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Northern California & Northern Nevada Product Line Card March 2018 Update

Northern California & Northern Nevada Product Line Card... · Northern California & Northern Nevada Product Line Card ... package pumps stations & controls in various ... screening

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  • Northern California & Northern Nevada

    Product Line Card March 2018 Update

  • WHO WE ARE MuniQuip, LLC is the premier manufacturers representative sales & service organization focused on

    mechanical rotating machinery, mechanical & biological process equipment, and instrumentation

    equipment for the municipal & industrial water/wastewater markets of California and Nevada. Our

    vision here at MuniQuip is to continue being a market leading provider of the highest quality products,

    solutions, and services to our clients through integrity, hard work, dedication to our craft, and the desire

    for continued growth.

    OUR MARKETS/REGIONS Northern California & Northern Nevada (NORTHERN REGION) is defined as all counties north of and

    including INYO, TULARE, KINGS, & MONTEREY Counties in the State of California and all counties except

    CLARK county in the State of Nevada. This Northern Region is covered by our teams out of Roseville &

    Fresno, CA.

    Southern California & Southern Nevada (SOUTHERN REGION) is defined as all counties south of and

    including SAN LUIS OBISPO, KERN, & SAN BERNADINO Counties in the State of California and CLARK

    county in the State of Nevada. The Southern Region is covered by our teams out of Ventura & San Diego,



    Dave Giersch President [email protected] Rich Giersch Senior Sales Engineer [email protected] Butch Gorshing, P.E. Sales & Engineering [email protected]

    Barney Caudill Senior Sales Engineer, SoCal [email protected]

    Tom Modifica Sales Engineer, SoCal [email protected] Dan Wood Service Manager & Aftermarket Sales [email protected]

    Taylor Hansell Sales Engineer [email protected] Elise Delk, CPA Chief Financial Officer [email protected] Susan Bouclin Office Manager/Bookkeeper [email protected]

    Rich Fabiani Inside Sales [email protected]

    MuniQuip, LLC 2024 Opportunity Drive, Suite 130

    Roseville, CA 95678 PH: (916) 787-5641 www.muniquipllc.com FAX: (916) 787-5642

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]o:[email protected]:[email protected]://www.muniquipllc.com/


