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<p>January, 2010</p> <p>Sand ScriptJohn W. Hallahan Catholic Girls High School Inside This issue:Page 2: Cardinals Christmas Party, Mummers Parade, and more Page 3: Book and movie reviewsThe Jingle Jam was a memorable dance in which everyone had fun celebrating the Christmas season together.</p> <p>Volume LXXIV</p> <p>Jingle Jam Celebrating the season By: Tiffany Cautilli 12 Snowflakes, chestnuts, and Mickey Mouse. There's only one thing that all of these have in common: Christmas at Hallahan! Hallahan celebrated the season early this year with the Jingle Jam. The dance was held on December 4, 2009. Students and their dates danced to the music in a gym that was covered from top to bottom with snowflakes. Popular songs were heard throughout the gym such as "The Cupid Shuffle" by Cupid, "I Gotta Feeling"</p> <p>NHS Induction Honoring our Scholars By: Lena Ma 10 What a joy it was for the juniors and seniors on November 20, 2009. Twelve students from the Class of 2011 and one from the Class of 2010 were proudly inducted into the prestigious organization, the National Honor Society. The students honored were Safiatou Dagnoko, Sara DeSimone, Isabella Fidanza, Madeline Luebbert, Sarah Meyers, Ashley Mosser, Katrina Murray, Jessica Panieczko, Gina Salvadore, Christine Sellers, Kristen Thomas, Toni Wagenhoffer, and Kimberly Sahms. They have all shown excellence in academics, service, leadership, and character. The rest of the classes of 2011 and 2010 were given the opportunity to support and show their gratitude towards their fellow classmates. Parents were also invited to attend the prestigious induction. The National Honor Society encourages people to improve themselves even more by being studious and reaching out to change the world.</p> <p>by Black Eyed Peas, "Fire Burnin'" by Sean Kingston, and more. The memorable night ended with tears during the senior song, "Remember Me This Way" by Jordan Hill. When asked what she thought of the dance, Terri Larizzo said, "It was a great time to get into the spirit of the holidays". "It was fun getting all dressed up with my friends", said Sara Sheedy.</p> <p>Universal Visitation Day Students enjoy beloved tradition By: Angela Robb 10Students pose for a picture at the Jingle Jam</p> <p>On Thursday, November 19, 2009 8th grade students from around the Archdiocese were excused from school for the day in order to visit Hallahan. While here, the 8th graders met their future classmates and toured the school on a fake 8th graders watch the Science Department presentation roster. They also walked ers 8th Grade around the gym during an Day was the activities fair and later participated in a deciding point that they wanted to start pep rally. For many, this was their first high school in September at Hallahan. experience at Hallahan, and for most othTheir day started as they shyly socialized</p> <p>in the school cafeteria with the other 8th game, gift prizes, and a special routine by graders. Then they were lead upstairs into Mrs. Gigante. their homerooms to play games and reAt dismissal the 8th graders said goodceive their roster for the day. Throughout bye to the new friends they made and exthe day the 8th graders and their Ambasited the building. Most seemed to be exsador leaders went around the school, citedly waiting to come back as a student visiting classrooms and participating in in September. mock classes and department presentations. The majority of 8th graders said their favorite class was the Science presentation, which involved Hallahan science teachers and Hallahan student assistants executing interesting and elaborate science experiments. After lunch the 8th grade students came into the gym for the activities fair. After a few more classes they were escorted back to homeroom and then into the gym for a pep rally which featured routines by the Hallahan cheerleaders and dance team. Dominique Brennan and Jonell Bright work the Sandscript table There was also a Hallahan trivia</p> <p>Student AmbassadorsBy: Angela Robb 10 The Hallahan Ambassadors, led by the Director of the Office of Institutional Advancement, Mrs. Dumin-Brosious, have been working hard all year to help spread the word about Hallahan. The Ambassadors have found success in the past couple of years, nearly doubling enrollment for the Sophomore and Freshmen classes by telling visitors about Hallahan and giving tours around the school. This year the Ambassadors have been working harder than ever to help 8th graders choose Hallahan as their high school. So far they have planned and participated in activities to promote Hallahan such as Freshmen Orientation, 8th Grade Day, Open House for Middle School students, Open House for students from Cardinal Dougherty, Cookies and Carols, and even a scholarship test. As the school year goes on the Ambassadors will participate in a 7th Grade Day as well as many other are needed and necessary to keep your events. school open for future generations of