New Year’s Resolutions - Edmonton Catholic Schools Year’s Resolutions ... So this year I resolve to begin each day with a prayer; ... Our transportation system has an excellent

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  • JANUARY 2018 New Years Resolutions

    Lord, I know that New Years Resolutions rarely last, But I also know its good to make them. Sometimes one of them sticks; Sometimes one of them really makes it.

    So this year I resolve to begin each day with a prayer; Thank you Lord, for the gift of another day. This year I resolve: To taste what I eat, especially breakfast; To walk more than sit; To read more than watch TV; To let the small things slide and the big things be confronted; To be compassionate rather than competitive; To communicate more than quarrel; To get second opinions on my judgments; To live in the present moment enjoying one day at a time instead of being stuck in the past or hiding in the future; And to live up to at least one of these resolutions.

    Andrew Costello

    Administrators Message Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope that 2018 will be a year filled with many blessings and peace in our world. On behalf of the entire St. Lucy School staff, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the many Christmas cards and kind gifts we received prior to Christmas. Your praise and generosity were very much appreciated.

    January is a favorite time to make a list of all the changes that will make the New Year the best ever. We pledge to be more organized, eat healthy foods, exercise more and continue to learn and grow! Well at St. Lucy School, we will continue to do all that we can to nurture our great school community, one day at a time!

    Best wishes for you and your family in the New Year of 2018!

    Ms. S. Franzese (Principal) Mrs. H. Maas (Assistant Principal)

  • Chaplains Corner

    Student Faith Day On December 13, the feast day of our patron saint, St. Lucy School students took part in our second annual Student Faith Day which focused on our theme, We Are Happy Dreamers with Hearts to Love and Hands to Serve. The morning began with an opening liturgy which was led by our District Chaplain, Father Julian. One highlight of the morning was the unveiling of our newly

    commissioned artwork which features an updated image of St. Lucy which was paid for through the generosity of SAC. She now hangs outside our Holy Door, so please take a moment to visit her for a moment of prayer the next time that you are in the building!

    Next, the students participated in three cross-graded breakout sessions as described below:

    1. We Are the Bright Lights of St. Lucy School

    In this session students explored

    the life of our school's namesake,

    St. Lucy. Through her life,

    students considered how they

    could work to be a light to

    others. We symbolically lit our

    hallways with the creation of our

    own candles, sharing ideas of

    how we can be Jesus' hands on


  • 2. Inspiring Others Through Digital Media

    In this session, students used social media to make the world a better place and inspire others! In partners, the students created an Instagram template with a message about helping and serving others!

    3. Yoga Students worked alone and in partners to explore a variety of yoga poses. They left this session feeling refreshed with hearts to love and hands to serve.

  • We would like to extend a huge thanks to our district consultants who worked with our teachers to plan and develop the breakout sessions, as well as the St. Charles Parish who generously shared their gifts of time and talent in supporting our Faith Day.

    Collecting Used Christmas Cards We have been asked by St. Matthew Parish to collect used Christmas cards in the New Year, to assist their Childrens Liturgy Ministry. If you have used cards that you are willing to donate, please send them to the school office by January 19. Thank you!


    Each year, schools are responsible for assessing their growth and preparing a set of goals for the year that are guided by our Districts goals. Out plan will be presented to the School Council this month.

    Should you wish to read it, a copy will be posted on our website. CTBS TESTING

    This year, the grade 6 students will be writing the Canadian Test of Basic Skills,

    from January 8th 19th. All students in grade 6 throughout the Edmonton

    Catholic School District will be writing these standardized tests. C.T.B.S. tests

    assess student achievement in Reading, Science, and Mathematics. Since the

    results become part of their permanent record, it is important that students are in attendance for the



    On Thursday, January 18th our Grades 3 6 students will be participating in a Junior Achievement morning. The Junior Achievement Program allows students to experience and understand business, preparing them for leadership. They enable young people to gain financial responsibility, make confident decisions and become innovators.

    Gr. 3 Our Community: Needs, Jobs & Tools

    Students explore how their needs and wants are met through various jobs in the community, as well as learning about important tools used in various occupations. A hands-on exploration of the money circle links how jobs and tools meet our needs.

    Gr. 4 Our Country: Technology & Innovation

    Explains the impact technology and Canadian inventors have on business and societies around the world. Explores industrial changes due to technology and what might be in store for the future. Technology and Innovation engages elementary students in activities to define new ideas for business and society by learning about our technological past and present.

    Gr. 5 More Than Money This interactive program introduces the idea of money as a way to obtain needs and wants, managing money smartly, explores consumerism, and how to protect yourself financially. More Than Money also includes an introduction to entrepreneurship and business.

    Gr. 6 Our Business World

    Our Business World is an interactive, hands on program that encourages students to start thinking about the business world, by examining what a business is, how businesses affect our community, why businesses evolve, and self-reflection on traits and skills an entrepreneur should possess.


    The Grade 1 and 2 teachers at St. Lucy School would like to invite you to Literacy Night on Wednesday,

    January 31st from 6:00-7:00 pm. We will be sharing literacy games

    along with what home reading should look like. The goal of this evening

    is to share some ideas and suggestions for how you can support your

    childs literacy and reading at home. Child care will be available. The

    teachers will send home an invitation to the evening and we kindly ask

    that you let us know if you are able to attend so that we can plan for the

    child care staffing.


    On Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 all staff members will be involved in a district-wide Faith Development Day at the Shaw Conference Centre. There will be no instruction for students on that day.

  • This year, our theme is: Rooted in JesusHearts to Love, Hands to Serve. We are pleased to welcome Father Richard Leonard as our keynote speaker. We also welcome Bishop Gregory Bittman who will celebrate the Eucharistic Liturgy with us. Classes for students will resume on Wednesday, February 7th.


    As an annual check-up on the education system, the Accountability Pillar provides an opportunity for Alberta Education and school authorities to ensure that we are equipping students for success.

    The Accountability Pillar uses a set of 16 indicators. Data on these indicators consists of surveys of students, parents and teachers on various aspects of education quality, student outcomes such as dropout and high school completion rates, and provincial assessments of student learning.

    From January to the end of February, Alberta Education will be conducting the annual Accountability Pillar Survey.

    In January, parents of students in grades 4, 7 and 10 will receive a survey from Alberta Education.

    In February, students in grades 4, 7 and 10 and all teachers will be completing their surveys online at school.

    All surveys are anonymous and ask questions about experiences with your school. In addition to English and French, the parent survey is available in Chinese, Punjabi, Arabic, Blackfoot, Dene, Cree, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog and Urdu.

    Your participation in the survey helps provide important information on the quality of education your

    child is receiving, so we encourage you to return your survey promptly.

    Survey results will be available to school authorities in May 2018, and will be reported publicly as part of

    their 3-Year Education Plans and Annual Education Results Reports.

    St. Lucy Christmas Concert 2017

    Our students, under the direction Mrs. Delday, put on a memorable performance on December

    19th at St. Charles Parish. The musical selections performed were wonderful and enjoyed by all.

    Special thanks to our Mrs. Delday for her leadership, our students, and staff for a great


    As you know, School Council raffled off the front of seats as a fundraiser. We raised over $600 which

    will go towards repairing and replacing musical instruments. We were very appreciative of the help we

    received from parents and family members in making sure we left the parish neat and tidy, so that St.

    Charles Parish could be ready for the masses taking place the next morning.

    Early Registrati