Address IT Challenges Cross-AuditiFolder 3.8 Protocol SupportFile Locking24 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 25. iFolder 3.8 Backup and Retrieve Your Files Anywhere Doesn't require eDirectory infrastructure Enhance user productivity with access to filesanywhere All users can benefit from iFolder, regardless of theirclient-side OS Compatible with Windows 7, Mac, and Linux as well asolder Windows versions 25 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 26. Cross-protocol File Locking Keeping Users Productive When Working With Shared Files True interoperability support for mixed networks Maintain your preference for mapped drives Make file sharing safe and easy for your users 26 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 27. Audit SupportMeeting Requirements for Compliance OES now meets Government and RegulatoryCompliance (GRC) standards Permissions per file File changes Novell Sentinel ready today Third-party vendor supportNovell Sentinel 27 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 28. Windows 7 Everything You Need to Support Your Workstation Upgrade OES services are fully ready for Windows 7 Novell Client iFolder 3.8 iPrint Novell Storage Services DNS/DHCP28 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 29. While You Are Here: CL309 NSS File System Performance, Clusteringand Auditing in Novell Open Enterprise Server onLinuxCL311 Novell iFolder 3.8: A Simple, Secure FileAccess SolutionCL312 Novell iPrint: Advanced Features on LinuxATT306 Novell iPrint: Advanced Tips and Tricks 29 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 30. A Compelling Reason to Migrate toOpen Enterprise Server 2 31. NetWare Support Lifecycle Event NetWare Reaches a Support Milestone NetWare moves to a new support state on March 7,2010, entering the Extended Support phase Customers under maintenance will still be able to receive support Patches and fixes will no longer be developed Enhancement requests are no longer accepted Only critical security updates will be provided31 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 32. Success Stories 33. aQuellBottler and Distributor of Mineral Water Novell GroupWise running on Open Enterprise Server gave us an enterprise- class collaboration platform, taking aQuell to a completely new level.Previously, it was practically impossible for users to work together effectivelyand share information.Andrew Muller, IT Manager The ChallengeThe SolutionThe ResultSupply major retail chainsImplemented Novell Standardized on Linux, whilethroughout South Africa GroupWise on Novell Open gaining well-supported serverwith bottled waterEnterprise Server runningmanagement toolsLinuxReplace outdated ITGained robust, enterprise-architecture as a result of Applied security policies to class platform for e-mail andrapid growthuser storage with Novell collaborationImplement an enterprise-Storage Services Provided remote e-mailwide e-mail and collaboration Improved employeeaccess to help field salesplatformcollaboration with Novellcommunicate effectivelyStandardize IT environmentGroupWiseSimplified and acceleratedto reduce costs Standardized desktops with problem resolution for usersNovell ZENworks with remote control33 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 34. Georgetown McDonoughSchool of BusinessNationally ranked business school in Washington, D.C. Novell has bullet-proof solutions which can't be said about many other vendors. We get all the tools that our students will need in the real world. Wealso like the forward-thinking attitude of Novell about Linux. ...When our ITinfrastructure is running smoothly, we spend less time reacting to problemsand more time thinking about what we want to do in the future. John Carpenter, CTO The ChallengeThe Solution The ResultPremier business school withUpgraded infrastructure toConsolidated servers by 902,300 students and 250Novell Open Enterprise Server percentfaculty and staff running SUSE LinuxReduced implementation time Enterprise ServerPrepare students for corporatefor new applications by 50careers with access to latest Virtualized servers using percent with virtualizationtechnologyVMwareProvided secure instantMove to Linux to for better Implemented Novell GroupWisemessaging as well asperformance on Linux for 3,000 usersBlackBerry e-mail supportEnable students to work inStudents and staff now create Enabled next-generationgroups, regardless of locationtheir own virtual workspacescollaboration among students,with Novell Teaming + faculty and staffConferencing34 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 35. City of AssenAdministrative Area in The Netherlands The City of Assen has a clear strategy: we use open source software whenever we can.It was time to upgrade from our existing operating system, and Novell Open Enterprise Server was the ideal replacement. ...Our services are now always available when usersneed them, and feedback from users is extremely positive. The Novell solution also keepsus free from the restrictions of closed source software, increasing our options for thefuture. Cor Hardebil, System Engineer and Project Leader The Challenge The Solution The ResultProvide services for 65,000 and Implemented Novell OpenCreated a more stable andemployment, shopping andEnterprise Server running on scalable infrastructure forrecreational facilities for aroundSUSE Linux Enterprise future growth200,000 peopleServer Achieved rapid, low-riskKeep pace with 1.5 percentLeveraged Novell Cluster deploymentpopulation increase each year Services for high availability Reduced total cost ofUpgrade outdated IT of Linux-based clustersownershipinfrastructure to flexible, openAchieved 100 percent e-mailsource platformDoubled performance ofuptime with Novell GroupWise e-mail systemProvide faster and more stablee-mail, file and print services foremployees35 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 36. What's Next for Novell Open Enterprise Server 37. The Road Ahead NEXT 3 YEARS Simplify collaborative environment through native product integrations Web 2.0 experience for OES users Novell Pulse / Content Services Streamline product deployment and management Appliance deployment options forindividual OES components Remote Office capabilities Sound infrastructure investment Power of SLES for consolidation Flexible migration path (NetWare ) 37 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 38. Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3[minor release]201020112012 Major FeatureBenefitRemote OfficeReduced administration costs of remote servers and usersDynamic Storage Technology Simplified client access to tiered CIFS Client Support storage without the Novell Client NCP Server Shadow Volumes Migration solution for moving current files from NetWare to OESService Location Protocol -High availability coupled with reduced Directory Agent administration costs 38 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 39. Novell Open Enterprise ServerCodenamed Ponderosa [major release]2010 2011 2012 Major Feature BenefitContent ServicesFlexible access to Novell and Microsoftfile services to disperse unstructuredinformation to cloud based applicationsand legacy protocolsDecoupled Collaboration ServicesReduce deployment time and simplifiedmanagementCloud Enabled Dynamic Storage Reduce storage TCO with cloud enabledTechnologystorage 39 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 40. Additional Information 41. While You Are Here: CL214 What's LUM Got to Do with It: DeploymentConsiderations for Linux User Management onNovell Open Enterprise Server CL306 High Availability with Novell ClusterServices for Novell Open Enterprise Server onLinux ATT301 Migrating a NetWare Cluster to an NovellOpen Enterprise Server 2 on Linux Cluster ATT314 Novell Open Enterprise Server 2:Troubleshooting and Top Support 41 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 42. Free Extended Support on NetWare 42 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 43. Free Consultation on Moving Forward 43 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 44. Where to get more information Best Practices Documentation Free training Whitepapers Consulting assistance, etc Community driven tips, tricks, best practices, etc 44 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. 45. Unpublished Work of Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This work is an unpublished work and contains confidential, proprietary, and trade secret information of Novell, Inc. Access to this work is restricted to Novell employees who have a need to know to perform tasks within the scope of their assignments. No part of this work may be practiced, performed, copied, distributed, revised, modified, translated, abridged, condensed, expanded, collected, or adapted without the prior written consent of Novell, Inc. Any use or exploitation of this work without authorization could subject the perpetrator to cr...</p>


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