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New Page Books currently available titles featuring Mind, Body, Spirit, New Age, Paranormal, Ghost, UFO, Ancient Mysteries, and Wiccan books.

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Top Seller

The Ark, The Shroud, and Mary Discovering the Mysteries The Untold Truths About the Relics of Ancient Americaof the Bible Philip Gardiner 6 x 9, paper, 320 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-924-4 $17.99 (Can. $22.50) Photos Throughout Lost History and Legends, Unearthed and Explored Frank Joseph, Zechariah Sitchin, David Hatcher Childress, Andrew Collins, et al 6 x 9, paper, 288 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-842-1 $15.99 (Can. $21.95) Photos Throughout

Gateways to the OtherworldThe Secrets Beyond the Final Journey, from the Egyptian Underworld to the Gates in the Sky Philip Gardiner 7 x 10, paper, 264 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-925-1 $17.99 (Can. $20.50) Photos Throughout

Gnosis: The Secret of Solomons Temple RevealedPhilip Gardiner 6 x 9, paper, 320 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-909-1 $17.99 (Can. $22.95) Photos Throughout

Hidden HistoryLost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge, and Ancient Mysteries Brian Haughton 7 x 10, paper, 272 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-897-1 $17.99 (Can. $22.95) Photos Throughout


Top Seller

Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms Opening the Ark of Sunken Continents, Vanished Cities, and the the CovenantKingdoms that History Misplaced Dr. Bob Curran 6 x 9, paper, 272 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-958-9 $15.99 (Can. $17.95) Illustrated by Ian Daniels The Secret Power of the Ancients, The Knights Templar Connection, and the Search for the Holy Grail Frank Joseph and Laura Beaudoin 7 x 10, paper, 288 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-903-9 $17.99 (Can. $22.95) Photos Throughout

The Star of the MagiThe Mystery That Heralded the Coming of Christ Courtney Roberts 6 x 9, paper, 224 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-962-6 $14.99 (Can. $17.95) Images Throughout

Unearthing Ancient AmericaThe Lost Sagas of Conquerors, Castaways, and Scoundrels Frank Joseph 6 x 9, paper, 288 pp. EAN 978-1-60163-031-5 $15.99 (Can. $18.95) Photos Throughout

50 Battles That Changed the WorldWilliam Weir 7 x 10, paper, 320 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-746-2 $17.99 (Can. $24.95)

50 Military Leaders Who Changed the WorldWilliam Weir 7 x 10, hardcover, 264 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-866-7 $24.99 (Can. $32.50)

50 Weapons That Changed WarfareWilliam Weir 7 x 10, hardcover, 264 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-756-1 $24.99 (Can. $36.95)

The Bond CodeThe Dark World of Ian Fleming and James Bond Philip Gardiner 6 x 9, paper, 256 pp. EAN 978-1-60163-004-9 $16.99 (Can. $19.50) Photos Throughout

The First AmericanThe Suppresssed Story of the People Who Discovered the New World Christopher Hardaker 6 x 9, hardcover, 320 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-942-8 $24.99 (Can. $31.50) Photos Throughout

Knights Templar EncyclopediaThe Essential Guide to the People, Places, Events, and Symbols of the Order of the Temple Karen Ralls, Ph.D. 6 x 9, paper, 304 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-926-8 $19.99 (Can. $24.95) Photos Throughout

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Top Seller

PSI SpiesThe True Story of Americas Psychic Warfare Program Jim Marrs 5 14 x 8 14, paper, 320 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-960-2 $15.99 (Can. $19.50)

The Psychic Life of Abraham LincolnSusan B. Martinez 5 38 x 8 58, paper, 288 pp. EAN 978-1-60163-070-4 $16.99 (Can. $19.95) HC: EAN 978-1-56414-966-4 $24.99 (Can. $29.95)

,Secret Societies: Gardinerss Forbidden Knowledge



The Templar Papers


Ancient Mysteries, Secret Societies, Revelations About the Freemasons, Templars, and the Holy Grail Oddvar Olsen, Lynn Picknett, Illuminati, Nazis, and The Serpent Cults Robert Lomas, Karen Ralls, et al Philip Gardiner 6 x 9, paper, 256 pp. 6 x 9, paper, 256 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-863-6 EAN 978-1-56414-923-7 $15.99 (Can. $21.95) $14.99 (Can. $18.95) Photos Throughout Photos Throughout

The United Symbolism of AmericaDeciphering Hidden Meanings in Americas Most Familiar Art, Architecture, and Logos Robert Hieronimus with Laura Cortner 6 x 9, paper, 320 pp. EAN 978-1-60163-001-8 $17.99 (Can. $19.50) Photos Throughout



Top Seller

Dark MattersUnifying Matter, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Universal Grid Dr. Percy Seymour 6 x 9, paper, 224 pp. EAN 978-1-60163-006-3 $15.99 (Can. $17.95)

The Intelligent UniverseAI, ET, and the Emerging Mind of the Cosmos James Gardner Foreword by Ray Kurzweil 7 x 10, hardcover, 272 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-919-0 $25.99 (Can. $32.95) 8-Page Color Insert

PSIenceHow New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena Marie D. Jones 6 x 9, paper, 256 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-895-7 $15.99 (Can. $20.50) Photos Throughout

