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NEWARK POST, NEWARK, DEL., NOVEMBER 3, 1920. 3 · PDF file 2017. 12. 12. · t NEWARK POST, NEWARK, DEL., NOVEMBER 3, 1920. 3 1 red cross school nurses the report tells of many...State

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    school nurses the reportred cross tells of many ... State Industrial School and also at

    PEACE ACTIVITIES the workho^e , Kecountmg the work of s>x county school nurses the repordt says: “The six county school nurses have visited 82 schools, given the preliminary ex­ amination to 4,931 school children, and made 763 home visits, resulting in a great number of children being taken for treatment by their parents to the family physician and dentist and also to hospital clinics.”

    The report shows the vast amount of work done for public health, thru lectures, in conferences and of the unusually interesting display made at the State Fair.

    says: “The Henry M. Ridgely, Dover; Dr. S.Lay- left is continuously occupied, ton Grier, Milford; secretary, Miss Emergencies call for rapid and Emily P. Bissell; treasurer, Henry M. Canby; executive committee, Henry F. Scott, Mrs. Joseph Bancroft, Miss Madeline M. Draper, Pierre S. duPont, Mrs. George W. Marshall, Mrs. Lewis Mustard, Mrs. Williard H. Porter,Mrs. Henry B. Thompson, Mrs. Pierre S. duPont, S. D. Townsend, Mrs. Hender­ son Weir and Mrs. Thomas W. Wil-

    the boiling point and to add the meal slowly, stirring constantly. The objection to this method is that there is considerable danger that the mush will become lumpy and oftentimes it is inconvenient to stand over a hot stove and stir the mixture sufficiently to make it smooth. A better method and one recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture is the following:

    Put the corn meal, cold water, and salt together in the top of a double boiler. No stirring is nec­ essary. Put the top of the double boiler into the lower part and al­ low the mush to heat slowly, cooking half an hour, or longer, if convenient. Many people cook it as long as four hours. Just be­ fore serving remove the top of the double boiler from the lower part and boil mush for two or three minutes. In boiling it at this time there is no danger that it will lump.


    Recipes for the use of corn meal that will be useful every­ where are not easy to make, for the meal used in various parts of the country differs considerably. In general the granular, which is used more commonly in the North, requires more water and longer cooking than the water-ground, which is used more generally in the South. This extra cooking is needed to soften the meal and re­ move the granular quality from which it gets its name, and must often be given to the meal before it is used in making bread, or such dishes as waffies or dough­ nuts.

    skilled actions, so that the right hand specializes in these, the left arm having the greater endurance. “The right arm is the dynamic, the left arm the static arm.” The

    äs ik Elects Officers and Prepares

    for Annual Membership DriveA left arm is also a reserve arm

    when the right has become ex­ hausted. It is very difficult to train the left hand and to execute rapid, complicated and delicate maneuvers, but it can sometimes readily reverse the movements

    BE TRAINED customary for the right hand, as in mirror writing. Hence it would

    , ... appear that to some extent the M^icale f°r A-Pnl 21, 1920, xxviii, education of the left hand should 24, if it is advisable that one make himself ambidextrous. Plato, Aris­ totle and Marcus Aurelius be­ lieved that the left hand is de­ frauded of its birthright by a cer- True ambidexterity wTould seem tain negligence and that it is a duty to restore its equality. Frank­ lin once wrote a whimsical “peti­ tion of the left hand to those who superintend the education of man.” The same view is held by many physiologists today.

    Nevertheless there is something to be said on the other side. It may be asserted that the work of the left hand that of the right, free hand and one to carry luggage or equipment, and hence the right is used for emergency while the

    it Jane Maxwell and Miss ElinorMi&n Harter, local delegates attended the al meeting of the Delaware Chap­ in the American Red Cross held on

    Friday at the Hotel duFont. Reports C the various departments showing

    the work that has been accomplished can:e, were read, and fol-

    annu ter o



    ve Régnault asks in La Pressesince peace lowing the business session there were

    by Dr. Livingston Farrand, of the American Red Cross


    addre chairman an(l c olonel Olds, who is the RedCross Commissioner for Europe.

    Down State delegates to the meet- to Wilmington this morning

    ses consist not of copying the activ­ ities of the right but of reversing them.

