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  • NSUU ADVANCE Page 1 MAY 2014


    323 Locust Street Danvers, MA 01923 • 978-774-7582 From Frieda This will be a month of awakening for many of you to the realities of our budget shortfalls. Fixing this will mean some visible changes to this church. One of those you know is moving to part-time professional ministry. Success will take willingness on everyone’s part to pitch in and give that much more of themselves in the coming months and year. Be of good cheer! There is much to be done and many to do it. It is natural to feel anxious, worried, even scared about the church’s future. But the more you can set those feelings aside, put them on a shelf so to speak, the more you’ll have energy to do what is necessary. It is gratifying that so many of you are attending services regularly. That makes a huge difference. Be here for one another. Make sure no one gets lost in the struggle. As our Julia loves to quote: “Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it’s not the end.” NSUU has survived going on 50 years and it will continue, rest assured. Optimism will take you much further than pessimism right now. Practice seeing the glass as half full. Look for the good things that are ahead like the way you all will work together, the way you won’t give up, the way there is humor in any situation. Let’s all thank Carol Bullivant, Lisa Judd, Jeri Kroll, and Marcia Lassar for their great work these past three years on the Board. They’ve helped greatly to guide the Board through some difficult decisions. These are big shoes to fill, but it can be done. I will be with you through mid- June and then on-call for emergencies. Much love, Frieda

    May Services MAY 4 SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30 am

    Religious Exploration Sunday

    What Makes UU? This service is presented by the entire RE group. All children and youth.

    After this very long winter, what brings you back to life? Our young community will share with the congregation what they have worked on this past year and how we will look forward to the warm and nourishing months ahead.

    The annual meeting will follow this morning’s service. See the end of this newsletter for the agenda.

  • NSUU ADVANCE Page 2 MAY 2014

    MAY 11 SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30 am

    Mother’s Day Rev. Frieda Gillespie

    Mothers have some of the best stories about parenting.

    MAY 18 SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30 am

    Big Dreams

    Rev. Frieda Gillespie Our best work is done when we are highly motivated to accomplish something. Big dreams take small steps to fulfill. What dreams for Northshore Church are waiting in your heart? MAY 25 SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30 am

    Memorial Day Service

    Peter VanDeBogert and Tracee Kneeland

    Although the service will include recognition of the traditional Memorial Day, we will also remembering deceased family and friends, especially those who made great sacrifices. There will be opportunities to share. From the Board Spring Greetings to all of you! Despite the lingering cold temperatures, I find it encouraging to look out my window and see the beauty of a Massachusetts spring just coming into flower. What a relief! I was afraid we weren’t going to get one this year! This has been an unusually “bumpy” period for us here at Northshore Church. The past few months have been filled with both joyful and challenging events. We have seen gains and losses—and now major change is in the wind. As you all know by now, from Frieda’s and Carol’s letters in last month’s Advance, Frieda will be leaving us for a new fulltime calling this summer and we will be making some necessary, but hard decisions about how we want to go forward from here.

  • NSUU ADVANCE Page 3 MAY 2014

    Change is hard and sometimes scary, but it also offers scope for creative souls—of whom this congregation has an abundance. Frieda and Carol have both pointed out that while one of the faces of change is loss that leaves us with some sadness and regret, another presents us with possibilities and renewed options. Even with our new budget constraints we are going to have the time, the resources and help to re-make our much-loved church and its ministry. We will be able to do this in ways that more closely fit, not only our budget, but the needs and desires of our changing membership and our community. Even this early, I can tell you that it is also clear that we will have good leadership. I have been privileged to work with many of our continuing and incoming board members and can testify that they are among our most experienced, capable, hard-working and creative members. These are people who love our church, have worked for it in the past, and want the best for it. In addition, we will have access to guidance and resources from Unitarian Universalist Association and our local district office and from sister UU churches. Our current challenges are not unique to us. Several of the other local congregations have weathered similar transitions. Carol Bullivant already has put together an enthusiastic transition team of individuals who are interested in working on new adaptive strategies. If you are interested in being part of this team, or in working on a particular area, please contact her. We will need good ideas and creative work from all of you to make sure that our final result is a truly representative solution. There will be an immediate opportunity for you to ask questions, hear ideas and offer your own at a special meeting on Saturday, May 3, at 10:30 am at the church. This is the day before our annual meeting on May 4th. There will be additional opportunities later on as things begin to take shape, as well as chances to be part of working teams. One of these teams is already at work. The Religious Services Committee is currently “powering up” to meet the greater future need for interim Sunday ministry in the summer and after. This will be a major area where your creative ideas, skills and talents will be enthusiastically greeted. We welcome new members. If you wish to participate in developing new worship services, new kinds of worship experiences, and/or have new ideas for speakers, please get in touch with one of us on the Religious Services Committee (Judy Putnam, Amy Tedford, Peter VanDeBogert, Tracee Kneeland, Gary Nelson or Lisa Judd). We are already at work. Your ideas and your presence on our team will be valued. Yes, this is in some ways a scary time, like the first time you went down a water-slide as a kid, but it’s also a time full of exhilarating possibilities. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to invent something new and wonderful!

  • NSUU ADVANCE Page 4 MAY 2014

    I’ll see you at the Annual Meeting on May 4, after church, when we will hear more about where we are now and some ideas about where we might go next. Just one final note: This will be my last “From the Board” entry, as someone else will be taking over my role as Clerk with the new Board. I just want to let you all know that that I have loved doing this and am looking forward to the new opportunities and projects. My very best wishes are with all of you, always. Lisa Judd, Board Clerk Religious Exploration Religious Exploration Sunday is May 4th. Please plan on attending and allowing our young church to share with you what they have been doing this year. The Youth Group is now fully merged with Beverly UU. Together we will move forward planning more outreach into the community. On May 25 they will be cooking at Lifebridge and in June we will attend Waterfire in Providence at GA. Please check out our Young Performers page on the Religious Exploration Bulletin Board. Listed are opportunities for you to see our youngest members performing in local theater and music productions. A great way to support our youngest members and enjoy a live performance! We are always looking for participation from the congregation. Please see Meryl if you are interested in serving on the Religious Exploration Committee or if you can participate in programming next year. We are growing and will need teachers as well as advisors for the new Junior Youth Group that we will be forming. Ferry Beach is only 2 months away Register now for a weekend of relaxation on one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of southern Maine. From June 21 - 22, we will gather with two other UU churches for a carefree weekend where meals are provided and you and your children are free to relax, read, meet with new and reconnect with old friends, play games, sun bathe and build sand castles (and if you are very hardy, take a swim), sit around a campfire, and basically do whatever you want to do. We will stay in the Underwood cottage, that contains 14 rooms and can accommodate 43 people. You can come for one night, one day, or even camp in the Grove. Now is the time to make your reservation, before spaces are filled. Registration forms are in the coffee area. First come, with payment, guarantees your space---so sign up as soon as possible.