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  • School Council Elections All government schools in Victoria have a school council. They are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the directions for key aspects of the school. In doing this, a school council is able to directly influence the quality of education that the school provides for its students. We would like to acknowledge the contribution of members of School Council whose term now comes to an end.

    Stephen Roussac Fiona Taumoefolau

    Barney Ellis Dave Moar Lis McKay

    Mark Addison Michelle Baird Aimee Smith

    The nomination forms for Council sent out yesterday through COMPASS. Nominating to Council is a great way to be in-volved in our school, contribute to decision making and help to build school community. Nomination forms are also available from the Office.

    Learning Task released tomorrow During the first weeks of school, all students have been brushing up their skills and experience in writing re-counts. On Friday feedback will be released about your childs work in this area. Please check out the feedback on COMPASS tomorrow. Bunnings BBQCaptain needed Our school will be running the North Geelong Bunnnings BBQ on Sunday, March 17. We are looking for a captain for this event. The captain will co-ordinate purchase of foods and ros-ter for the day. Please contact Amanda Hay if you can help out as our activity captain. Coles Sports for Schools Start collecting vouchers from Coles Supermarkets. These vouchers will be used to top up our sports equip-ment to be used in classrooms and in the PE program. Collection bins are in the school office.

    Aberdeen St, Newtown, 3220 Ph: 52299730 Fax: 52216447

    Newtown P.S. Newsletter

    website: email: [email protected]

    Term 1, Issue 4Thursday, February 22, 2018

    As a team, we believe every individual will learn and flourish.

    Dates to Remember

    February 21, 22, 23 SLA Camp to Club Lorne

    Sunday, March 3 Working bee (details next week)

    March 5 Preps begin attending 5 days per week

    March 5, 6 Middle Camp to Anglesea

    Monday, March 12 Labour Day (public holiday)

    March 14 Bellarine and North Geelong Swimming Championships (see below)

    Saturday, March 17 Bunning's BBQ fundraiser (save the date)

    Tuesday, March 20 School Council @7pmAGM

    Thursday, March 29 Last day of Term 1 (2:30 dismissal)

  • 2018 Bellarine and North Geelong Swimming Championships Nominations are now called for the 2018 Bellarine and North Geelong Swimming Championships. The age is taken at 31/12/2018. Students in main stream schools must be born between 2005 and 2009 to be able to compete. Students turning 14 or will be younger than 9 on 31/12/2018 are not permitted to compete Please find information and nomination sheets at the school office. Nominations must be to Amanda Hay or Luis McClelland by Monday, February 26.

    Pre-loved Clothing$2 per item

    We currently have a large supply of items in pre-loved cloth-

    ing. Many items have been donated by families who have

    recently left the school.

    Nature Play Area

    At Environment Committee of School Council, we dis-

    cussed the construction of a nature Play area in our

    school yard.

    This would provide a space for students to engage with

    their environment through imaginative play.

    We would like to construct a fence similar to the one in

    the picture.

    Is anyone in the community able to help us to scope

    this project?

    Assembly @ 3:00pm

    Selected 3/4 students



    Bookings can be made on 0488 662 783

  • NPS sCOOL kids

    NPS sCOOL kids asks the probing questions of the stars of our community.

    Reporters first objectivecan we learn something new about our peers?


    Middle O

    Song that makes you dance:


    Favourite food: KFC.

    Superpower: Claws.

    Book of choice: War books.

    Sports team: The Bombers.

    My hero: Noely.

    Song that makes you dance: Wii


    Favourite food: Sushi.

    I love to read: The class roll.

    Superpower: Super fast.


    Middle O


    Middle O

    Nickname: Obi-Wan.

    Best thing about school:

    Using iPads.

    Superpower: Laser eyes.

    Sports team: Arsenal.

    A ? for Ms Hay: How long have you been at the school?


    Middle O

    Song that makes you dance: Friends (Justin Bieber).

    Superpower: Best at footy.

    Book of choice: David

    WarnerThe Big Game.

    A ? for Malcolm Turnbull: Hows the world going?


    Middle O

    My hero: Eden Hazard.

    Book of choice: Big Nate.

    Superpower: Historys great-

    est soccer star.

    Sports team: Chelsea FC.

    A ? for Ms Hay: Can we

    upgrade the oval?


    Middle O

    Nickname: Kiwi.

    My heroes: Nancy Wake and Steph Gil-more.

    Best thing about school:

    My friends.

    Book of choice: Harry Potter.

    Movie of choice: Harry Potter.


    Middle O

    Favourite food: Hot dog.

    Song that makes you dance: Thunder.

    Best thing about school:

    Using iPads.

    Movie of choice: Wonder.

    Chocolate or cheese: Both.


    Middle O

    Favourite food: Lasagne.

    Book of choice: Why dogs

    circle to lie down.

    Best thing about school: Art.

    Superpower: Super speed.

    Sports team: Western Bulldogs.

  • 2018 Newtown Primary School Calendar The 2017 Parent Ambassadors have created a 2018 Newtown Primary School Calendar. The calendar features art work by all of our students, including our 2018 Preps! It also features all important dates including term dates, camps, student free days, sporting events, working bees and many more. The calendar is in full colour and is also ideal for personal use. Copies can be purchased for $15 from the office. Orders placed last year have been sent home with stu-dents. Purchases can also be made through trybooking at $15 + a small booking fee per calendar Thanks Ambassadorsthis is a great innovation!

  • Prep S Harrison Z Prep C Olivia N Junior D - Luca R

    For being a superstar leaner and al-

    ways trying his best.

    For a fabulous start to the year

    showing confidence and independ-


    For his detailed and engaging


    Junior H/W Henry B Junior P Matthew C Middle A Lucie C


    For his outstanding start to the year,

    including his very clear column graph


    For being a fantastic leaner, listen-

    ing well to instructions and staying


    For showing respect and being a

    good role model.

    Middle O - Ally C Middle S - Gemma T Senior McK - Angus T

    For her outstanding application to all

    tasks. Keep up the great work Ally!

    For being a great class member and

    helping others with learning.

    For showing responsibility and

    patience in a time of need.

    Senior B Owen S Senior McC Alice B

    Each week we like

    to recognise

    students who have

    demonstrated our

    school value of


    For being a thoughtful classroom

    member. Well done.

    For her outstanding input into our

    class discussion on BTN today.

    Interesting and insightful!


  • The Fundraising Committee is seeking your help!

    Each year we rely on fundrais-

    ing activities to provide addi-

    tional resources for our school.

    This year we would like to

    Continue the upgrade of our


    Establish a nature play


    Revitalise our Prep Court-


    We are looking for community member to lead: our Bunnings BBQCaptain required! Major fundraiserWatch this space!! A family friendly event (such as an outdoor cine-

    ma or movie night) Please contact Amanda Hay if you are interested in

    any of these projects.

  • Parenting Programs

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