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NEX Group plc provides platforms, tools and /media/Files/N/NEX/nex-docs/201612... NEX Group plc provides platforms, tools and expertise that enable you to execute efficiently and optimise

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  • NEX Group plc provides platforms, tools and expertise that enable you to execute efficiently and optimise resources throughout the transaction lifecycle.

    Encouraging technological advancement to improve the markets, we invest in companies that challenge convention and operate an exchange to help entrepreneurs raise capital on the public market.

    In an era of rapid regulatory and technological change, one constant is our ability to help customers be ready for whatever is around the corner.

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    NEX Data NEX Exchange

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    NEX Group plc offers customers better ways to execute trades and manage risk. Our products and services underpin the entire trade lifecycle pre-, during and post-execution. Our electronic trading platforms are industry standards. Customers use our lifecycle management and information services to optimise portfolios, control risk and reduce costs. We partner with emerging technology companies to bring greater efficiency, transparency and scale to the world’s capital markets. Headquartered in London, NEX employs 1,600 people in offices worldwide.

  • All information contained herein (“Information”) is for informational purposes only, is confidential and is the intellectual property of NEX Group plc and/or one of its group companies (“NEX”). The Information is directed to Eligible Counterparties and Professional Customers only and is not intended for Retail Clients (as each term is defined by the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”)) or equivalent in a relevant jurisdiction. This Information is not, and should not be construed as, an offer or solicitation to sell or buy any product, investment, security or any other financial instrument or to participate in any particular trading strategy. The Information is not to be relied upon and is not warranted, either expressly or by implication, as to completeness, timeliness, accuracy, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. All representations and warranties are expressly disclaimed. Access to the Information by anyone other than the intended recipient is unauthorised and any disclosure, copying or redistribution is prohibited without NEX’s prior written approval. If you receive this information in error, please immediately delete all copies of it and notify the sender. In no circumstances will NEX be liable for any indirect or direct loss, or consequential loss or damages including without limitation, loss of business or profits arising from the use of, any inability to use, or any inaccuracy in the Information. NEX and the NEX logo are trademarks of the NEX group. Certain NEX group companies are regulated by regulatory authorities. For further regulatory information, please see ©NEX Group plc 2017

  • ExEcutE EfficiEntly ACCESS LIQUIDITY

    NEX Markets supplies the electronic execution platforms that the professional trading community wants. Our prominence in electronic trading stems from our aptitude for anticipating new needs. Trusted for their stability, liquidity and market insights, our platforms and services are premier venues for an increasingly diverse mix of FX and fixed income products. We connect the financial community, including banks, asset managers, hedge funds and corporates globally. They come to NEX for efficient, agile trade execution.

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  • OptimiSE RESOuRcES Leading the transformation of market structure, NEX Optimisation offers a portfolio of cloud hosted services across the transaction lifecycle. Ranging from pre-execution credit checking to multilateral portfolio compression, our purpose is to simplify our clients’ work flow and help them optimise their resources. We are an integrated team of financial markets and pioneering financial technology specialists who operate in all asset classes, geographies and business sectors across the financial markets. We are dedicated to mitigating risk, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and streamlining increasingly complex processes for our clients. We offer the opportunity to optimise both regulatory and financial resources.

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    Euclid Opportunities invests in exceptional financial technology companies that are transforming markets. We partner with pioneers who are bringing new technologies, sciences, business models, and talent to capital markets technology. We are backed and fully supported by the NEX Group and operate with a global footprint.

    We know the market. We know technology. And most importantly, we know people. We grow companies with care, and for the long- term. We provide a platform for extraordinary growth.

    Euclid Opportunities

  • As well as financial institutions and large corporates, entrepreneurs use NEX to manage their biggest financial challenges. Whether choosing to offer equity or debt products, once admitted onto our stock exchange, small and medium- sized companies have easier access to investors. Admission is straightforward and we fully support the transition to a public market environment. For the small and the ambitious, NEX Exchange is more than a source of capital – we are the platform for growth. And for investors, NEX Exchange offers simple access to a diverse range of dynamic companies.



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