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The VEYM-USA Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter. The third edition, "A Summer of Memories... Looking Forward to the Future," captures the events of this past summer, with an introduction to the region's events in the next year.

Text of Ni»m Vui #3 - B£n Tin MT

  • A Summer of Memories

    Looking Forward to the Future

    NIM VUI 3 SEPT 2015


  • MIN REFLECTIONS YEAR OF MERCY Rev. Gioan Hong Thanh Sn, OP Tuyn U Min Trung ng

    LIVING IN THE MOMENT Tr. Maria Trn Th Ngc Nhi Teresa Ph Nghin Hun Min Trung ng

    EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE Tr. Phanxic Xavi V Cao Lp Ch Tch Min Trung ng

    Sa Mc Cp 1

    4 6 8

    summer ! content

    summerPAGE 12


    PAGE 14

    JULY 10 TO 12 I HI HUYNH TRNG Tr. t, on Thnh Tm, tries his best to move the cookie on his forehead without using any hands! With a theme of, Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men (Matthew 4:19), Youth-Leaders and Chaplain Assistant Laypersons converged for the weekend to play, pray, and praise the Lord!

    May 16 Bn Mng Min Philadelphia, PA

    June 12-14 Tri H on Don Bosco

    Richmond, VA

    June 19-21 Tri Bnh Minh on Fatima v Cha Ba Ngi

    Fort Washington, PA

    June 27-29 Tri Nim Vui

    on Anr Dng Lc Ellicott City,


    July 10-12 a Hi Huynh Trng MT

    Piney Point, MD

    August 14-16 Tri V Ngun on Thnh Tm Prince William,


    August 20-23 Sa Mc Hun Luyn Huynh

    Trng Cp 1 v Tr T

    Prince William, VA

    : Nim Vui 32

    I also learned some great things which I

    would like to bring back to my chapter as I

    embark on this journey to become a huynh truong and build the kids faith one day.

    -Hannah Nguyn on AL

  • PAGE 18Hun Luyn Huynh Trng Cp 1 Tr T




    Nim Vui 33

    AUG 14-16 TRI H ON THNH TM

  • Qu cha Tuyn U, Tr U, Tr T, Huynh Trng v on Sinh Min Trung ng rt thn mn,

    Chng ta t n Thin Cha qua nhng ngy ngh ca ma h nng bc vi rt nhiu sinh hot ngoi tri, picnic, cm tri, d ngoi v.v. i vi Min Trung ng nhng sinh hot tiu biu rt thnh cng ca nhng thng qua: Bn Mng Min c t chc ti St. Helena

    vo Th By ngy 16 thng 5 nm 2015, i Hi Huynh Trng ti Camp Merryelande t ngy 10 n 12 thng 7

    nm 2015, Sa Mc Cp I v Tr T t ngy 27 n 30 thng 8 nm 2015, v nht l Min Trung ng chnh thc thnh

    lp on Phr L Bo Tnh vo Cha Nht ngy 13 thng 9 nm 2015. S thnh cng ca nhng bin c trn chng

    mnh rng Thin Cha rt yu thng v quan tm n Min b nh nht ca Phong Tro v chng ta c l do t n Thin Cha.

    Nhn xa hn mt cht, c Gio Hong Phanxic cng b m mt Nm Thnh Lng Thng Xt bt u t ngy 8 thng 12 nm 2015, L c M V

    Nhim Nguyn Ti, v kt thc vo ngy 20 thng 11 nm 2016 l Cha Kit Vua. Vi Nm Thnh Lng Thng xt, c Thnh Cha Phanxic mun t trng tm ni lng thng xt ca Thin Cha, ng mi gi cc tn hu tr v vi Ngi. Gp g Cha s gip chng ta bit thc thi lng thng xt. c Thnh Cha Phanxic ni, Ti mong mun bit bao rng ni no Gio Hi hin din, c bit l cc gio x v cc cng on ca chng ta, ni y s tr thnh nhng hi o thng xt gia lng i dng v cm!

    Khi chng ta th hin lng thng xt gia lng i dng v cm l chnh chng ta hc ly lng thng xt ca Cha; Cha mun lng chng ta nn ging lng ca Cha; chng ta mang ly lng thng xt nh Cha mun. Nu c lng thng th cng c ngha l c lng qung i, bit tha th, bit n nhn nhau, v bit chp nhn s khc bit ca nhau.

    Chnh v th, vi t cch l Tuyn U Min Trung ng, cha mi gi tt c chng ta hy c nhng tm tnh nh chnh c Kit (Philiph 2:5). Hy mc ly nhng tm tnh t bi, nhn hu, khim cung, n ho, nhn ni, chu ng ln nhau, v hy tha th cho nhau, nu ngi ny c chuyn phi on trch ngi kia (Clx 3:12-13).

    12.8.15-summer ! year of mercy

    : Nim Vui 34

    hy c nhng tm tnh nh chnh c Kit

    (Philiph 2:5)[ ]

  • HO

    LY Y


    OF M



    Nim Vui 3 :5

    Cha ngh mi on nn c nhng chng trnh c th th hin tm tnh thng xt ca Cha Gisu. C c nh vy Nm Thnh Lng Thng Xt mang li mt sc thi v bu tri bnh an n cho nhiu ngi.

    Cha lun cu chc tt c thnh vin trong Min Trung ng lun cy nh n M Maria v cc thnh bit th hin lng thng xt ca Cha c Thin Cha xt thng.