    BJM PUMPS Submersible solids handling

    wastewater pumps, cutter pumps, shredder

    pumps, vortex pumps, grinder pumps, high

    temperature pumps, corrosion resistant pumps,

    sand, sludge, & slurry pumps, dewatering pumps,

    explosion proof pumps

    CORNELL - High efficiency end suction centrifugal

    pumps, large dry-pit non-clog centrifugal pumps

    with immersible bearing frames and motors,

    patented flushless Cycloseal run dry mechanical

    seals, TEFC immersible motors, Redi-Prime self-

    priming pumps with diaphragm vacuum assist

    priming for complete dry priming


    BARNES SH series premium submersible solids

    handling wastewater pumps including the SITHE

    submersible chopper pump, sump pumps & de-

    watering pumps, self-priming pumps, fiberglass

    package pumps stations & controls in various

    configurations, EcoTran residential low-pressure

    sewer package grinder pump stations

    DEMING Submersible & Dry-Pit mounted solids

    handling pumps, vertical sump pumps, split-case

    pumps, in-line pumps

    WEINMAN NSF 61 certified split-case & end-

    suction pumps

    BURKS NSF 61 certified vertical multi-stage

    centrifugal pumps

    GRACO Solo-Tech peristaltic hose pumps, high

    pressure AOD pumps, Double diaphragm AOD

    pumps, EOD electric diaphragm pumps, chemical

    safe AOD pumps, cart-mounted EOD portable

    transfer pumps

    GRUNDFOS DDA SMART digital dosing chemical

    metering pumps, mechanically & hydraulically

    actuated chemical metering pumps, DID digital skid

    mounted analyzers, reagent free chlorine

    analyzers, complete tank mounted, or skid

    mounted chemical metering pump systems &


    HIDROSTAL PUMPS The original Screw

    Centrifugal pumps for high-efficiency clog-free

    pumping, submersible & immersible pumps for

    collections systems/lift stations,

    Influent/headworks pumping stations & in-plant

    pumping applications, end-suction dry pit/bearing

    frame pumps, sludge pumping & digester mixing

    pumps, axial flow pumps, fish friendly pumps,

    PREROSTAL: self-cleaning wet well system

    MWI Full line of large mixed flow and axial flow

    pumps, electric motor and hydraulically driven,

    diesel driven pump packages, complete rental

    packages for emergency bypass or flood control

  • PEERLESS Full premium line of NSF 61 certified

    vertical turbine pumps in various configurations &

    materials of construction, submersible turbine

    pumps, mixed flow/axial flow pumps, NSF 61

    certified split-case centrifugal pumps in various

    configurations & materials of construction, end-

    suction centrifugal pumps & in-line centrifugal


    SCREWSUCKER Hidrostal screw centrifugal

    engine-driven trailer mounted or skid mounted

    pump packages, standard & sound attenuated

    packages available, high efficiency clog-free pumps

    for wastewater, slurries & other difficult fluids,

    rental fleet available for temporary or bypass

    pumping applications

    USEMCO Fully customizable engineered factory

    built package pumping stations for water and

    wastewater applications, package water pressure

    boosting stations, UL 508 panel shop for custom

    control panel packages including SCADA systems,

    custom pump house buildings and enclosures

    WANGEN Full premium line of progressing cavity

    pumps available in cast iron or stainless-steel

    construction, Wangen X-Lift quick change system

    for a true maintenance in place progressing

    cavity pump, various seal options including

    Wangens flushless cartridge design that requires

    no seal flush water, polymer application pumps,

    immersible progressing cavity pumps, heavy duty

    cake pumps, hopper feed pumps in various

    configurations including anti-bridging systems, Bio-

    Mix pump system for anaerobic digestion

    applications, twin screw pumps, food grade

    sanitary application pumps, Wangen Xpress pumps

    WEMCO Model C heavy-duty recessed impeller grit pumps with Ni-Hard wear parts, Wemco Screw-Centrifugal pumps for high efficiency clog-free service in various materials of construction, Wemco Prero self-cleaning wet well system, Wemco Hydrogritter cyclone-classifier systems for grit removal/washing/dewatering, Chop-Flow chopper pumps, self-priming pumps


    AERATION INDUSTRIES Fixed and floating surface aerators, Triton series floating aerator/mixer, anti-fouling aspirator aerator, aerator rental program for emergency or temporary aeration

    AQUARIUS Fine bubble membrane & ceramic disc diffusers & systems, stainless steel course bubble wide band diffusers, single drop and flex cap diffusers, retro-fit capabilities, Aquarius Fixed Biofilm System (FBS): biological wastewater treatment process utilizing attached growth technology for simple to operate sludge minimization packaged plants, retro-fits, and side stream treatment

    CLOACINA Package Wastewater Treatment Systems, modular design systems, Stage-1 package system for 0-2000 GPD treatment with integral pump station in a compact footprint, Industrial Batch Reactor (IBR) system for 1000-10,000 GPD treatment utilizing Activated Sludge and Gravity Clarification in a single vessel, MEMPAC systems for 1000-500,000 GPD treatment are fully customizable Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR) designed to treat high-strength Industrial waste or Municipal waste, fully automated SCADA systems and retro-fit options for clients looking to optimize existing systems

    DELTA DRIVES Full line of variable frequency drives from 1/4HP 840HP, 6-pluse & 18-pulse drives with built in PLCs, options for passive or active harmonic filters, built-in MODBUS & I/O expansion capabilities for all drives, compact version Micro-Drives, low/medium/high voltage

    E & I Corporation Catenary bar screens, catenary trash racks, EIMT chain & multi-rake bar screens, traveling water screens, ARC screens, grit collectors, flocculators, NSF-61 Certified three and four shaft rectangular sludge collectors, pipe & helical skimmers, passive water intake screens

    INOVAIR TURBO BLOWERS High efficiency compact integrally geared centrifugal blowers, complete blower packages, drop-in PD replacement blowers

    FOR INDUSTRIAL AND PRIVATE APPLICATIONS JWC ENVIRONMENTAL Muffin Monster inline & in-channel grinders, Auger Monster auger screening & conveying systems, bar screens, band & fine screens, drum screens, wash presses, fish cleaning stations, septage receiving stations, equipment rental programs

  • KOCH MEMBRANE SYSTEMS Membrane filtration systems for municipal & industrial water and wastewater applications, PURON MBR systems, submerged and pressurized UF systems, PULSION large bubble technology, drinking water certified PURON MP systems, RO systems, custom engineered systems, complete package systems

