New Year's Resolutions that stick

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  • You might want to cele-brate the New Year with avisit to site has an e-mail update ser-vice to keep you on track for yourNew Years resolutions all yearlong. They even have a list of res-olutions you can choose fromalong with links to webmd.comfor health topics. The two mostpopular resolutions on this site,according to their subscribers, areto exercise more and eat a betterdiet.

    These are two great ideas foryour health. However, you shouldhave specific goals written toachieve each one. Here are a fewsuggestions:

    3 ways to a better diet Resolve to eat more lowfat

    soups and salads during theweek. It is even better if youcan eat them before a meal!

    Learn about the DASH diet andadopt this as your eating plan.You are already on your wayfrom eating more soups and sal-ads. This diet has more fruitsand vegetables along with low-fat dairy products. Go and searchon DASH diet.

    Eat more meals made at home.Clean out your refrigerator andyour kitchen and make themmore efficient so you enjoycooking at home more often.

    3 fun ways for more exercise Trade TV hours for cleaning

    hours. Did you know that youcan burn between 176 and 317calories per hour by doing lightto heavy cleaning? By compari-son, if you are watching TV orsitting at the computer you willonly burn around 70 calories perhour. (These calculations are fora person who weighs around160 pounds.)

    Join a fun class that meets sev-eral times a week at a conve-nient time and place. Groupworkouts are an effective way tostay motivated and have fun.

    Sign up for a 5K run or funwalk. By committing to an ath-letic event, you will have thepressure of getting and stayingin shape. This is even more funif you can find some friends tojoin you. Search on active.comfor events in your area.

    For recipes and health links,

    Communicat ing Food for Health

    Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick

    Fun Quiz:

    1. To lose one pound, youhave to create a deficit of howmany calories?a) 500b) 2,500c) 3,500

    2. One way to eat fewer calo-ries is to increase your con-sumption of:a) cookies and candiesb) fruits and vegetablesc) fat and meat

    3. Which one is higher incalorie density: white flour orgranulated sugar?a) white flourb) granulated sugarc) they are about the same

    4. Will you burn more caloriesby walking a mile or runninga mile?a) running a mileb) walking a milec) they are about the same


    1. c it is best to do this

    with about 500 calories per

    day through careful eating

    and exercise

    2. b

    3. c they are about the

    same although sugar is

    slightly higher

    4. c


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