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Providing Value Through Service At Flowserve we know a critical choice any main- tenance professional must make is: Who should repair my valves?
We also know finding a repair facility that meets the toughest deadlines, restores your valve to near original quality, repairs a wide variety of valve styles and is cost-competitive can be the most challenging part. At Flowserve, we have established a cohesive network of Quick Response Centers located throughout North America, cooperating and leveraging their collective capabilities, ready to meet your needs.
Flowserve’s QRCs provide the highest level of service including 24-hour emergency repair and on-site repair with mobile repair units. In emergencies, Flowserve service technicians can be on-site in any North American plant within 24 hours. Flowserve understands how critical it is to have a trusted partner that will offer fast service and quality prod- ucts to keep your facility in operation. This is why we have
developed standard repair procedures and a large network of shared technicians throughout the region. You can rest at ease knowing that your valves will be repaired the same way, every time, by highly skilled service technicians.
Flowserve’s expert technicians service all types of control, quarter-turn automated or manual-operated valves, including Valtek®, Kammer®, Fisher®, Masoneilan®, to name a few. To ensure this quality, each Flowserve service center is equipped with thousands of commonly required parts, produced by the OEM or built by skilled in-house valve machinists.
Quick Response Centers Flowserve’s Quick Response Centers are strategically located to ensure that a QRC is within hours of most major industrial customer locations. This allows rapid response to customer needs by providing same day delivery of standard parts. Special parts can be delivered in days instead of weeks. With the help of Flowserve QRCs, plant managers are able to maximize plant uptime and profitability.
Springville is a primary control valve manufacturing facility.
Provide best-in-class aftermarket support and service•
Maintain a comprehensive inventory for fast turnaround•
Offer on-site troubleshooting & engineering support•
Readily adapt to ever changing control valve needs•
Since Flowserve is an established valve manufacturer, we have the equipment and capacity to turn around any repair or remanufacture project, large or small, quickly - including plant shutdowns. Veteran application engineers stand ready at each location to make valuable recommendations to extend the life of your valve or improve its performance. These engi- neers also specialize in upgrading valves to spring cylinder actuators and four-way positioners or automating quarter- turn valves, which can dramatically increase performance.
QRC Capabilities While each QRC may offer a particular service capa- bility unique to its facility, some of the core capabilities common to each location include the following...
Control Valve Repair• Actuation Repair• Valve Automation• Remanufactured Valves• Field Service & On-Site Repair• Oxygen Cleaning• Full Machine & Weld Shops• Turnaround Management• Plant Surveys•
Profiler® Testing & Certification All new and repaired valves are tested prior to shipment, using the Profiler® control valve diagnostics system.
Using our Profiler diagnostic testing system, after reassembly each repaired valve is stroked, seat leak tested, hydro tested, and quality tested to industry standards. All vital data about each valve is kept on record with Profiler software, providing easy access for future reference. A copy of the diagnostic test results is available to the customer upon completion of the repair project.
Flowserve’s Profiler technology also enables us to run diagnostics while in the field on all of your valves. Based on the diagnostic results, problems can be fixed in the field which avoids the need for expensive repair maintenance.
FlowStarTM Data Management FlowStarTM asset management software allows Flowserve engineers and technicians to track performance and support improvement programs using a proven, system- atic approach.
Every valve that comes to a Flowserve QRC for service is fully inspected upon arrival. During the initial inspection all important valve data is recorded in the FlowStar system. Our technicians then review the data prior to repair to determine if an upgrade is needed. In many cases, such upgrades cost little or no more than the original repair bid, but significantly improve the valve’s performance and/or life.
FlowStar keeps these records on file for future reference. FlowStar also stores important service information to track each repair and cleaning performed on your valve. The stored information allows our Flowserve technicians to identify significant trends and provide you with detailed feedback and recommendations regarding your valves. FlowStar also allows alliance partners to access their own equipment database for reviewing or exporting equipment details and various reports.
Third Party Repairs Flowserve has the expertise and proven experience to repair ALL major control valve manufacturer’s products.
We use OEM parts on all repairs, regardless of brand origin, so you can rest assured your valve assembly is restored to the original OEM specifications. If OEM parts cannot be sourced within your critical time frame, we have the expertise and capability to resolve these issues and meet your deadlines.
We also specialize in out of the ordinary valve repair. Included in these repairs are valves such as: gate, globe, check, quarter turn, or MOV. We can repair even your most difficult valves, even if the valve is obsolete or parts are difficult to find.