    KROFTA - Leading manufacturer of Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) Systems, Air Dissolving Tube (ADT) air saturation technology, Supracell DAF: high output & low retention time in a compact circular footprint, Multifloat DAF: modular rectangular configuration with a vertical or horizontal design, Sandfloat DAF: flocculation, dissolved air flotation and multi-media filtration in one solution, full DAF automation systems, full rental fleet available

    MISSION CONTROLS - "SCADA made simple" turn-key wireless monitoring systems utilizing national cellular data networks, highly flexible customized alarm scheduling, data access via web-based HMI optimized for computers, smartphones, and tablets, Expandable field RTUs including the new MyDro RTU that includes an onboard interactive display with enhanced electronics, Mission Manhole monitors for real-time in-sewer CSO/SSO alarming, flexible service packages, Mission tech-support with live technicians

    OR-TEC Screening & Headworks equipment featuring: Screw Screen Compactor, Rotary Brush & Rake Screens, The Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen w/ screen openings down to 1mm, LO-FLO screen, Constant Current Screen & Grit System, Vortex Grit & Classifier System, Septage Receiving Systems, Wash Compactors, Screw Augers, Sludge Dewatering equipment featuring: Belt Filter Press, Belt Thickeners, and the Rocker Screw Press

    PARK PROCESS - Container filters for solids dewatering: self-dumping, front loader & roll-off sizes, booster pump packages, sewer pump station packages, precast concrete products, oil/water separators, rainwater harvest systems, manual bar screening systems

    PRIME SOLUTION High performance rotary fan press & rotary fan screw press sludge dewatering machines, freestanding or skid mounted configurations with full automation packages, portable units available, lab testing services, on-site pilot testing, conveyor systems for cake solids transference

    PULSAR Ultrasonic level measurement & flow monitoring devices, industry best 3-degree beam angle and auto mapping for the most accurate ultrasonic device on the market, compact units, various controllers for a wide array of applications

  • ROBUSCHI - Positive displacement blowers, highly efficient screw blowers, sound proof enclosure packages, ROBOX integrated package systems with fully automated controls, ROBOX Energy: permanent magnet motor driven positive displacement screw blower package systems that provide the highest efficiencies of any positive displacement blower system on the market

    RODNEY HUNT Cast iron slide & sluice gates, cast iron flap gates, fabricated stainless-steel slide & sluice gates, weir gates, aluminum gates, composite gates, roller gates, radial gates, Pelican & Bascule gates (crest gates), stop logs

    SPX LIGHTNIN Water and Wastewater mixing solutions in various configurations, fixed mount mixers, side entry mixers, extended shaft mixers, inline mixers, various impeller designs including a patented Clean Edge Impeller for the toughest mixing applications

    SYNECO SYSTEMS, INC. Odor control equipment including the PEACEMAKER dry air scrubbers, PERSNICKETY media, odor control manhole scrubber, vent scrubbers & inflow protector inserts along with chemical and biological products, complete odor control solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater pump stations, manholes, and wastewater treatment plants

    ULTRAFLOTE Floating & fixed covers, aluminum geodesic domes, flat panel covers, cryogenic suspended decks

    VAF FILTRATION - Macro particle filtration systems, state of the art automatic self-cleaning screen filters, hydro-cyclone separators, self-cleaning suction screens, water filters, automatic brush strainers, cooling tower filter skids, complete custom skid mounted "plug-and-play" filtration systems

    WALKER PROCESS - Circular & rectangular clarifier mechanisms, clarifier drive units, rotary distributors, RBC's, grit removal, gravity thickeners, digester covers, digester mixing, heat exchangers, boilers, combo boiler/heat exchanger, aerobic digestion, grease & skimmings removal, in-line flash mixing, solids contact clarifiers

    WATERLEAU Complete package water and wastewater treatment systems; Anaerobic systems, Aerobic systems. UASB, Membrane systems, MBBR systems, SBR systems, RO systems, liquid-solid separation systems, water reuse, Biogas systems, Design-Build services

  • MuniQuip, LLC is dedicated to serving our customers and supplying the very best solutions for your water and wastewater needs. If you have any questions or would like more information

    about the products we represent, need new equipment, replacements, retrofits, parts, or service please dont hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

    2024 Opportunity Drive, Suite 130

    Roseville, CA 95678 PH: (916) 787-5641 www.muniquipllc.com FAX: (916) 787-5642