    Thn i trong Cha Gisu Thnh Th,

    Gioan Hong Thanh Sn, OP

    Merciful Like The Father Hy c lng thng xt nh

    Cha Cha

  • : Nim Vui 36

    summer ! living in the moment

    As we begin a new TNTT year, it is surreal to think that we are in the last year of Ban Chp Hnh Mins term. The last three years has been filled with many ups and downs, many what the type of moments, and many smiles and bursts of laughter. Yet through it all, in this moment in time, I feel so blessed to be part of an amazing region whose love and support for each other makes this place home.

    This summer was a special one. It kicked off with Bn Mng Min in Philly, where we witnessed the promotion of 10 Huynh Trng (HT) and three Tr T (TT). Despite coming from different backgrounds and family circumstances, these 13 individuals took the courageous step because of their love for TNTT and the kids, Ly Cha Gisu Thnh Th, con xin n dng mnh lm HT trong PTTNTT, con mun tp cho cc em bit tn tnh yu mn v kt hp vi Cha For some unknown reason, at every promotion ceremony and during the HT oath, I get an indescribable feeling that is a mix of joy, anticipation, and hope. To think that over the past three years, Min has witnessed over 50 HT and 30 TT promotions. Thanks be to God!

    Then we gathered in the heat of summer for i Hi Huynh Trng MT. Can I really complain about having to spend the weekend at the beach?!? Except for the smell of crabs in my car of course ;). There were many memories from this event, especially the people I got to know better and the epic selfie fail. The most

    memorable moment happened at 6AM on Sunday morning. I was awakened by tr. Kim Chi running in after watching the sunrise. Half-awake, she excitedly shows me the beautiful images she was able to capture (props to her because that is why we have such a beautiful cover for the newsletter!). After laying back down, I

    smiled to myself because its moments like these, the small things in life and the relationships Ive made that is a reminder of how grateful I am for all these people and the blessings God has given me.

    I can go on and on about all the great memories from the past summer. Yet, what I have come to realize is its not the events that make it unforgettable, it is the people. Maybe I am a bit biased, but I think MT is one of the best regions out there. Not because of our location (which obviously isnt half bad!), but the love MTers have for each other and for the young TNTTers.

    In all the opportunities to serve, I am amazed at the level of dedication and selflessness. We ha ve the g roup of MTers who don't seem to sleep; working

    Epic selfie fail at HHT. Thats my eye on the right.

    an amazing region whose love and support for each

    other makes this place home. tr. maria trn th ngc nhi teresa

    l i v i n g i n t h e

  • Nim Vui 3 :7

    tirelessly to ensure things go smoothly. Then we have the energizer bunnies whose enthusiasm and optimism is contagious and motivating. Then we have the do-ers who always say yes to lending a hand, even before they know what is being asked of them. These groups of people, which I am so lucky to have had the chance to work with is the reason BCH Min is still breathing!

    As MT continues to grow in number and love for Jesus Christ, I am reminded that my journey as a HT never ends and that there is always areas to improve and room to grow as a child of Christ. Not only does that mean attending training camps to better myself as a HT, but also deepening my relationship with God by spending time with Him daily in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

    Maybe that's why I get the indescribable feeling during the HT promotion ceremony Because its as through Jesus is there watching over each one of us, reminding us that our journey to become a HT isnt the end goal, but a milestone to do even more to serve Him, to serve the Church, and to serve the youths.

    I am so thankful to all the MTers that I have had the opportunity to serve with, because they are not just another MTer, but a friend. From those who always feed me, to those who have supported me on my topsy turvy journey.

    Before this letter becomes a novel, I want to end with one of my favorite Bible quotes; hopefully it will inspire you as it has for me in my journey to serve,

    yet I live, no longer I, but Christ lives in me. (Galatians 2:20)

    Love in Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, Teresa

    Selfie during the EYM Centenary in Rome, Italy.

    BHL nh Lua 21 & Samaritan 57

    Bn Mang-MT




    m m e n t

  • Li mt ma h rn r tri qua tht mau v gi y cc on TNTT trong Min Trung ng (MT) cng ln lt tr li sinh hot v khai ging cho mt nin kho mi. Nhn chung th trong vi thng sp ti y, cc on s rt bn rn vi nhiu s kin. No l t chc Tt Trung Thu, Hun Luyn Tng i Trng/i Ph, Tnh Hun Hip S, Trao Khn on Sinh, thc hin Chin Dch B Hoa Thing, thm ving ngha trang, ngy Lm Tng , hot cnh Ging Sinh, v.v... y c th ni l thi im bn rn nht trong nm cho cc on Thiu Nhi Thnh Th trong Min chng ta. Th nhng, ring i vi chng ti li cm thy tht ho hc v phn khi hn v nhng s kin s din ra trong nm ti ca MT cng nh ci nhn khch quan v s pht trin ca ton Min.

    Vo Thng 3 nm ti, MT s t chc mt k Tnh Tm cho cc Huynh Trng v Tr T. Thm thot gn bn nm tri qua, by gi Min mi c dp t chc li tnh tm cho cc Huynh Trng. c bit hn na, cng trong dp ny, Min s c cuc bu c tn Ban Thng V Min, nhim k 2016-2020. C th ni y l mt du mc mi cho Min v khng ch c Ban Chp Hnh Min c thay i v nhn s m trong nhng thng va qua cng nh sp ti y, mt s on trong Min cng hoc s bu li tn Ban Chp Hnh on. Hy vng rng vi nhng nhn s mi s gp phn gip on v Min pht trin mnh m hn na!

    C l s kin m M