Everyone in this select group of young girls. students have given up valuable time Being an Ambassador is truly someafter thing school, special on that you weekshould ends, not pass and even up. If you on days are interoff to ested in help to becomkeep ing an HallaAmbashan sador thriving stop in with the Ofstudents. fice of It's not InstituStudent ambassadors assist the 8th grade visitors the volunteer tional hours or the amount of time they spend Advancement and sign up for an upwith friends that keeps the Hallahan coming event with Mrs. DuminAmbassadors returning to promote Brosious. You won't regret it! their school; its the feeling that you</p> <p>Door-decorating ContestBy: Shelley Leung 12 It was that time of the year when every Hallahan homeroom competed and decorated their homeroom doors. This years theme was Christmas around the world. Every homeroom did a great job decorating their door at with Christmas spirit. A special congratulation goes to Mrs. Sheetzs homeroom (C-3) for winning first place. Coming in second place was Mr. Gambones homeroom followed by Mrs. Laftys homeroom in third place. Student Council generously took the time to provide delicious baked goods for the winners as prizes.</p> <p> Become one today! Christmas around the world </p> <p>The CommunityThe Mummers Parade The beloved Philadelphia tradition continues By: Morgan Calvert 11The Mummers Parade is a tradition that can only be found in Philadelphia. This year marked the 110th anniversary of the parade. People that are not from Philadelphia may wonder who the Mummers are. They are groups, clubs and associations of men and women who march or strut up Broad St to welcome in the New Year. There are four divisions of Mummers: the Comics, Fancy Division, String Bands, and Fancy Brigades. Each division competes for first place and the bragging rights that come with it. From the choreographed dances to the costumes made with sequins and feathers each club works very hard and spends a lot of time getting ready for the big day. Many of the men and women in the parade have been Mummers for most of their lives. Bob Runowski, first year captain of Golden Crown Fancy Brigade has been a Mummer since 1986. His favorite part of being a mummer is the preparation during the month of December and the excitement of being on 2nd street New Year's morning. Runowski said, Its more than just a parade, its about commitment and camaraderie. Christi Anderson, Hallahan Class of 1999 is also a member of Golden Crown. This year was Christis 18th Mummers Parade. Christy likes everything about being a Mummer from the tradition, the creativity, the friendships and the feeling you get when you perform in front of the judges. This year Golden Crown placed fifth in the fancy brigades. The 2010 winning clubs include first place comics Murray, fancy division Hog Island and the popular South Philadelphia Vikings in the fancy brigades. Fralinger took top string band honors for theCourtesy of Morgan Calvert</p> <p>eighth straight year with their hillbilly theme Feudin, Fussin and a Fightin. This years spectacular show of music, make up and mummery is now over. But 2011 is less than a year away so it wont be long for the clubs to start preparing for the next parade .</p> <p>Cardinals Christmas PartyBy: Lena Ma 10 Who says Santa Claus does not exist? On December 17, 2009, children from all around came to celebrate the joy of Christmas at the Sheraton Hotel. Students from surrounding high schools were also invited to participate in this event by graciously volunteering to entertain the guests or play the role of Santas elves. Upon arrival, the children sat patiently in the lobby to await the arrival of the cardinal before beginning the celebration. Each group</p> <p>Texting While DrivingBy: Katrina Murray 11</p> <p> Aint no room for the reckless Delivering joy to deserving children - brought bags of presents were so happy that this that would soon be delivwas a Christmas that ered to the children. The they would never forget. students from Hallahan and Roman were each assigned a table to which they would deliver presents.. The faces of the children were filled with joy when they saw these presents that they could Cardinal Rigali talks to children at the party not sit still. They Source: The art of multitasking is once again denounced by the man, but this time with good cause. Texting while driving isnt multitasking at all, its just reckless. If you beg to differ, you might find yourself sitting on the side of the road with a cell phone in one hand and a hefty fine in the other. The bill to ban texting while driving in Pennsylvania won a unanimous vote in November. Philadelphia Police are now issuing $75 fines to distracted drivers who put themselves and others at risk on the road. Talking on the phone, texting, or any other dangerous ideas you may decide to try are all forbidden. "We hope that the citizens would abide by the law, says Mayor Michael Nutter in response to the new law. Rachel Smith, class of 2011, says, Its a good lawbut will it be effective? Good question, Racheland we shall see.