New Year Resolutions for the Geography Teacher

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    New Year Resolutions for the GeographyTeacherPublished online: 07 Feb 2008.

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    According to this view the compiling of lists of niinimuni essentials in place geography. to quote an expression from your article abovc referred to, should have no place in school geogra- phy. This sort of work, like the details of industrial yroccsses, is not true geography. Ii we wish to continue to make geogr:iphy a catch-all for all sorts of information which we do not know where elsc to place, then it would he all right to encumber geog- raphy with such things. Hut until we recognize that geography is thc study of relations instead of the acquirement of mere facts it will never hold the honorahle place which it should in our schools.

    In th:. shprt space of this criticism I cannot go into ;in csposi- lion of niy reasons for believing that geography has a definite content and definite boundaries. A department of geography under rny direction has recently been added to the Western .lournciZ of Education and here I hope to work out m y lxirticular

    _ _ _ - ~ - ~ - XEW 1 EXH RESOLUTlOBS - Feb. 181 -__

    poirit of vicw. H. \\r. F4lRI::INICS, Supcrvisor Geogrupliy, Berkeley Schools, Gal. -~ d


    Since inost of the world is engaged in a great war to pre- vent wars, I will remind niyself cantinually tlitit, as a geography teacher, I havc much to do in furthering the cause for which inen are giving their lives : thereTorc, I will teach very earnestly the larger geographic truth that liunianity, with its coniiiion needs and coninioii interests, is really at one, and that the good of all is the good of each.

    I will remember that geography is a human study -it deals with real people who have :i real setting.

    I will strive to know as broadly as possible each people ;ihout whom I teach, so that I may he fair and honest in my rcp- rcsenta Lions concerning them.

    I will do everything in m y power, first, to develop the imagination of my pupils; second, to help them gain power to trace causal relationships from geographic facts.

    I will select with unusual care the geographic facts to be tauglif, renictiibering tlia t facts :ire stupid things until they are hrougli t into connection with sonic general hw.

    To enlarge my own geographic field, I will make at least one new regional study :a semester, that is, I will select one region about which I will center my reading for that time.

    I will review constantly my own place geography, and will a d d :i few names every W C C ~ to illy definite location group.

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