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  • 8/2/2019 Nikon D4 DSLR Brochure



  • 8/2/2019 Nikon D4 DSLR Brochure


    The proessional world slows down or no one. In act, the pace only grows aster, and the pressure

    on photographers continues to rise. When advances in technology present new ways o working

    in photography and video, you can expect one proessional digital SLR to give you a winning

    edge. Get ready or the D4, Nikons newest agship camera and a tangible symbol o the quest or

    innovation. Built upon a oundation o industry frs ts, the D4 shatters many barriers that todays

    proessionals ace, delivering new levels o quality, speed and precision or both still images

    and broadcast quality video. The worlds ultimate imaging machine and its 16.2-megapixel FX-

    ormat sensor oer you uncompromised perormance in some o the most demanding ambient

    lighting and environmental conditions imaginable. Take advantage o this newound power, and

    utilize the incredibly ast AF acquisition and Nikons next-generation EXPEED 3 image-processing

    engines speeds. Freeze an action sequence at approx. 10 rames per second thanks to advances in

    buer speed. Expect ull AF and AE perormance throughout, even in FX ormat, and experience

    incomparably accurate shutter control, autoocus detection and motion tracking.

    The D4 makes these advantages a reality, all while raising its eective pixel count by 33 percent

    over its predecessor, the D3S. Despite the additional 4 megapixels o image data to process, you

    can expect zero trade-o when it comes to speed and accuracy due to tremendous technological

    improvements in image processing and sensor design. The incredible Advanced Scene Recognition

    System pushes perormance even urther with its 91K-pixel RGB sensor. The revolutionary

    autoocus helps you shoot accurately in lower light than ever. For multimedia demands, there

    is multi-area mode Full HD D-Movie that oers three imaging ormats or movies or the

    frst time in the world and an optimized image-processing system that excels in extremely

    difcult conditions, making the D4 one o the most powerul broadcasting tools on the planet.

    With durability, precision and reliability like this, and the extensive Nikon System o lenses and

    Speedlights at your disposal, its time to truly push the limits o your crat. The proessional world

    may be speeding up, but with the D4, you set the pace.


  • 8/2/2019 Nikon D4 DSLR Brochure


    What a Pro Wants Mostme battle rapid-fre deadlines at a breakneck pace. Others

    n wait or hours or even days, waiting or one precious,

    ting moment. They are proessional photographers, and

    matter whether they work solely in stills or in the growing

    d o multimedia, their livelihood hinges on anticipating,

    turing and delivering winning images. The worlds leading

    tographers have never pushed their boundaries urther or

    er than today, striving to accomplish more, while carrying

    . As the proessional landscape evolves, Nikon adapts

    he changes and delivers a camera that excels where

    essionals need it most. Nikon called on fve o the worlds

    photographers and asked them to push the D4 to the limit,

    ntlessly testing fve areas essential to todays proessionals:

    ge quality, reliability, speed, workow uidity and

    adcast quality video. Here is how they responded.

    I tell stories in some o the most extreme environmentson the planet: rain, snow, dust, wind, alling rock this is my oce. Much o what I shoot happens onlyonce, so there is no going back or a second take.Every piece o equipment I use must perorm underthe harshest conditions, and the D4 lives up to myhighest standards. It oers the durability, reliabilityand versatility I need or incredibly challengingassignments, whether they require stills, video, audioor all three. The D4 does it all. Never do I need toquestion the camera's ability to perorm. With trustlike this, I can ocus on being creative.

    For my type o assignments, 100% reliability isessential, with ast and accurate ocusing consideredpriority number one. The D4 has a aster initial AFdetection speed and an improved dynamic AF system,both o which help m e concentrate on being creativewithout worrying about ocusing perormance. Iregularly shoot ne JPEGs together with uncompressedRAW, so I am really happy that the D4 has such animpressive buer, which allows high-speed continuousshooting or longer periods o time. The D4 also oersthe possibility o IPTC data recording, which makes mywork much easier or an editor to handle during post-production.

    In order to realize my creative vision, it is critical thatI be one with my camera. I must rely on it to transermy ideas into physical maniestations that I can shareacross multiple platorms. It must be easy to use,quick to respond, rugged, consistent and oer everyimaging option I desire. The D4 is all o this and much,much more all while oering me unettered accessto the over 65 million F-mount lenses that Nikon hasproduced since 1959. The world needs photojournaliststorytellers now more than ever, and this is the toolthat I have been waiting or. Capable o capturingaudio, high-resolution stills and HD video in one pieceo equipment, the D4 is the complete imaging machine.

    On assignments or LifeMagazine, Sports IllustraandNational Geographic, I have encounteredall manner o shooting conditions: rom locationportraiture to heavy production work; rom stylizestudio sessions to run-and-gun journalism. Thecan handle them all. It's ast and responsive, withtechnical options that conorm to virtually any neehave in the eld. The les and skin tones are exacthe quality I need, and with the fick o a switch, Iseamlessly go rom detailed stills to shooting ullrame, 1080p high-de video. Advancements in thcamera's meter make the already ormidable NikoCreative Lighting System even stronger, and coupwith Nikons legendary optics, the D4 is the comppackage or every assignment, o any kind.