</p> <p>Pro-Life DinnerBy: Lena Ma 10 One of the most amazing events of the a group called Live Action, a student group year took place on November 22, 2009 at that spreads the undignified message of the Sheraton Hotel: the Pro-life Dinner. abortion by showing live action films of This dinner brought together people what pregnant mothers do on a daily basis. throughout the community, not just to feast Lila Roses message was so strong and on the delectable cheesecake and sauted compelling that the audience applauded chicken with parmeevery san, but sento engage tence in meanthat ingful came conversaout of tions her with mouth. other She oppoalso nents of played abortion. a video Throughmade out the by evening, Live many Action speakers of how shared even Source: their opinions of on abordoctors convince women tion. Each one had amazing ideas to share to have abortions by giving them advice on and people not only listened, but they replaces to go and what to do. Every person joiced in them as well. present there that night all believe in the The guest speaker was Lila Rose, a 21same idea: babies are meant to be treated as year old student from UCLA who organized gifts, not useless objects.</p> <p>Chess TournamentBy: Lena Ma 10 On November 21, 2009, the members of John W. Hallahans Chess Club strolled over to the University of the Arts, in the freezing cold, for their chess competition against many others schools from the surand fifteen minutes. The members of Hallahan had competitors from all around that had had personal trainers and master teachers. Although the Hallahan girls did not win all of the rounds, they gave it their all and considering that it was their first actual tournament, they had the courage to show everyone their skills and that they were fearless. Congratulations Chess Club!!</p> <p> Support the unborn Checkmate and Youre Out! - -</p> <p>Polled by Tiffany Cautilli 12</p> <p>What is your favorite Holiday? Valentine's Day -Laura Fabey, 13rounding Philadelphia area. Arriving at about 8:30am, registrations were just taking place. All of the contestants were focused on their practice games before the bell rang at 10:00pm to initiate the first round. Each round was scheduled to last an hour to allow each pair sufficient amount of time to strategize their moves. Some games lasted as short as five minutes while others lasted as long as one hour</p> <p>Christmas -Karli Kronmiller, 12 Easter -Leanna Ashcom, 11 Halloween -Kimberly Sahms, 10</p> <p>Arts and EntertainmentTV Book and Movie ReviewsThe Twilight Saga Why it might not be for you By: Jonell Bright 11 If youre into the traditional I'm not the Superhero? What if vampire who sucks blood, I'm the bad guy? Or I was transforms into a bat, sleeps in unconditionally and irrevocably a coffin, and doesnt sparkle in love with him. and fall hopelessly in love, you To some it's unrealistic and might not be all that interested cheesy but to others ridicuin the Twilight Saga. Twilight lously romantic. So if you're is not of into movthe hories that ror genre have the like most same trite other ending as vampire all the movies, other as there romantic is little movies action do then and this is mostly the just romovie for mance. you. If There is the whole you like to feel clich of falling in love with surprised at the end and watch someone who probably isn't something unpredictable then I right for you or is the total op- would suggest going to see a posite of you, so you think that movie other than this. you complete each other. It's like watching a soap opera with cheesy lines such as What if</p> <p>WickedAn</p> <p>unforgettable theatrical experience --By: Angela Robb 10</p> <p>One of the most popular Broadway musicals of the decade, Wicked, entertained soldout crowds at the Academy of Music from January 6, 2010 - January 24, 2010 on one of the stops on its second national tour. The show follows the story of the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba, and her friendship with Glinda the Good Witch of the North. Throughout the show their friendship struggles to sur- phaba's reputation in Oz. vive their different personThe cast of this producalities, rivalry over the tion includes: Marcie Dodd same love interest, and El- (Elphaba), Helene York (Glinda), Marilyn Caskey (Madame Morrible), Don Amendolia (The Wizard), David De Vries (Dr Dillamond), Colin Donnell (Fiyero), Zach Hanna (Boq), Kristine Reese (Nessarose). As soon as I listened to the music and read the plot of this show I fell in love. When I finally saw the musical live it just made my appreciation for this show even stronger. Between the strong and talented cast, the touching music, the beautiful lighting, the elaborate staging, the gorgeous costumes, and everything else about the production, this show remains one of my favorite shows. The story is something we can all relate to put into the setting of a story that we...</p>