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  • June 21, 2011

    Mr. Cliff GuffeyPresidentAmerican Postal Workers

    Union (APWU), AFL-CIO1300 L Street, NWWashington, DC 20005-4128

    Dear Cliff:

    Certified Mail Tracking Number:70993400000905160038

    Fax: (202) 842-4297

    This is to inform you of the Postal Service's decision to consolidate all originating and destinating mailprocessing operations at the following Western Area location:

    Glenwood Springs, Colorado Customer Service Mail Processing Center (CSMPC) into GrandJunction, Colorado Processing and Distribution Facility (P&DF)

    After review, it was decided that this consolidation is in the best interest of the Postal Service.Implementation of this AMP is expected to be completed by October 2011. Enclosed, per your request is acopy of the completed study.

    The Postal Service must continually look to improve productivity and increase efficiency while maintainingexcellent service. The decline in mail volume and revenues due to the economic downturn has onlyheightened the need for such improvements. These consolidations will allow us to accomplish this goal bymaking better use of excess space, staffing, and equipment, and to process mail more efficiently.

    We have redacted information from the study in accordance with our standard practice. We have alsoredacted mailer names, companies, and titles that were notified of the study. The mailer names, companies,and titles do not appear to be relevant to the Union's representational responsibilities. Volume numbersassociated with service standard changes have also been redacted. This data is commercially sensitive andcould be advantageous to our competitors. In order to protect market share, the Postal Service must protectthe confidentiality of this information.

    It is projected that this consolidation will result in significant savings for the Postal Service. Some affectedcareer employees may be reassigned to other vacant positions. Reassignments will be made in accordancewith the collective bargaining agreement.

    If you have questions, or need additional information, please contact Jacqueline Adona at(202) 268-3800.


    Patrick M. DevineActing ManagerContract Administration (APWU)



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    Type of Distribution to Consolidate:Facility Name & Type:

    Street Address:City:

    State:50 Facility ZIP Code:!


    Finance Number:Current 3D ZIP Code(s):

    Miles to Gaining Facility:EXFC office:Postmaster:

    Senior Plant Manager:District Manager:

    Facility Type after AMP:;

    Orig & DestGlenwood Springs CSMPC195 Center DriveGlenwood Springs

    CO81601ColoradolWyomingWestern-81687.2YesKathy Roberts-HarrellRoland A. FuentesSelwyn D. EppersonCLOSED

    MODS/BPI Office

    Facility Name & Type:;Street Address:!


    50 Facility ZIP Code:District:

    Area:Finance Number:

    Current 3D ZIP Code(s):EXFC office:

    Plant Manager:Senior Plant Manager:

    District Manager:

    Grand Junction P&DF602 Burkey StreetGrand Junction

    CO81505ColoradolWyomingWestern-814,815YesDaniel M. Reyes IIIRoland A. FuentesSelwyn D. Epperson

    May 7, 2010


    Start of Study: 01/27/11Date Range of Data: Jan-01-2010 : Dec-31-2010

    Processing Days per Year: 310Bargaining Unit Hours per Year: 1,742

    EAS Hours per Year: 1,819Date of HQ memo, DAR Factors/Cost of Borrowing! New

    Facility Start-up Costs Update

    Date & Time this workbook was last saved:

    Area Vice President: Sylvester BlackVice President, Network Operations: David E. Williams

    Area AMP Coordinator: Steven P. MurrayHQ AMP Coordinator: Barbara Brewington

    rev 09/13/2010

    Package Page 1 AMP Data Entry Page

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    Approvai Signatures

    Olsfmt Menager.SQJwyn 0 Epperson

    --" l'1Inlad~"----

    f ..



    ; --Vice President. If.tworit O;lefatiorul:

    ~ E. WIllia'llS6iiiW';;..,.,.-----

    O"W!N!J "'WTY'.Plant Manager:

    DonIoel M. Rot,..----....;.,PMilld~"",.,.APM""-----.- ---

    S.nlor Plant Manaoar.Roland A. Fuentes

    ----. .. iir;tM~----- -

    District Manager:selwyn 0 Eppetscn-- ~-_:.-:-------

    ~:_---------------- -

  • Executive SummaryLast Saved: June 7, 2011

    Losing Facility Name and Type: Glenwood Springs CSMPCStreet Address: 195 Center Drive

    City, State: Glenwood Springs, CO

    Current 3D ZIP Code(s): 816

    Type of Distribution to Consolidate: Orig & Dest Miles to Gaining Facility: 87.2

    Gaining Facility Name and Type: Grand Junction P&DFCurrent 3D ZIP Code(s): 814,815


    Savings/CostsMail Processing Craft Workhour Savings = $710,659 from WorkhourCosts-PropoSed

    Non-MP Craft'EAS + Shared LDCs Workhour Savings (less MaintlTrans) = {$i7} from Other Curr VS Prop--_---:_...:..

