Nothing Means Nothing Volume One

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excerpt from preface:'This book is made up of things Ive written in my journals or on my tumblr that I would otherwise forget about. It is a lot of things I didnt imagine people would read a lot of the things in here, or if they did, it was fleetingly on my tumblr and then forgotten. I think of this collection as a supplement to my more typical writing'


  • !!!!!!!!!!!!for Dwight, Taylor, Bobby, and Easton!rip

  • Table of Contents!!Preface 1!Towards the end of 8th grade 2!A list of the major scars on my body 3!Clip on my hand (a short story) 4!Comics are good at telling spatial stories 5!Making different types of art 6!Whenever Im confronted with the soul crushing reality of getting older 7!I dont play runescape, but I think about it a lot 8!In one of my classes 9!boring words 10!You notice in dichotomized fiction 11!When describing something 12!I walked to the Park Blocks and bought a burrito 13!I thought about the form that tree roots take 14!I was sitting next to these 2 skater dudes 15!It used to take me a long time to fall asleep 16!As states and nations 17!I heard and saw a guy and a girl 18!I learned about this somewhere 19!When I was started taking medication for manic-depressive disorder 20!Crying is a poem because the tears are a metaphor for how one feels 21!!!!!!!!!

  • Preface!!This book is made up of things Ive written in my journals or on my tumblr that I would otherwise forget about. It is a lot of things I didnt imagine people would read a lot of the things in here, or if they did, it was fleetingly on my tumblr and then forgotten. I think of this collection as a supplement to my more typical writing!!It is 20 pages long (excluding this page), because thats the length of single issue, mainstream comics, and so seems like a good length between concise and substantial, for a collection like this!!More volumes are coming, assuming anyone reads this. Everything in here was written between April 2012 to January 2014, but they arent necessarily in chronological order


  • Towards the end of 8th grade, a girl I was kind of friends with was like wow everyone has changed so much! and I felt panicked and said, what! I havent, Im still the same kid! and she said, well yeah, I guess it depends how you look at it. And now that interaction feels vaguely symbolic of my life as a whole


  • A list of the major scars on my body (some gruesome descriptions, sorry)!!1!!I have a really big scar on my left wrist because I was sitting on a fireplace as a kid. The fireplace screen fell on my wrist and cut it!!2!!I have a scar on the inside of my left elbow because I gave blood. I accidentally shifted my arm with the needle in. Maybe someone bumped into my arm. Anyway, I moved my arm and the needle kinda moved, it hurt a lot, and theres kind of a weird indent in the inside of my left elbow from the needle!!3!!I have a small scar on my chin. I was at a family reunion in Eastern Oregon. I asked one of the ppl who worked there if he could grab me a Coke. He threw it across a room, for an unknown reason, and it hit my chin. It didnt really hurt, but my chin had some blood on it, but he didnt say anything about the blood !!4!!I have a small scar on that little web of skin between my right thumb and right index finger. I got Pokemon cards from the internet. When the mail got there, I was so excited to look at the cards, so I grabbed a knife. As I was opening the Pokemon cards, I stabbed that section of skin on accident!!I think I have more but those are the main ones


  • Clip on my hand (a short story)!!In 11th grade, I went to a debate tournament at Tahoma High School in Covington, Washington. Someone on my debate team brought Sun Chips, with a little bag clip on it, to keep the bag closed. Everyone ate all of the Sun Chips, so the clip was now functionally worthless!!I started goofing off with the clip and clipping it onto my thumbs and clipping it to pens and stuff like that. I saw one of my really close friends older sister across the cafeteria. She went to another high school in my town, and also did debate. She waved at me and then I waved back at her!!After I started waving, I realized I had left the bag clip clipped across the top of my fingers. Midway through my wave I rapidly hid my hand and took the clip off because it probably looked weird as hell!!A couple hours later I encountered her face-to-face and I was like omg Im so sorry about that clip thing and she was like what and I explained to her about the clip and she was like what I didnt notice and I was like, oh


  • Comics are good at telling spatial stories!!Prose are good at telling temporal stories!!Comics have less temporal orientation than prose!!Prose have less spatial orientation than comic!!Comics are spatial because it is visual storytelling. They lack concrete temporal orientation, because every panel is a single moment in time. So any sort of flow through time is an illusion!!Prose have a constant flow of time. Time - in some sense of the word time - doesnt stop. But, in order to express the space, the narrative has to slow down for visual description!!When a writer describes space, its always abstract (well all writing is abstract. time is abstract)!!


