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New Import/Export Features in Maximo 7.5 Feb 15, ... New Import/Export Features in Maximo 7.5 Feb 15, 2013 •New Features Overview •Business Benefits •Pros and Cons •Application

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Text of New Import/Export Features in Maximo 7.5 Feb 15, ... New Import/Export Features in Maximo 7.5 Feb...

  • value focused. results driven.

    By Paul Hoang

    Feb 15, 2013 New Import/Export Features in Maximo 7.5

  • • New Features Overview

    • Business Benefits

    • Pros and Cons

    • Application Import/Export

    • Migration Collection

    • Deployment Management

    • Demonstration

    • Questions


  • Compatibility

    Value Replacement / Error Correction

    Application Import / Export 1

    Migration Collection 2

    Usability 3

    Deployment Management 3

    New Features Overview

  • Quicker data entry 1

    More efficient assembly of components 2

    More streamlined deployment 3

    Business Benefits

  • Pros and Cons Pros Cons

    Application Import / Export Quick for large # of data Security concern Operator knowledge

    Migration Collection / Comparison

    Faster, easier to gather components Need management for higher volume Simple way to identify changes Time and resource consuming

    Replacement / Error Correction Quick fix Additional traceability Need to turn off after use Limited to SET

    Usability Fewer steps More traceability Enhanced obj. structure

  • • Uses Integration Framework to directly import or export data from application (such as Assets, Job Plan, Work Order, etc.)

    • Format: Flat File, XML

    Application Import/Export

    Example: Source (multilingual)  Target (unilingual)

  • • Object Structure (e.g. MXAssets) – Check “Support Flat Structure” if use flat file

    – Select Action > Add/Modify Application Export (or Import)

    • Add application(s)

    • Set XML or Flat File

    • Set number of rows (high number decreases system performance)

    • Security Group – grant access to: – Application Import and Export

    Application Import/Export setup

  • Application Import/Export setup – con’t

  • Grant Access in Security Group

  • Application Usage

    Property Name Description Current Value Memory threshold in percentage for preview operation to stop


  • Migration Collections

    • Collection = configuration or group of configurations

    – E.g. workflow processes, escalation, domain, pm

    • Collection Application

    – Similar to Application Import/Export

    – Manually select records from the application instead of using “Where Clause” on the MM Group.

    – Collection can be built within Collection Application or within the actual application itself.

  • Collection Process

    Migration Collection







    S o

    u rc


    Migrated Collection

    T a rg

    e t





    Rule .zip file

  • Adding Collection Function to Application

  • Application Adds Collection icon • Available on both List tab and inside the record

    – If use on List tab then all display records will be added to the collection

  • Import collection objects

  • Find other related objects

    Property Name Description Current Value Maximum number of levels searched to find related records.


  • Select related objects for inclusion • Need user intervention

  • Bring related objects into Collections

  • Use Collections  MM for large sets

    • Select Action > Create Page Definition

    • Go to Migration Manager, then go through MM route

    – Approve migration package, Create, Distribute, Download.

    – Deploy on Target

  • Replacement Rule during import

    • Limited rule available (currently SET)

    • Apply to all import until turn off

  • Replacement Attribute/Condition

  • Edit error data on the fly

  • Compare Current Migration package

  • Import package from different source

    • As long as same base level

    • No longer need matching:

    – DB (Oracle, SQL, DB2)

    – Maximo Package (e.g. Oil & Gas, Linear Asset, etc.)

    – Patch

  • Warning message when deploy

  • Usability Enhancement

    • Can set status=APPR at package creation

    • Snapshot package no longer need activation

    • New object structures:

    – DMMaxObjectCfg support different target db

    – DMQuery

    – DMInteraction, DMWSRegistry to support web service migration

    – DMScript and DMLaunchPoint

  • Maximo Properties Property Name Description Current Value Migration Manager Auto Approval of Package Definitions.

    0 Maximum number of levels searched to find related records.

    5 Specify source object, attribute and value combinations that should be not be traversed from. Specify target object and attribute combinations that should not be traversed to during validation.


  • Let me show you… Demo

  • Question


    If you have any questions regarding the content of this webcast, or for additional information contact the presenter, Paul Hoang at:

    Email: [email protected] Phone: +1-403-890-0195

    Thank you for attending our webcast.

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  • value focused. results driven.

    Thank You!

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