Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Year

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Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Year. Your name Mr. Kloth English I, block ____ ____ December 2012. Present problem. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Year</p> <p>Nobel Peace Prize Winner, YearYour nameMr. KlothEnglish I, block ________ December 2012Present problemMost likely, your person was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for solving (or attempting to solve) a problem. Briefly describe the problem. This section might be very similar to your introductionThesis statementExplain how your person solved the problem (from the previous slide) and tie this in to why he/she won the Nobel Peace Prize and/or what this persons legacy and lasting influence is.Legacy and lasting influence (continued)Continue with your argument started on the last slide; continue to explain how the person solved the problem and how that relates to his/her legacy and lasting impact.Relate to our world todayIf your person has had a lasting impact, than his or her actions should have somehow shaped the world we live in today. Explain how your persons efforts has contributed to the way the world is today.ClosureRestate thesis and main argument</p> <p>Why should people care about your persons efforts?Works CitedList all sources you used to find your information. Citations must follow MLA guidelines.</p>