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Nimble Scooters in TAGG Logistics Warehouse

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See how Nimble Cargo Scooters are used around a warehouse in St. Louis, Missouri.

Text of Nimble Scooters in TAGG Logistics Warehouse


    Get work done faster. Take a load off your back. Enjoy it. / industrial

  • Twice as fastTwice as fun as walking

  • The Nimble Cargo Scooter Thought youve seen it all in the warehouse? Wait until you ride a Nimble Cargo Scooter. Theyre safety-colored kick-scooters built for the toughest work environments.

    Made from aircraft grade aluminum and high-density polyethylene plastic, Nimble Cargo Scooters are built and designed for industry use. Our bright OSHA approved safety colored scooters are ideal for large scale facilities and environments such as warehouses, industrial complexes, university campuses, and airports.

    TAGG Logistics in St Louis, Missouri, shown as an example here for these photos, has a year-old fleet of Nimble Cargo Scooters in their distribution hubs used daily throughout several shifts. TAGG puts their Nimble Scooters to work fulfilling orders, picking up packages, maintaining their facilities and more.

    Nimble Scooters fit where most

    electric carts and forklifts cant

  • The smallest way to make a big impact in your warehouse

  • Go further. FASTER. TAGG Logistics warehouse is over 200 000 square feet, an ideal environment for Nimble Cargo Scooters, which are optimized for distances up to 1.5 miles.

    An extra-wide grip taped platform makes for a comfortable ride, even for large and heavy work boots.

    Save timeNimble Scooters are fast! Their low center of gravity leads to even further increased stability when a load is added.

    Its easier to go the extra mile, pulling more weight

  • PART OF THE TEAM At TAGG Logistics the Nimble Cargo Scooters have found a place to call home. A dedicated scooter parking lot provides employees with fast and convenient access to this unique warehouse mobility tool.


    SAVE YOUR BACK, ROLL YOUR cargo Nimble Scooters support a total weight capacity of 300 pounds. The tub can carry 2.4 cubic feet or 68 liters of cargo considerably more than an average person can carry with two hands.

    HEALTHY, HAPPY EMPLOYEESFrom the smallest toolkit to an oversized load, the Nimble Cargo Scooter helps prevent back trauma and encourages healthy behavior. Keeping workers moving and active are what Nimble Scooters are made for bringing more joy, less monotony to repetitive daily tasks. They are eco-friendly and designed to coexist with forklifts and other industrial vehicles in the workplace. Nimble Scooters affordability, work efficiency and time saving benefits make for a sure return on investment.

    Our team of engineers integrate lean parking in the design of our scooters. Quick starts and lean parks means more tasks in less time.


    Add your company logo to our customizable and brightly colored scooters.

    PICK AND PACKWith nimble steering, lean parking and foot brake, the Nimble Cargo Scooter is perfect for fulfilling orders, picking up packages and going the distance in a warehouse environment.


    Our retail price is $349 per unit. Free shipping in 2-6 days from Tustin, CA to any mainland US state. White cargo tub and black frames also available. Assembly required. Contact [email protected] for questions, customization, prices and bulk orders.

    want your own nimble fleet?All prices include shipping to mainland USA

    Startup Pack2 Nimble Scooters - $669 (5% discount)

    Warehouse Fleet5 Nimble Scooters - $1569 (10% discount)

    Lucky Pack8 Nimble Scooters - $2369 (15% discount)

    Cargo Armada16 Nimble Scooters - $4469 (20% discount)

    Options Custom colors (Minimum order: 30 Units) Heat transferred full-color decals available




    Patented high-performance steering system Integrated lean parking Foot brake Adjustable height steering (good for people up to 64 / 195cm) Food grade industrial strength plastic cargo tub (HDPE 2) Precision extruded aluminum forks and brakes High strength heat treated T6 aluminum frame Dual hardness industrial strength 6 wheels (300 pounds load capacity per wheel) Laser engraved handlebars


    Cargo box: 16W x 17H x 24D / 40 x 43 x 61 cm Scooter length: 57 / 145 cm Scooter width: 16 / 40 cm Scooter height: 26 / 66 cm Handlebar height adjustment range: +10 / +25 cm Weight: 29 lb / 13 kg Max payload with rider: 300 lb / 136 kg Holds up to 2.4 cubic feet / 68 liters

    CONTACTNimbleScootersLLC 2862WalnutAvenue,UnitDTustin,CA92780 USAphone: +1 949 407 9765 / email: [email protected] /

    January 2015

    TAGG Logistics - St. Louis, Missouri

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