New Pre-release Available: GL Wand 5 & Budget Wand Wand+5+&¢  GL Wand 5* GL Wand 5 has taken the best
New Pre-release Available: GL Wand 5 & Budget Wand Wand+5+&¢  GL Wand 5* GL Wand 5 has taken the best

New Pre-release Available: GL Wand 5 & Budget Wand Wand+5+&¢  GL Wand 5* GL Wand 5 has taken the best

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Text of New Pre-release Available: GL Wand 5 & Budget Wand Wand+5+&¢  GL Wand 5* GL Wand 5...

  • Features of Version 5 • New zero client install • New calculation engine • New functions • New customizable drill layouts • New custom field definitions • New expand and explode • New wizards • New ribbon toolbar • Roaming user profiles • New Java-based platform

    Main Benefits for IT • No client install required • No client connection URLs • No client version upgrades • Reduce FSG/Report Manager skill dependency

    • Universal license key • Enhanced profile options • Insert own SQL to create custom fields on drill down

    Main Benefits for Users • Faster reporting • Faster drill downs • More refresh user control • More intuitive, less training required

    • Customer-definable drill fields

    GL Wand 5* GL Wand 5 has taken the best functional elements from its incredibly successful predecessor and wrapped them into a completely new Java- based framework. Designed exclusively for the strengths of an Oracle environment, GL Wand 5 is about ease of use, ease of deployment, flexibility, and speed of refresh and drill downs.

    GL Wand 5 empowers end users by offering a powerful Excel® frontend to their Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) data, but without the efforts of end- user software management. Users will launch GL Wand 5 from within their secure Oracle EBS environment and automatically gain access to the new GL Wand ribbon for Excel® 2007 to 2013. Users will immediately experience enhanced control over cell refreshes and should experience significant improvements in refresh rates, especially for refreshes from the new in-memory database cache.

    Drill down functionality has been completely redeveloped so users should experience significant gains in drill performance, especially on Balance and Journal drill downs encompassing thousands of rows. Customizing drill layouts has never been easier and drill layouts can now include graphs and formula as well as custom fields. Custom fields can be added to drill layouts by having an administrator configure the required custom field definition.

    Roaming users will notice their personalized application settings follow the logon they use and not the PC, thereby further increasing productivity of today’s mobile workforce.

    First time users will be met with new, intuitive Wizards to help create Get Balance formula and advanced users will appreciate the Wizard access to configure advanced functions, like fetching balances for specific Account Combinations or applying Descriptive Flexfield Criteria to a Get Balance function, which is far easier than ever before possible in GL Wand.

    Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003 - 2010

    New Pre-release Available: GL Wand 5 & Budget Wand 5

    Summary of Product Cha


  • Excel4apps is a best-in-class provider of Excel-based reporting, inquiry, and budget-loading software for Oracle and SAP. Designed for finance professionals, its award-winning GL Wand, Reports Wand, and Budget Wand, products easily and securely deliver real-time ERP data using Microsoft Excel® to save reporting time and effort. Excel4apps serves over 12,000 Oracle and SAP users worldwide, with offices in Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and South Africa.

    More Features in GL Wand 5

    User Interface Improvements • All lists of values now feature a filter

    function to assist with finding values and can be sorted by any column.

    More Reports in Report Wizard • To get users started with GL Wand,

    additional example reports are now available such as Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports.

    Reports Distribution Manager (RDM) • Formerly known as Report Manager,

    RDM features additional flexibility and is now available as a separate product. Reports can now be automatically emailed eliminating the need for users to click “send” in Microsoft Outlook. You can also now choose email addresses from your Outlook contact list.

    Use Excel During Calculations • Now you can continue using Excel

    while the GL Wand calculation runs. You can even minimize the calculation window so that it is out of your way.

    GL Wand 5 Continued

    IT Departments will be able to complete a rapid installation on their existing Oracle Application server themselves and then share that application with authorized users via a simple Oracle Responsibility.

    Mass deployment of the GL Wand functionality to remote user locations is now easy. IT managers will no longer have to be concerned over version discrepancies or rolling out updates as the central Java app will automatically ensure compatibility with each logon.

    System Administrator Options

    • All options and settings related to all the products are now managed direct from the Excel based user interface including assigning products to users.

    • The Excel4apps Wands administrator does not need to be an Oracle System Administrator. There is no longer a requirement to maintain any settings in Oracle profile options.

    • Permission to maintain these options can be assigned to one or more user accounts, and these users do not need to be users of any of the products, thus saving on a user license.

    • The Excel4apps Wands license key is also maintained in this same user interface and there is now just one license key for all your licensed Oracle instances.

    • There are a number of options that can be defaulted by the Excel4apps Wands administrator and they can optionally be locked so that users cannot override the defaults set centrally.

    • The special delimiter characters used in the product can now be customised to work around a situation where the default delimiters clash with characters used in your segment values.

    New Function Wizard Dialogs

    • Easy to use wizards to create any of the functions • Provides lists of values for all parameters and allows linking the

    parameter to an Excel cell. • Edit an existing function using the wizards • Advanced functionality like the DFF and account combinations

    options for the Get Balance function can also be created in the wizard making these advanced features easier to learn and use.

    Budget Wand The budget upload process is now more streamlined and faster. You can optionally create the required account combinations during the load process rather than needing to ensure that they exist before hand.

    *Pre-Release currently excludes Reports Wand. © 2013 Excel4apps. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.