    PCES/EAS Supervisory Workhour Savings = ($14,448) from OtherCurr vs PropTransportation Savings = $551,156 from Transportation (HCR and PVS)

    Maintenance Savings = ($58,181) from MaintenanceSpace Savings = $0 from Space Evaluation and Other Costs

    Total Annual SaVings =

    Total One-Time Costs = $849,496 from Space Evaluation and Other Costs

    $339,673Total First Year Savings =====""";;..0.;;.;;';";;';';;"

    Staffing Positions

    from Staffing - Craft18Craft Position loss =--------PCES/EAS Position loss =__....:-__ from Staffing - PCESIEAS


    Total FHP to be Transferred (Average Daily Volume) = N/A from Workhour Costs - Current

    Current FHP at Gaining Facility (Average Daily Volume) = 440,655 from Workhour Costs - CurrentLosing Facility Cancellation Volume (Average Daily Volume) = 35,460 (= Total TPH I Operating Days)



    Service Standard ImpactsbyADV

    First-Class MailPriority Mail

    Package Services


    Standard Mail10 doslmat,or ZiP Code

    rev 10115/2009

    Package Page 3 AMP Executive Summary

  • Summary NarrativeLast Saved: June 7, 2011

    Losing Facility Name and Type: Glenwood Springs CSMPCCurrent 3D ZIP Code(s): 816

    Type of Distribution to Consolidate: Orig & Dest

    Gaining Facility Name and Type: Grand Junction P&DFCurrent 3D ZIP Code s): 814,815


    The Glenwood Springs CO CSMPC is a postal owned facility that processes originatingand destinating volumes for SCF 816. It is located approximately 87.2 miles from theGrand Junction CO P&DF which services SCF 814 and 815.

    This study was conducted to determine the feasibility of relocating the originating anddestinating distribution processing operations from Glenwood Springs into GrandJunction every day Monday thru Saturday. Glenwood Springs originating mail iscurrently processed at the Grand Junction P&DF on Saturdays only, effective1/29/2011. The 24-hour clock target of 80% cancellations by 2000 will be adverselyaffected by the AMP due to the last collections not arriving in Grand Junction until after2130.

    The Glenwood Springs Main Post Office (MPO) is located approximately three milesfrom the Glenwood Springs CSMPC. The two offices share one finance number.


    The annual baseline date for this AMP feasibility study is taken from the period ofJanuary 1,2010 - December 31,2010. Financial savings proposed for theconsolidation of an originating and destinating mail volumes from the Glenwood SpringsCSMPC into the Grand Junction P&DF are:

    Total First Year SaVingsTotal Annual Savings

    $ 339,673$1,189,169

    There are one-time costs associated with this AMP as Grand Junction will receive twoAdvanced Facer Canceller Systems, with associated Ventilation Filtration System (VFS)and Biohazard Detection System (BDS) to safely process the consolidated mailvolumes. One-time facility costs include a Loose Mail System and required electricalupgrades.


    There will be no First-Class Mail or Priority Mail service standard downgrades to supportthe implementation of this AMP. One First-Class Mail/Priority Mail 3-digit pair, Durangoto Glenwood Springs, will be upgraded by this action. There are minor downgrades toPeriodical (3 pairs) and Standard (4 pairs) mail

    The BMAU and retail unit located at the Glenwood Springs MPO will not be affected ifthe AMP is implemented. Local collection box pick up times will remain unchanged anda local postmark will continue to be available at retail service locations.

    rev 06/10/2009

    Package Page 4 AMP Summary Narrative

  • Summary Narrative (continued)Summary Narrative Page 2


    Transportation supporting the Glenwood Springs AMP contains only HCR service. Theproposed transportation to support this AMP will be operated at an annual savings of$551,156. Existing HCR routes will be modified, eliminated or changed toaccommodate the transportation of mail for this AMP. There are no PVS routes ateither location to be affected If the AMP is implemented.


    In this feasibility study, 18 craft employees and 1 management position will beimpacted. Craft staffing in Glenwood Springs includes the reduction of 29 MailProcessing and 3 Maintenance employees, with Grand Junction adding an additional 12Mail Processing and 2 Maintenance employees. Management staffing in GlenwoodSprings includes the reduction of 2 Supervisor CS positions, with Grand Junction fillinga vacant Supervisor Maintenance Operations position. If the AMP is implemented, therewill be a net reduction of 18 craft positions and 1 management positions. The totalFunction 1/4 savings from craft impacts is projected to be $710,659.

    1 Crall = FTR+PTR+PTF+Casuas

    1 : 381: 16

    1 crart = FTR+PTR+PTF+Casuas

    2 Cr~ = F1 + F4 at l