All repaired valves, regardless of manufacturer, will undergo the following quality assurance checks:
Positive Material Identification (PMI)•
Flange inspection to ANSI specifications•
Measure all critical dimensions and tolerances•
Reassemble with OEM parts•
Data and photos entered into FlowStar• TM database.
Remanufacturing Whether cost is the issue or delivery is of critical importance, remanufactured products can be a valuable option and solution.
The most costly aspect of control valve repair is not the repair itself, but rather the cost of downtime and lost production. These costs can easily be cut in half with remanufactured replacement valves. Remanufactured valves offer predictable cost, a firm and fast re-install date, and the quality you expect. Flowserve remanufactured valves are assured compliance to original manufacturing and industry specifications. Also, our OEM based product carries a new valve warranty.
To ensure the best solution is provided, Flowserve’s experi- enced application engineers can perform a technical review of the process conditions prior to building a remanufactured. When a review is not practical, we will produce an “equal” product based on information from the OEM serial plate. Remanufactured products are available for day to day require- ments, as well as larger project needs.
Before After
Turnaround Management With specialized technology, our qualified teams can help with your turnaround preparation.
Prior to most major turnarounds, we send staff into the field to perform a valve survey and walk down. This survey enables us to pre-order the majority of the required repair materials and minimize the amount of discovery work. Using our Profiler® software, we can run diagnostics on all your valves to make sure you have all the information necessary to have a smooth turnaround. Based on the diagnostic results from Profiler, many problems can be fixed in the field, eliminating the need for expensive repair maintenance. Let our control valve experts help you determine if your valves need to be serviced, and make sure your turnarounds are a success.
Flowserve’s QRC staff is committed to making your turn- arounds smooth, successful, and within budget. We can utilize FlowStarTM to manage all of your control valve data, identify bad actors, and make the information available to you via the internet.
Field Services The Flowserve QRC network is equipped to handle all of your control valve repair needs on-site, including turnarounds.
Our Flowserve QRCs have mobile field service units of all sizes and a large network of qualified field service technicians and machinists available to make your field repair jobs a success. Whether your need is to troubleshoot a single valve or you are bringing down an entire unit, Flowserve’s qualified field personnel are capable of getting your control valves back in service without leaving your property.
In an emergency, we have staff on-call 24 hours a day to help you through your crisis. Our Flowserve trained service tech- nicians can be at your facility, anywhere in North America, within 24 hours. We understand the importance of keeping your facility in operation and minimizing downtime. In order to help get your operation back on it’s feet we keep thousands of commonly required parts at our QRCs for quick and easy access.
Re-Instrumentation Whether you’re looking for digital or analog signal control, Flowserve’s positioners offer the highest perfor- mance and can be mounted on most control valves, regardless of the manufacturer.
Flowserve’s QRC expertise includes re-instrumentation, troubleshooting and support for all major third party control valves and positioners. Flowserve, with a broad range of mounting kit designs and inventory, can quickly and easily adapt its own instrumentation to third party control valves as well. The ability to draw from our own Flowserve manu- factured inventory and adapt to any control valve ensures that repair turnaround and customer downtime is held to a minimum.
Additionally, Flowserve continues to inventory parts and components to service customers still using either pneumatic and/or analog (I/P) positioners in their facilities.
ValveSight®: Digital Diagnostics In the challenging economic environment of business today, performance, health, safety and environmental considerations are paramount.
Proactive maintenance strategies for critical equipment improve output and lower cost without sacrificing safety and reliability.
QRCs support ValveSight®, Flowserve’s latest diagnostic solution for control valves that can be seamlessly integrated into any FDT/DTM compliant host control or plant asset management system. The power of ValveSight is the intel- ligent diagnostic engine, which is constantly monitoring the valve, actuator, positioner and control signal providing actionable advice PROACTIVELY when a problem is detected.
Working with Flowserve QRC resources, ValveSight can be easily retrofitted onto your control valves, including valves from a third party manufacturer.
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New valve sales and assembly n n n n n n n n n n
Automated valve repair n n n n n n n n n
Standard and custom automation packages n n n n n n n n n n
Full machine and weld shop n n n n n n n n n n
Spares inventory for quick delivery n n n n n n n n n n
Oxygen cleaning n n n n n n n n n
On-site and field service repair (mobile repair unit option) n n n n n n n n n
Maintenance and technical training courses n n n n n n n n n n
Maintenance management program n n n n n n n n
Plant surveys and turnaround management n n n n n n n n n
Digital and diagnostic technical support n n n n n n n n n n
Full valve diagnostic capabilities n n n n n n n n n
Field diagnostics and troubleshooting n n n n n n n n n
Flowserve QRCs are networked for collaborative resource utilization.
