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Home > Surface Treatment Process Plant & EquipmentPowder coating, wet paint plant & equipment > GG Services Birmingham Nordson Powder Coating Facility Stock Code: GS0035SA Manufacturer: GG Services Birmingham Model: Complete powder paint application plant Year of Manufacture: 1998 New or Used: Used (Second Hand) Work Envelope (WxDxH mm): Product range 600mm wide x 1650mm drop Process Stages: 5 stages of pretreat + coating + stoving Other Info: Complete installation on offer External Dimensions (WxDxH): See individual entries Overview of the GG Finishing / Nordson automated powder paint application system: Here we have on offer a complete and high specification automated powder coating facility that was manufactured by GG Services Ltd, using premium components from the UK's foremost powder coating spray equipment supplier Nordson. This comprehensive installation was originally employed in the high volume application of powder paint to architectural and commercial furniture panels. The system was designed for multi colour application with dual quick change booths and all of the associated equipment to produce a first class result under heavy production demands. This system although originally built in 1998 has since undergone a continuous refurbishment and upgrade programme to keep abreast of the current paint application techniques and equipment available today. Systems overview: 1- GG Services three stage pre-treatment cleaning and degreasing plant, The Marketplace for Surface Technology. New and Used Process Equipment & Machinery. Riley Industries Ltd A subsidiary of Barry Riley & Sons Ltd. Directors: R T Barry Riley, M P A Riley, Secretary: J C Riley Registered in England no. 1965748 Page 1/4

Nordson Powder Coating Facility · Title: Nordson Powder Coating Facility

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Text of Nordson Powder Coating Facility · Title: Nordson Powder Coating Facility

  • Home > Surface Treatment Process Plant & EquipmentPowder coating, wet paint plant & equipment >

    GG Services Birmingham Nordson Powder Coating Facility

     Stock Code: GS0035SAManufacturer: GG Services BirminghamModel: Complete powder paint application plantYear of Manufacture: 1998New or Used: Used (Second Hand)Work Envelope (WxDxH mm): Product range 600mm wide x 1650mm dropProcess Stages: 5 stages of pretreat + coating + stovingOther Info: Complete installation on offerExternal Dimensions (WxDxH): See individual entries

    Overview of the GG Finishing / Nordson automated powder paint application system: 

    Here we have on offer a complete and high specification automated powder coating facility that was manufacturedby GG Services Ltd, using premium components from the UK's foremost powder coating spray equipment supplierNordson.

    This comprehensive installation was originally employed in the high volume application of powder paint toarchitectural and commercial furniture panels.

    The system was designed for multi colour application with dual quick change booths and all of the associatedequipment to produce a first class result under heavy production demands.  

    This system although originally built in 1998 has since undergone a continuous refurbishment and upgradeprogramme to keep abreast of the current paint application techniques and equipment available today.

    Systems overview:

    1- GG Services three stage pre-treatment cleaning and degreasing plant,

    The Marketplace for Surface Technology.New and Used Process Equipment & Machinery.

    Riley Industries LtdA subsidiary of Barry Riley & Sons Ltd. Directors: R T Barry Riley, M P A Riley, Secretary: J C Riley

    Registered in England no. 1965748

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  • Home > Surface Treatment Process Plant & EquipmentPowder coating, wet paint plant & equipment >

    GG Services Birmingham Nordson Powder Coating Facility2 - GG Services Gas fired post pre-treatment drying oven

    3 - Casso-Solar Europe Ltd Catalytic Radiant Panel Pre-heat Oven

    4 - 2 x Nordson roll on roll off ColorMax Engineered Powder Booth Spray Systems

    5 - Nordson roll on roll off Manual Powder Spray Booth

    6 - GG Services Gas fired post powder application curing oven

    5 - Stewart Gill STS 550M overhead conveyor track

    6-   2 x Hydrovane Air Centre rotary vane compressors 

    Powder coating systems general specification

    Powder coating systems:  With Powder Coating, only the Paint solids are sprayed onto the product, in an atomisedpowder form. 

    The Powder is drawn to the product and adheres to the product due to an electrostatic charge applied to the Powderduring spraying.

    The Product, thus covered with the Powder Paint is then heated (to around 200 degrees Centigrade) in an Oven,wherein the powder fuses (melts) on to the product and thus forms a smooth, tough and resilient coating.

    Because the powder is fused onto the product, it has excellent scratch resistance properties. It also has a pleasing'smooth' appearance and forms a sealed skin around the product thus minimising corrosion risk. 

    Recoverable. Unlike wet paint, 'Over spray' powders can be collected and re-used! When you consider that in anypaint spraying system, only around 50% of the paint for powder) actually lands on the job, then large savings areclearly possible if the over spray can be re-used.