  • Making different types of art is like learning different languages. From my experience, when you learn a language, the first thing you notice is the differences between your first language and the new language. You learn the annoying stuff and the easy stuff about your language!!I think thats the same with art in the sense that, if you write, and then you start to paint, the first thing you will notice is what works for writing best and what works for paintings best!!Then maybe you will make better art when you know which different media do best


  • Whenever Im confronted with the soul crushing reality of getting older I feel an intense desire to do something I did when I was younger. And for some reason, it is often wanting to go back to WoW. I dont care much about it, but I am nostalgic for the days of meeting up with my friends in Shattrath/Dalaran/Orgrimmar, grinding honor in bgs, grinding points in arena, doing some heroic pugs. Man those were the days. But whenever I re-subscribe, I boot up the game and am just like uh, what now?


  • I dont play runescape, but I think about it a lot. One time me and the bros were chitchatting about runescape, and we came to the realization that runescape is the history of world, but compressed into a very short time!!When the game was released you could be killed by others really easily. And you would lose all of your stuff when you die!!Then, throughout time, you could only kill other people in the Wildy. People could only attack others if they went deep enough into Wildy that the depth level was greater than the level deficit of the players!!At this point, you could only get three items back when you die. But after awhile, you could run back and get all of them!!Then the Wildy became more and more nerfed, and killing mostly only took place in runescapes equivalent of battlegrounds!!Then Jagex kept socializing the economy, most noticeably with the Grand Exchange, which puts caps on inflation, by limiting the amount people can sell items to others for!!After a lot of resistance, Jagex took away the Grand Exchange price restrictions (but not other trade restrictions) because everyone would bypass the rules (laws) of the games (governments) controlled economy!!Now (and this isnt even new), everyone bots. Before, people botted a lot (as in, having a computer play to raise your levels, get your materials) but from my understanding, everyone who plays, bots now. if they didnt bot, they would probably rage quit, because everyone else has such a steep economic advantage of having a computer farm material for them all day!!We can look to runescape, for insight on the future and past. Why does everyone bot in runescape? Because tedious, manual labor isnt fun. So why do they play runescape to begin with? Because, parts of the game, that arent grinds, ARE fun!!The world is filled with a lot of tedious, manual labor too, that is becoming more and more done by robots. Maybe, as we see in runescape, we will have a future where robots do all our work for us, and life will be one big retirement :)


  • In one of my classes, the professor talked about how in Greek drama, there would be parallel things/events that were viewed as equivalent, but were portrayed differently!!What I mean by this, hubris is a tragic characteristic, and cleverness or something like that is the comic equivalent!!Also like, this one will sound weirder But so Sophocles wrote Oedipus the King. And the tragedy in it is that Oedipus unknowingly has sex with his mom. Then Aristophanes wrote The Clouds, where the comic equivalent of that is the main character beats up his dad.!!In a different cultural context it doesnt make as much sense but people saw it as having sex with your mom : tragedy :: beating up your dad : comedy!!Im not really sure if this is just a scholarly imposition on those plays, or if anyone actually saw it that way back then. Either way, it makes sense, in the way that a lot of literary criticism makes sense (as in, not very much, but kind of)!!Anyway, I write this because I always try to think about this when I watch something. I think what would be the antithesis to this if it was in the dichotomy of comedy/tragedy. Lately, Ive been doing the same thing to my life. And I like it actually, applying that kind of analysis to my life. Idk, that feels really beautiful to me, but also scary, but still mostly beautiful


  • Plato! ! ! Forms! ! ! Beauty!! ! Truth!Kant! ! ! Ethics! ! ! Metaphysics! ! Epistemology!!!!Tragedy! ! ! Comedy!Agathon! ! ! Aristophanes!Dionysus! ! ! Apollo!!!!Socrates ! Plato!Jesus ! Disciples


  • You notice in dichotomized fiction, one side is always Dionysian and one side is Apollonian, but the Dionysian side isnt always bad, and vice versa!!For instance, in Star Wars, the Sith dont embrace pure evil, they embrace their whole emotional spectrum (chaos). Jedis embrace order!!