[Seymours work] will provide a new theory of solar activity...and a new [understanding of] the way magnetic fields affect human life.Dava Sobel, best-selling author of Longitude and Galileos Daughter

If you enjoy engaging with big what if questions, then youll no doubt get a kick out of The Intelligent

It is rare to discover a book that dares to bridge the gap between physics and the paranormal. However, in PSIence, the author does just that.Mysteries Magazine

Top Seller

The Unknown UniverseThe Origin of the Universe, Quantum Gravity, Wormholes, and Other Things Science Still Cant Explain Richard Hammond, Ph.D. 5 14 x 8 14, hardcover, 272 pp. EAN 978-1-60163-003-2 $21.99 (Can. $24.95) Photos Throughout

The Upright ApeA New Origin of the Species Dr. Aaron G. Filler Foreword by David Pilbeam 6 x 9, paper, 288 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-933-6 $24.99 (Can. $31.50) Photos Throughout

The Way of the ExplorerREVISED EDITION

An Apollo Astronauts Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds Dr. Edgar Mitchell 6 x 9, paper w/French Flaps, 288 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-977-0 $16.99 (Can. $18.95)

The Unknown Universe describes how physicists view the creation of our universe, when space and time itself came into being, and how stars formed and exploded, seeding the universe with new stars and galaxies, including our own solar system. This book also explores some of sciences newest theories and their implications, such as string theory, which suggests a seemingly bizarre world of 10 dimensions yet may explain quantum gravity.

A neurosurgeon and evolutionary scholar presents a bold new theory on the early origins of the hominid form (human-like) primates. Thought-provoking and bold.Kirkus Reviews

Edgar Mitchell is one of those rarest of scientistsa true explorer. His journey into outer space has been matched by a lifelong journey into inner space, where he investigated the final frontier, the nature of mind, and returned with nothing less than an extraordinary new science of life.Lynne McTaggart, best-selling author of The Field and The Intention Experiment




Top Seller

Top Seller

Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO ExperienceThe True Story of the Worlds First Documented Alien Abduction Stanton T. Friedman, MSc., and Kathleen Marden 6 x 9, paper, 320 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-971-8 $16.99 (Can. $21.95) Photos Throughout

Encyclopedia of the UndeadA Field Guide to the Creatures That Cannot Rest in Peace Dr. Bob Curran 7 x 10, paper, 312 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-841-4 $18.99 (Can. $25.95) Illustrated by Ian Daniels

Flying Saucers and ScienceA Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs: Interstellar Travel, Crashes, and Government Cover-Ups Stanton T. Friedman, MSc. 6 x 9, paper, 320 pp. EAN 978-1-60163-011-7 $16.99 (Can. $19.50) Photos Throughout

GhosthuntersOn the Trail of Mediums, Dowsers, Spirit Seekers, and Other Investigators of Americas Paranormal World John Kachuba 6 x 9, paper, 256 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-937-4 $15.99 (Can. $19.95) Photos Throughout

The Ghost FilesParanormal Encounters, Discussions, and Research From the Vaults of Jeff Belanger 5 14 x 8 14, paper, 224 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-974-9 $13.99 (Can. $16.95) Photos Throughout

Ghosts of WarRestless Spirits of Soldiers, Spies, and Saboteurs Jeff Belanger 6 x 9, paper, 240 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-889-6 $14.99 (Can. $18.95) Photos Throughout

Haunted Spaces, Sacred PlacesA Field Guide to Stone Circles, Crop Circles, Ancient Tombs, and Supernatural Landscapes Brian Haughton 6 x 9, paper, 256 pp. EAN 978-1-60163-000-1 $15.99 (Can. $17.95) Photos Throughout

Lore of the GhostThe Origins of the Most Famous Ghost Stories Throughout the World Brian Haughton 6 x 9, paper, 192 pp. EAN 978-1-60163-024-7 $14.99 (Can. $17.50) Images Throughout

Memoirs of a Monster HunterA Five-Year Journey In Search of the Unknown Nick Redfern 5 14 x 8 14, paper, 256 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-976-3 $14.99 (Can. $17.95) Photos Throughout

Our Haunted LivesTrue Life Ghost Encounters Jeff Belanger 6 x 9, paper, 224 pp EAN 978-1-56414-856-8 $14.99 (Can. $19.50) Photos Throughout

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Top Seller

Top Seller

,The Worlds Most Haunted PlacesFrom The Secret Files of Jeff Belanger 6 x 9, paper, 256 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-764-6 $15.99 (Can. $23.95) Photos Throughout



Pet GhostsAnimal Encounters From Beyond the Grave Joshua P. Warren 5 14 x 8 14, paper, 256 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-888-9 $14.99 (Can. $19.50) Photos Throughout

The Roswell LegacyThe Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site Jesse Marcel, Jr. and Linda Marcel 6 x 9, paper, 192 pp. EAN 978-1-60163-026-1 $14.99 (Can. $17.50) Photos Throughout

VampiresA Field Guide to the Creatures That Stalk the Night Dr. Bob Curran 6 x 9, paper, 224 pp. EAN 978-1-56414-807-0 $14.99 (Can. $20.50) Illustrated by Ian Daniels

Witness to RoswellUnmasking the Governments Biggest Cover-Up