    Benefits of the powder coating system:

    Simple Automation. Because powder is applied electrostatically, is fully recoverable and is easily cleaned away,powder is ideally suited to simple, automatic application thus minimising labour requirements. One coat application. For most applications, a single thick powder application is quite possible. This eliminates theneed for primers, multi-coat-wet painting and for rubbing down between coats. 

    Environment friendly with no Solvents. It is therefore, safer to use and more easily complies with all current andproposed environmental legislation.

    The Marketplace for Surface Technology.New and Used Process Equipment & Machinery.

    Riley Industries LtdA subsidiary of Barry Riley & Sons Ltd. Directors: R T Barry Riley, M P A Riley, Secretary: J C Riley

    Registered in England no. 1965748

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  • Home > Surface Treatment Process Plant & EquipmentPowder coating, wet paint plant & equipment >

    GG Services Birmingham Nordson Powder Coating FacilityComponents of the automatic powder coating system 

    Pre- Treatment : Before a Powder finish can be successfully applied, the surface of the item to be painted should beclean and free from any type of oil or grease contamination. The use of conversion coatings can greatly assist in theadhesion of the paint to the substrate material, these usually take the form of either iron or zinc based phosphatingagents contained within the degreasing solution.

    Post clean drying oven: After the pre treatment stage the components should be thoroughly dried of any cleaningsolution, making them ready for the powder to be applied.

    Pre-heat oven: To assist in the adhesion of the applied spray paint the component is preheated which helps in thepowder to both adhere to the component and gel the paint before full curing is applied. 

    Spraybooth: The first requirement of any Powder Coating System is a Spraybooth in which to apply the Powder. Thisserves a number of functions:

    1) It ensures that oversprayed Powder is ventilated away from the Operator(s)2) It provides extraction to prevent Powder escaping into the factory areas3) It collects the Powder and can provide facility for reclaiming overspray Powder

    Two types of booth are offered, fully automated quick colour change booths for volume component and manualinsertion booths which allows rework, touch up and small batches of colour to be processed in the same installation.

    Powder Spraying System: The Spraying System is the device that applies the Powder. This is often called the'Powder Gun' and serves the following functions:

    1) It has a system for storing new and recycled Powder, often this may be the Box in which it is delivered from thesupplier.2) It fluidises the Powder i.e. it gently blows air into the Powder, effectively bestowing it with the characteristics of aliquid.3) It has a nozzle system which allows the Powder to be blown onto the product.4) It has an Electrostatic charging system which charges the Powder Particles causing them to be attracted to thepart requiring coating.

    Curing Oven : All Powders cure at high temperatures, usually between 160 and 220 Centigrade. Therefore an Ovenis required to pass the parts through after the paint has been applied. On automated systems, conveyor tunnel passthrough ovens are usually employed so that the system will become and endless loop. The in-line oven allows thesmooth transfer of the products to the curing stage, without the danger of dislodging any applied powder. 

    Overhead conveyor: The system is linked between the individual components with an overhead conveyor totransport the product at a variable and controlled rate through the processes.

    Support equipment: The system, especially the paint application equipment requires a supply of clean oil freecompressed air to generate the throwing effect of the paint from the gun. Other equipment like auto chain lubricatorsmay also require this powers source.

    The Marketplace for Surface Technology.New and Used Process Equipment & Machinery.

    Riley Industries LtdA subsidiary of Barry Riley & Sons Ltd. Directors: R T Barry Riley, M P A Riley, Secretary: J C Riley

    Registered in England no. 1965748

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  • Home > Surface Treatment Process Plant & EquipmentPowder coating, wet paint plant & equipment >

    GG Services Birmingham Nordson Powder Coating FacilityFor full and details of each of the individual system components please view them under their individual stocknumbers of:

    DT1054S - 3 Stage pre-treatment plant

    OT1323S - Gas fired post pre-treatment drying oven

    OT1324S - Casso-Solar Europe Ltd Catalytic Radiant Panel Pre-heat Oven

    GS0036S - Nordson ColorMax Engineered Powder Spray System

    GS0037S - Nordson ColorMax Engineered Powder Spray System

    GS0038S - Nordson Manual Powder Spray Booth

    OT1325S - Gas fired post powder application curing oven

    MT398S - Stewart Gill STS 550M conveyor track

    AT0092  - Hydrovane Air Centre rotary vane compressor

    AT0093  - Hydrovane Air Centre rotary vane compressor

     View GG Services Birmingham Nordson Powder Coating Facility on our web site athttp://www.rileysurfaceworld.co.uk/machines/25193.htm


    The Marketplace for Surface Technology.New and Used Process Equipment & Machinery.

    Riley Industries LtdA subsidiary of Barry Riley & Sons Ltd. Directors: R T Barry Riley, M P A Riley, Secretary: J C Riley

    Registered in England no. 1965748

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