    Home Service Bureau What the bureau of home service

    and civilian relief, of which Miss Miss Madeline Draper is the director has done, was reported by Miss Sibyl M. Gordon, secretary of the bureau. The report in brief follows:

    “Since the opening of the home ser­ vice bureau in 1917, 3,110 service men and their families have come to us for aid.

    “There were 1,354 cases under our care the past year. Care of 450 dis­ abled soldiers. Of this number, all but 94 have had their claims for compen­ sation adjusted. Over 300 were exam­ ined and their claims, including affi­ davits mcessary, filed through the home service office.

    “With the exception of the county work we are planning to wind up the activities of this bureau on January 1. We believe that after that date the service rendered to the families could be handled by the Associated Chari­ ties, the information concerning al­ lotments, insurance, etc., can be prop­ erly cared for by the American Leg­ ion. As to the disabled soldiers, our

    ; biggest problem, we hope by January 1 to clear up all claims that have been entered to date and to urge men who have not yet filed claims to do so at once, as after January 1, we will only have one stenographer on duty to re­ fer cases to the proper agencies, and handle any left-over claims of the dis­ abled men.

    In order to produce a satisfac­ tory flavor it seems necessary that

    to imply teaching the left hand to | the mush should at some time execute individual movements en-

    ing came and were entertained at luncheon, be- jn„. j-eceived by various officers and heads of departments of the Delaware

    There were no speeches at

    reach the boiling point. The most common way of preparing mush is to allow the water to come to

    tirely distinct from those of the right so that the individual can perform two radically different tasks at the same time. Taylor, the American efficiency engineer, advocated the cooperative use of the two hands in a single task along strict efficiency lines, in that both hands could be busy at the same moment, and this ap­ pears to be the gist of ambidex­ terity in practice.—Medical Rec­ ord.

    Chapter, the luncheon.

    Henry P. Scott, chairman of the Executive Committee, referred to the late president of the Chapter General Charles Bird, stating the action taken by the local, State and national Red Cross bodies over his death.

    Henry N. Canby, treasurer, present­ ed his report of the finances of the

    Chapter. There were $97,196 receipts and ex­

    penditures of $42,084.46, leaving a balance of $55,111.54. There are 27,- 828 annual members, contributing 36, sustaining 8, life, 1, patron, 3.

    Methodist Episcopal Church is different from

    We need one SUNDAY MORNING AT 11 O’CLOCK

    To Sigma Nu Fraternity—


    A BAD MAN'S GOOD RESOLVE « '> >< (


    THE LOOKS OF CHRIST > >Program Week Beginning ( i §Many Knitted Articles Made. A report for the Women’s Bureau

    of which Mrs. William Hall Porter is chairman and Mrs. Henry P. Scott, vice-chairman was presented by Mrs Scott who has been in active charge of the work during the absence of

    Mrs. Porter.


    I Everybody WelcomeThursday, 4th— Harry Carey in “Bullet Proof,” a thrilling

    western drama and the 7th chapter of “Ruth of the Rockies.

    ty H-f t

    T- Have you a comfortable old chair or couch which ha*

    become shabby?

    Why not have it re-uphoUtered, aince the High Cost of Furniture

    persists ?

    Best workmanship assured and satisfaction guaranteed.

    After stating that the old city hall had been closed on January 15 this

    headquarters for the knit- Friday, 5th—

    year as a ting department the report added that the knitting was looked after very ably by Mrs. Donald S. Ashbrook and knitted articles such as sweaters, caps, shawls, stockings and mufflers have been distributed among the Italian Mission, Sunnybrook Farm, Sunshine Society, Associated Charities, Home

    The Revenge of Tarzan,” from the celebrated novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. A yacht is wrecked, and two men and a woman are cast up on the shore of Africa. Come and see what hun­ ger, fear and the blood-call of the primitive did to three worldly and polished children of civilization This is one of the big pictures of the season.


    I ■

    Judge George Gray was made presi­ dent of Delaware'Chapter at the busi­ ness meeting that followed the read­ ing of reports. Judge Gray has al­ ways taken a keen interest in what­ ever the Red Cross has done and has

    Service department, Coast guards an ajways ajded it in whatever way he residents of Dover, Camden-Wyoming, ; could/' S

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