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  • 1. NEX
  • 2. NexCargo is an innovative web based cloud deployed softwarethat covers the end-to-end process between Consignor and Con-signee starting from Booking to all the way to Delivery. NexCargohelps manages both International and Local commercial goods,postal and courier services or Cargo through Surface/Air/Sea overthe internet.Whether it is Freight Forwarding Import/Export or just SurfaceTransport, our Software covers it all. Whether it is a single branchor a multi-branch Logistics company, NexCargo handles it all.Through a single application withmultiple user logins, the softwareautomates everything starting frombooking, Pick-up, Loading/ Unload-ing to Transhipment and all the wayto Delivery of goods (POD) and Pay-ment Collection
  • 3. BOOKINGCompanies can offer theircustomers an advanced webbooking and tracking servicevia their website, providingthe type of service that waspreviously only within thegrasp of the biggest multi-national carriers.
  • 4. WARE HOUSE MANAGEMENT NexCargo provides an easy touse, quick to implement Ware-house management servicewhere goods coming in to thewarehouse can be grouped bydestinations and can be kept ina very organized manner. Thisresults in reduced labor costs,increased storage capacity andincrease in efficiency.NexCargo Warehouse management shows the Extra goods andShortage goods in the Dashboard resulting in fool-proof delivery.
  • 5. DISPATCH / IMPORT / EXPORT NexCargo Dispatch/Import/Exportmanagement makes the complex,daunting and tediousDispatch/Import/Export process intoa fairly easy to use stream-lined pro-cess which once again results in deliv-ery efficiency. Based on the size of theTruck or Container chosen, the soft-ware using well designed algorithms,identifies appopriate goods automatically for delivery thus avoiding lot ofcommon pitfalls that usually happens in an inefficient process.
  • 6. DELIVERY / PROOF OF DELIVERYNexCargoSimultaneouslycuts costs andLift customerservice levelsthrough im-proved dataaccuracy andelectronic dataexchange. With significantly fewer customer service calls as deliveryproblems reduces, and proof of delivery (PODs) are sent automaticallyin real-time, customers quickly see the benefits of booking and trackingon-line.
  • 7. SHIPMENT TRACKINGNexCargo helps to track your consignment from anywhere at any timefrom any place in the world through a simple browser interface.
  • 8. NEXTR C NEX ARG Your All-in one GPS/GPRS Vehicle Tracking An End to End Web Based Cargo and Fleet Management Solution Management Solution NEX S C M NEX E R P An End to End Solution for manufacturing A Logistics ERP covering CRM, Logistics industries, from purchase of Raw Solutions to all the way to Accounting Materials to finished goods and Logistics NEXA E L GISTICS An EIT Initiative - Please send your enquiries to [email protected]