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1. Nikon D3100 OR Canon EOS 1100DHi, I plan to buy an Entry-level DSLR. I don't have any experience when it comes to DSLRs, as I have just used Point and Shoot Cameras before. Considering my budget I have to choose between Nikon D3100 and Canon EOS 1100D. Can you please tell me which one would be better? I'm looking forward to using my camera for mostly Night-Photography, Portraits, Macro and Landscapes. I won't be using it much for video. From what I've researched, D3100 lacks Auto-Bracketing and Inbuilt Auto-Focus Motor. But it has Full-HD Recording. There are few more differences like, the 1100D has fewer focus points (9 v/s 11 in D3100), and has better Remote capabilities. As I'm a beginner, I wouldn't know for sure, but I might be interested in HDR Photography later. Considering all these factors, can you please advise me on what would be the best buy for me? Also, can you explain in simple terms how the presence or absence of Auto Bracketing will affect my HDR, if at all? Thanks. Reply With Quote


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lack of autobracketing just means you have to be quick with your exposure compensation controls. But it's not hard. It literally involves pushing a button while turning a wheel. You can pretty easily fire off 5 shots at a range of exposure compensations within 7 seconds of one another, which is usually good enough for HDR. It's annoying that it's not on the D3100, because clearly the only reason it's not is to give people another reason to buy the D5100. But I really don't find it as a major drawback to the D3100. I find the remote a bigger issue on the D3100, though it's mostly a convenience thing. It'd be nice to just pull a wireless trigger out of the bag and use it instead of hooking a wired trigger up, but really that's not a very big deal to me. If you're doing night photography, in my opinion the D3100 blows away the lower level Canons in low light photography. It's probably the biggest difference to me between the low level Canons and the low level Nikons. The inbuilt focus motor just depends, it's becoming less and less an in issue, as most new lenses you buy for Nikons have built in focus motors anyway. It's almost hard to find the ones you'd need the camera's focus motor for. Sure, it'd be nice if the D3100 had an in camera focus motor, and then all of Nikon's lenses were cheaper, but it is what it is. For someone starting off I wouldn't really worry about this though. The people that this is more of an issue are people who already own lenses that don't have focus motors built into the lens. For someone starting out, not a big deal in my mind. edit: for clarity, I'm saying I can usually get 5 shots at different exposure compensations in a total of 7 seconds. A little over a second per exposure. I can sometimes do it faster, but if I get too quick with it, I just induce camera shake. 5 in 7 seconds is actually doing it while attempting to be slow and steady.

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D3100 High level Specifications Score

WinnerBuy the Nikon D3100





3 978 krCompare 56 other prices!

"High ISO performance is substantially improved over the D3000, to the extent that images shot at sensitivities as high as 3200 are eminently useable" | talking about the D3100's iso-noise

"Thanks to its lineage the D3100 remains one of the most pleasant to hold cameras in its class." | talking about the D3100's feel

Reasons to buy the Nikon D3100

Full HD1080p @ 24fps

Large screen3,0"

24p moviesFor that film look

Movie continuous focusMakes it easy to get in-focus movies

Autofocuses shooting videoContrast detection

Self cleaning sensorAvoids dust in your photos

Runner-upBuy the Canon EOS 1100D



3 570 kr


Compare 47 other prices!

Reasons to buy the Canon EOS 1100DGreat battery life800 shots

Built-in focus motorAutofocuses with more lenses


459 g


Advantages of the Canon 1100DLonger battery life

800 shots vs 550 shots

Around 50% more s charge

Better maximum light sensitivity

6,400 ISO vs 3,200 ISO

The 1100D's maxim sensitivity is 1 f-stop

Larger viewfinder

0,54x vs 0,51x

Around 10% larger v

Has a built-in focus motor

Yes vs No

Autofocuses with all


459 g vs 505 gAround 10% lighter

Learn more about the Canon 1100D

Canon EOS 1100D

Compare 47 other prices!