Deer Park QRC 5114 Railroad Street Deer Park, Texas 77536 Phone: 281-479-9500 Fax: 281-479-8511
The Deer Park, Texas QRC is conveniently located to serve customers in the Texas Gulf area. This QRC is the largest of our QRC facilities in the United States and maintains our largest QRC inventory. Deer Park has become an important resource, particularly to the refinery and chemical plant community, supporting these facilities with new equipment deliveries in less than 24 hours.
Factory trained technicians are ready to repair and service, not only Flowserve valves, but also any major control valve manufacturers’ product. This service capability - to make one call for service regardless of the equipment origin - has been particularly valuable to sites effected by unexpected catastrophes.
In addition to control valve repair services, the Deer Park QRC also provides custom automation for quarter-turn on/ off valves. Other service specialties include Level IV Oxygen cleaning, on-site turnaround services, re-instrumentation and repair/replace programs.
35,000 Sq. Ft. Established in 1977
Baton Rouge QRC 12134 Industriplex Blvd. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809 Phone: 800-480-9674 Fax: 225-751-9880
Whether you need engineering support, quick shipment of parts or valves, remanufactured products, automation of existing valves, turnaround support, repair of your equipment, or any one of a host of options, Flowserve’s Baton Rouge QRC has a solution to your problem.
Re-manufactured and new parts, as well as complete valve packages, are available from our large on-site inventory. Our extensive inventory offers a variety of solutions from hard to find items to additional repair options.
Beaumont QRC 2920 West Cardinal Dr. Beaumont, Texas 77705 Phone: 409-842-6600 Fax: 409-842-5213
To ensure that we meet the demand of our customers, particularly in the Gulf Coast, the Beaumont, Texas QRC facility is strategically located between two of Flowserve’s largest QRCs - Baton Rouge and Deer Park. The Beaumont QRC’s primary function is to serve the customers in the East Texas region.
While Beaumont is a self-sufficient QRC in terms of resources, an inherent advantage to its strategic location is the ability to draw on additional resources from nearby QRCs when needed. With over 100 years of combined control valve experience, this facility is equipped to handle all of your control valve needs.
30,000 Sq. Ft. Established in 1988 10,500 Sq. Ft. Established in 1985
Kingsport QRC 1000 Eastern Star Road Ext. Kingsport, Tennessee 37663 Phone: 423-349-4354 Fax: 423-349-4708
The Kingsport, Tennessee staff has years of experience working on various control valve manufacturer’s products. This QRC location also maintains and houses one of Flowserve’s mobile units, so we are always ready and equipped for quick on-site repairs and on demand turnaround support. Kingsport is strategically located within a few hours drive to many east coast locations.
Kingsport carries our largest U.S. inventory of Flowserve’s FlowTop general service globe control valve.
Kingsport personnel have brought added savings to customers by identifying, recommending, and performing equipment improvements as a result of on-site surveys and evaluations of installed equipment.
8,000 Sq. Ft. Established in 1997
Boothwyn QRC 19 Creek Parkway Boothwyn, Pennsylvania 19601 Phone: 610-990-8710 Fax: 610-497-6680
Flowserve’s Boothwyn, Pennsylvania QRC is located just one half hour outside Philadelphia and less than three hours from most of the Northeastern United States industrial hot spots. Boothwyn has a long history of providing control valve field and repair services to a wide range of industrial segments including refineries, power, chemical, and wastewater, among others.
The Boothwyn QRC is a highly advanced operation with full machining capability, Oxygen cleaning to Class IV level, and two certified welders on staff. This facility also performs hydrostatic testing to 10,000 PSI.
Complementing our machining, cleaning and testing resources, Boothwyn has a fully equipped weld shop, large capacity surface blaster, and environmentally safe paint booth; allowing complete restoration of repaired equipment to like new condition.
21,700 Sq. Ft. Established in 1991
Pittsburgh QRC 1300 Parkway View Drive Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205 Phone: 412-787-8803 Fax: 412-787-1944
Flowserve’s Pittsburgh QRC is also the North American headquarters for the entire Kammer control valve product line. This facility houses a large Kammer inventory, including stock items such as bellows seals and low flow trims in standard and exotic alloys.
Pittsburgh also provides PFA lined valves, sanitary/aseptic, and a complete line of stainless steel actuators which are Kammer standard. We have expert capability of commis- sioning globe control valves equipped with the StarPac Intelligent Control System, from start to finish. This QRC has both field and in-house repair services available for all of your control valve needs.
Pittsburgh also possesses CNC machining capabilities allowing for the manufacture of both standard and customized trims in various alloys. They have their own flow test lab and are able to offer a range of testing services.
