Northern Lights A photo gallery of the Aurora Borealis

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  • Northern Lights A photo gallery of the Aurora Borealis
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  • These curtains of colored light that appear in the sky, predominantly in the Arctic and Antarctic regions of the earth, are known as the Aurora Borealis. Learn more about this photo
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  • A huge solar flare created a dazzling northern lights show over Washington's Central Cascades. This image of the aurora borealis was taken from the north side of Mt. Pilchuck.
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  • Depending the degree you are at on the world, solar activity and atmospheric conditions the Aurora Borealis give off different colors and light shows.
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  • This magnificent spectacle occurs as a result of solar particles colliding with the gases in the earths atmosphere.
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  • The unique colors of light produced by a gas are called its spectrum. The auroral lights' colors are determined by the spectra of gases in the Earth's atmosphere, and the height at which the most collisions take place. Incoming particles tend to collide with different gases at different heights which results in different colors.
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  • This image was taken near Blair Nebraska along the Missouri River shortly after sunset.
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