Advantages of the Nikon D3100Much larger screen

3,0" vs 2,7"

More than 10% larg

Lower noise at high ISO

919 ISO vs 755 ISO

The D3100 has a sli stops) in low noise, performance

Higher resolution movies

1080p @ 24fps vs 720p @ 30fps

Shoots higher resolu (1080p) video but a rate

Better image quality

67.0 vs 62.0

Around 10% better i

Supports 24p

Yes vs No

Get that real film fee

Continuous video focus

Yes vs No

Record movies with about focus

Better color depth

22,5 bits vs 21,9 bits

Distinguishes more colors

Video autofocus

Contrast vs None detection

Automatically focus

Has a self cleaning sensor

Yes vs No

Removes dust from automatically, avoid photos

Larger sensor

APS-C APS-C vs 23.1x15.4mm 22.2x14.7mm

Around 10% larger s

Higher true resolution

14.2 MP vs 12.2 MP

Capture around 20% your photos

More dynamic range

11,3 EV vs 11 EV

0,3 f-stops more dyn


124x96x73 130x100x78 vs mm mm

More than 10% sma

More focus points

11 vs 9

Set focus accurately

Slightly more lenses available

169 lenses vs 162 lenses

Almost the same


2,9" vs 3,1"

Around 10% thinner

Learn more about the Nikon D3100

Nikon D3100

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Canon EOS 1100D

Nikon D3100


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Relative to the best recent entry-level DSLRs, and ignoring price



4 7


6 NIKOND31 00 8

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Snapsort recommends the Nikon D3100.

performance Which camera has better performance? Cast your vote!CANON

EOS 1100D

v s








On holiday or vacation

SportsFast action, sometimes indoors




Color accuracyWhite balance in varied lighting



Still image focusingSpeed and accuracy



Video focusingSpeed and accuracy



Manual settingsHow quickly and easily you can change settings



Build qualityIs it sturdy, well made, plastic or metal



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similaritiesCompared to recent entry-level DSLRsCommon Strengths Many lenses available Common Weaknesses Slow max shutter speed 1/4000 of a second

1100 162 D: lenses D310 169 0: lenses

Fewer storage slots

Light weight


1100 459 D: g D310 505 0: g

Neither has an external mic jack Limited to the in-camera mic

Better sensor Below average viewfinder types coverage Better in low light 95%

Neither has in-camera HDR You could do HDR manually

No image stabilization Risk of blur

No flip-out screens Less flexible

Slow continuous shooting 3 fps

Few cross-type focus points 1

Neither camera stitches together panoramas You could stitch photos in post

Neither camera can take 3D photos No 3d support

Low resolution screens 230k dots

Poor dynamic range

1100 11 EV D: D310 11,3 0: EV

dxomark Image quality data for the Canon 1100D provided by

DxOMark DxOMark

Image quality data for the Nikon D3100 provided by


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Entry-level DSLR 5 350 kr - 5 585 kr body only 5 290 kr - 7 258 kr with 18-55mm lens

Has a much higher resolution screen

Is slightly heavier

Takes significantly higher resolution photos

Compare the EOS 550D vs theEOS 1100D

Compare the EOS 550D vs theD3100



Entry-level DSLR 5 932 kr - 6 289 kr body only 8 095 kr - 8 785 kr with 18-135mm lens

Has a much higher resolution screen

Is thicker

Takes significantly higher resolution photos

Is slightly heavier

Compare the EOS 600D vs theEOS 1100D

Compare the EOS 600D vs theD3100



Entry-level DSLR 5 360 kr - 5 890 kr body only 5 979 kr - 6 585 kr with 18-55mm lens

Is significantly less noisy at high ISO

Is thicker

Has significantly better image quality

Is slightly heavier

Compare the D5100 vs theEOS 1100D

Compare the D5100 vs theD3100



Entry-level DSLR 6 753 kr