    As a wildlie photographer, I requently wait ordays in remote areas or a single shot. Durable anddependable gear is essential. For this assignment,the Tibetan plateau remained near -35C/-31F withstrong, dusty wind. Days rom the nearest camerarepair, my team slept in tents alongside the indigenousnomadic people, with little time or opportunity orgear maintenance. Despite such extreme conditions,the D4 proved its reliability daily. Its AF accuracy wasastounding, especially in low light: there were timeswhen a hal-moon provided enough illumination orsharp ocus. The ability to use AF at /8 has also beenextremely helpul, giving me extra reach. I look orwardto bringing the D4 back into the eld. It is the perectinstrument to help me witness the natural world.

    Joe McNally(U.S.A.)

    Photojournalism/Commercial (stills and vid

    Vincent Munier (France)

    Nature/Wildlife (stills and video)

    Corey Rich (U.S.A.)

    Action/Extreme Sports (stills and video)

    Bill Frakes (U.S.A.)

    Photojournalism/Sports (stills and video)

    Matthias Hangst (Germany)

    Sports (stills)

  • 8/2/2019 Nikon D4 DSLR Brochure


    Reigning World Cin the Triple JumpChristian Taylor.

    Lens: AF-S NIKKOR

    f/2.8G ED VR


    Exposure: [M] mode

    1/1,000 second, f/5

    White balance: Auto

    Sensitivity: ISO 6400

    Picture Control: Stan

    Bill Frakes

  • 8/2/2019 Nikon D4 DSLR Brochure


  • 8/2/2019 Nikon D4 DSLR Brochure


    Lens: AF-S NIKKOR

    f/2.8G ED VR II


    Exposure: [M] mode

    1/200 second, f/14

    White balance: Auto

    Sensitivity: ISO 100

    Picture Control: Stan

    Joe McNally

  • 8/2/2019 Nikon D4 DSLR Brochure


    Seeking to oer


    perormance in

    both video and still

    photography, the

    D4 is a brand new

    camera tted with a

    new 16.2-megapixel

    FX-ormat sensor o unprecedented speed,

    size, resolution and sensitivity. Despite a

    33% increase in eective pixels over its

    predecessor, the D3S, the D4 delivers and

    processes data aster than any Nikon camerabeore it, providing photographers with up

    to 11-ps perormance in FX ormat. Close

    examination o a D4 image reveals 16.2

    megapixels o stunning depth and detail that

    ensure fexibility in post-production, rom

    magazine-quality prints to web publishing.

    Image quality this versatile is a direct result

    o Nikons sophisticated approach to sensor

    design. The internal design o the sensor is

    careully engineered to collect the maximum

    amount o light and render the highest

    possible image quality in the most diverse

    and dicult lighting conditions. At high

    ISO sensitivities, incredibly clear, smoothly

    graded results are maintained thanks to an

    optimized noise-reduction design and 14-

    bit A/D conversion incorporated within the

    sensor. Unique to Nikon, the D4 expands

    your still image shooting possibilities with

    our image area options: FX ormat (36.0 x

    23.9 mm), 5:4 crop (29.9 x 23.9 mm), 1.2x

    crop (29.9 x 19.9 mm) and DX ormat (23.4

    x 15.5 mm). The camera also oers three

    image area options or Full HD video thereby

    tripling its potential or moviemaking. All

    these creative options are supported by a

    vast array o NIKKOR FX and DX lenses.

    Such exceptional image integrity across

    such a wide ISO sensitivity range is made

    possible through Nikons proprietary and

    exclusive sensor technologies. The pixels

    are spaced at a pitch o 7.3 m while

    gapless micro-lenses are employed, and

    anti-refective coating is used on various

    parts all o which results in minimized

    ghost and fare. This detailed design

    gives the D4 an unprecedented ability to

    channel all available light eciently and

    directly into the sensor. The advantage

    is maintained through improved sensor

    quantum eciency, ensuring optimum

    conversion o light into electric signals,

    and delivering digital les at ISO 100 to

    12800 with a wide dynamic range and an

    outstanding signal-to-noise ratio. The benet

    o a high-eciency sensor is enhanced by

    an integrated approach to noise reduction.

    The layout o electronics within the sensor

    has been careully congured to minimize

    noise. Despite operating at the amazing

    speed required to realize approx. 11 ps, the

    D4s image sensor consumes less power,

    contributing to extended battery lie.