12,000 Sq. Ft. Established in 1982
Portage QRC 6675 Daniel Burnham Drive Clark Building, Suite F Portage, Indiana 46368 Phone: 219-763-1000 Fax: 219-763-1066
Flowserve’s Portage, Indiana QRC is our newest QRC opera- tion in the United States. Portage is conveniently located outside of the greater Chicago area, and within hours of the large customer base in the Midwest region.
The Portage facility is staffed with two technicians, a skilled machinist, and an ASME Section 9 certified welder. Every staff member holds over 25 years of industry experience and is ready to provide you with the best in class emergency repair service.
The Portage QRC offers special cleaning for oxygen service. Field Service Technicians are on call 24/7 for your emergency repair needs.
Our experience covers service and repair in nearly every type of valve including globe control, gate and check, as well as various automated and manual rotary valves.
10,500 Sq. Ft. Established in 2008
Edmonton QRC 9044 18th Street Edmonton, Alberta CN T6P 1K6 Phone: 780-449-4850
The Edmonton QRC is strategically located in Western Canada to support the Oil and Gas industry. Through our Applications Group, Service Technicians, full machine and weld shop capabilities, and substantial inventory we provide control valve and actuation, selection and sizing, 24 hour in-house or on-site repair service, and same day delivery of emergency components. Edmonton inventory includes new products and parts for Flowserve valves. We can also design and manufac- ture new trims or custom valve or actuation packages.
Woodbridge QRC 120 Vinyl Court Woodbridge, Ontario CN L4L 4A3 Phone: 905-856-8568
The Woodbridge QRC was established to support the needs of a large and varied industrial base in Ontario and Eastern Canada. Oil and Gas, Chemical, Water and Waste Water, Pulp & Paper, and Power are among the core industries served. Woodbridge’s technical and manufacturing team has proven to be a valued resource to valve users by providing fast and reliable repair and replacement services for customers’ planned outages, as well as unplanned emergency break- downs.
45,000 Sq. Ft. Established in 200440,000 Sq. Ft. Established in 1972
For more information about Flowserve Corporation, visit or call USA 1 800 225 6989
Flowserve Corporation has established industry leadership in the design and manufacture of its products. When properly selected, this Flowserve product is designed to perform its intended function safely during its useful life. However, the purchaser or user of Flowserve products should be aware that Flowserve products might be used in numerous applications under a wide variety of industrial service conditions. Although Flowserve can (and often does) provide general guidelines, it cannot provide specific data and warnings for all possible applications. The purchaser/user must therefore assume the ultimate responsibility for the proper sizing and selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of Flowserve products. The purchaser/user should read and understand the Installation Operation Maintenance (IOM) instructions included with the product, and train its employees and contractors in the safe use of Flowserve products in connection with the specific application.
While the information and specifications contained in this literature are believed to be accurate, they are supplied for informative purposes only and should not be considered certified or as a guarantee of satisfactory results by reliance thereon. Nothing contained herein is to be construed as a warranty or guarantee, express or implied, regarding any matter with respect to this product. Because Flowserve is continually improving and upgrading its product design, the specifications, dimensions and information contained herein are subject to change without notice. Should any question arise concerning these provisions, the purchaser/user should contact Flowserve Corporation at any one of its worldwide operations or offices.
© 2010 Flowserve Corporation, Irving, Texas, USA. Flowserve is a registered trademark of Flowserve Corporation.
Flowserve Headquarters 5215 N. O’Connor Blvd. Sute2300 Irving, TX 75039 USA Telephone: 972 443 6500
QRC Locations
Beaumont, TX 2920 W. Cardinal Dr. Beaumont, TX 77705 Telephone: 409 842 6600
Deer Park, TX 5114 Railroad St. Deer Park, TX 77536 Telephone: 281 479 9500
Baton Rouge, LA 12134 Industriplex Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70809 Telephone: 225 751 9880
Kingsport, TN 1000 Eastern Star Road Ext. Kingsport, TN 37663 Telephone: 423 349 4354
Boothwyn, PA 19 Creek Parkway. Boothwyn, PA 19061 Telephone: 610 990 8710
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Pittsburgh, PA 1300 Parkway View Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15205-1410 Telephone: 412 787 8803
Portage, IN 6675 Daniel Burnham Dr. Clark Building, Suite F Portage, IN 46368 Telephone: 219 763 1000
Springville, UT 1350 N. Mountain Springs Pkwy. Springville, UT 84663 Telephone: 801 489 2300
Edmonton, AL 9044 18th St. Edmonton, AL Canada T6P 1K6 Telephone: 780 449 4850