    Nikon fagship digital SLRs have long be

    recognized by proessionals or their cle

    perormance at high sensitivity settings,

    the new 16.2-megapixel D4 oers low-n

    perormance at ISO 12800. It also exten

    the range one EV urther, compared wit

    that o the D3S, making ISO 100 standa

    a welcome addition that allows the use

    slow shutter speeds in bright sunlight. F

    more challenging conditions, equivalent

    sensitivities o ISO 50 and ISO 204800 a

    also available. The D4 is condently cap

    o shooting still images and video* in ne

    any light even in places where the hu

    eye has diculty in recognizing details.

    Photographers are able to work in the ha

    glare o the midday sun and the low-key

    o dawn, and can capture images in the

    shadows o a dimly lit interior or a moon

    orest at midnight. In these situations,

    the cameras superb ISO sensitivity rang

    oers photographers great fexibility in t

    approach to the subject matter.

    Standard ISO 100 to 12800, expandable rISO 50 to ISO 204800 equivalent

    16.2-megapixel resolution and ull-rameFX ormat: a perect balance

    Optimum use o light: Nikons proprietaryimage sensor technology

    Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED Image quality: 14-bit RAW (NEF) Exposure: [M] mode, 1/60 second, f/4.5 White balance: Auto 1

    Sensitivity: ISO 100 Picture Control: Standard

    Joe McNally

    16.2 MP FX-ormat sensor withan extended sensitivity range o ISO 100 to 12800

    Image Integrity What a Pro W

    *D-Movie standard ISO sensitivity rom ISO 200 to 12800, with higher sensitivity options up to Hi 4.

    S NIKKOR 85mm


    : [M] mode,

    cond, f/1.4

    lance: Incandescent

    ty: ISO 12800

    ontrol: Standard


  • 8/2/2019 Nikon D4 DSLR Brochure


    The EXPEED 3 is the

    latest embodiment o

    Nikon imaging expertise in

    miniature, a sophisticated

    system that is designed to

    analyze and process images

    at blindingly ast speeds

    with uncompromised

    sion. The EXPEED 3 imaging-processing

    ne, optimized or D-SLRs, delivers

    ul, well-saturated color, natural depth and

    e, nuanced tones rom pitch black all the

    to snow white. In dim lighting at high

    settings, the cameras intelligent noise

    ction lowers noise without degrading

    ge sharpness. High-speed 16-bit image

    essing delivers smooth gradation with

    dant tone and detail that can be applied

    age integrity or a diverse range o

    . Even JPEGs straight out o the camera

    ntain the accuracy required when directly

    miting to a magazine, newspaper or

    publication. The EXPEED 3 has been

    mized or video as well. Movie is rendered

    suppressed moir, reduced alse colors

    minimized jaggies. Noise reduction

    technology specically designed or video

    preserves clarity and sharp edges even

    in low light. The powerul EXPEED 3 is ast,

    accurate and exceptionally energy ecient,

    prolonging the cameras ability to endure

    extended assignments.

    High-megapixel sensors can really test the

    quality o a lens, but the combination o

    brilliant NIKKOR lenses and Nikons intelligent

    processing measures will signicantly reduce

    the risk o lateral chromatic aberration, or

    color ringing, to give you incredibly natural-

    looking results. Unlike other correction

    methods that simply eliminate chromatic

    aberration, Nikons method compensates or

    these color dierences in a resolving index

    or each color, making it particularly eective

    in producing images with stunning edge-to-

    edge sharpness. Moreover, because these

    corrections are made regardless o the

    NIKKOR lens used, this eature contributes

    substantially to the sharpest images possible.

    When working with extremely high-contrast

    lighting that exceeds the cameras dynamic

    range, and when movement in the subject

    or background is inherent in your images,

    the D4s upgraded Active D-Lighting helps to

    maintain highlight details. In addition to the

    conventional range o settings, the D4 now

    includes one additional extra high option

    or more versatility when acing harsh and

    dicult lighting conditions.

    In addition to Active D-Lighting, the D4 oers

    an HDR mode that is ideal or capturing a

    scene that has an extremely wide dynamic

    range. Most suitable or landscapes, interiors

    and studio work, in this mode the D4 shoots

    two rames in a single shutter release: one

    overexposed, and the other underexposed.

    The two are then instantly combined to

    create a single image that encompasses

    the ull dynamic range o the original scene

    with reduced loss o detail in highlights and

    shadows even in high-contrast conditions.

    The resulting images are ully saturated

    and display a rich tonality compared to

    those normally produced by HDR, even

    in a high-contrast shooting situation that

    requires additional image manipulation. The

    exposure dierential o the two images can

    also be extended by up to 3 EV, while the

    smoothness o the edge where the two

    exposures meet can be adjusted.

    , intelligent and powerul 16-bit imagecessing

    Edge-to-edge sharpness: lateral chromaticaberration reduction

    AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II Image quality: 14-bit RAW (NEF) Exposure: [M] mode, 1/200 second, f/11 White balance: Auto 1

    tivity: ISO 100 Pictu...