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WhoisNewHolland? New Holland is our customers, the people who rely on our equipment for their livelihood or their lifestyle. New Holland is our dealers, who partner with us to provide customers with outstanding service and sales support. New Holland is our employees who, whether in the field, office, manufacturing or engineering, work hard to provide products and services designed to meet our dealers and customers needs. The New Holland brand is rich with a strong history of leadership and a legacy of innovation. We are a team of dedicated individuals who work together to ensure customer support and satisfaction. The strength of New Holland is based on our relationships. and, with over 100 years of experience, we continue to strive for excellence. We are looking for dealer partners who are interested in cultivating New Holland centers of excellence. We are interested in prospects with the business experience and ability to develop and pursue a plan that ensures continued growth and success for the New Holland brand.

Why become part of the New Holland team?

Expansiveproductlineservingabroad customerbase Strongbrandrecognitionandleadership withexcellentmarket-growthpotential Cutting-edgewholegoodsandparts distributionnetwork Financialservicethatoffersflexible financeoptions Soundteamworkethicsand goodbusinesssense Abilitytomeetfinancialrequirements, andacquireafacility Strongcommunicationand interpersonalskills Thedesiretobringqualitytothe lifeofourcustomers

Do you have what it takes?

Were making a commitment to keep growing with the market, so in the next couple of years, well be ready to open another store. New Holland has always been a good company to work with, very supportive and willing to listen. We plan on expanding with them in the future. Ag Industrial, Rising Sun, MD

PRODUCTSNEW HOLLANDis a world leader in agricultural, utility and construction equipment with an

innovative and diverse

product line, including a full line of tractors as well as hay and forage, harvesting, crop production and material handling equipment.

TRACTORSBoomer Tractors20-60 engine hpFrom 20-horsepower sub-compacts up to 60-horsepower utility tractors, all Boomer tractors offer superior comfort, visibility and maneuverability to make short work of the chores your customers want to do - from mowing to loading, hauling, snowplowing and tilling. Best-in-class visibility with sloped hood design and curved boom loader Exclusive SuperSteer axle for super tight turns and Sensitrack that automatically engages and disengages 4WD when needed SuperSuite cab features a high visibility roof panel allowing operators to view full range of loader motion

Lean and Mean Series Utility Tractors

25 - 62 PTO hp

New Hollands Lean and Mean Series tractors are perfect for tractor users looking for reliability as well as simplicity at a solid value price. Tractors with more capability, horsepower and iron than many competitors No-frills simplicity design Ideal for a variety of applications including loader work, mowing, baling and blade work

Specialty Tractors 62-88 PTO hpNew Holland specialty tractors are designed for the unique needs of orchard, vineyard and vegetable growers. High-clearance tractors for vegetable crops without concern for crop damage Crawler tractors provide traction and low ground pressure to work in areas where soil compaction is a problem Orchard and vineyard tractors with sleek design to work in tight rows and close quarters

Mid-Range Tractors 62 195 PTO hpNew Holland offers the broadest product offering of mid-range tractors in the industry with models to t any job. They deliver outstanding power, performance and fuel economy for municipalities, dairy, livestock and row crop producers. Best-in-class maneuverability with tight-turning SuperSteer front-axle option Outstanding chore tractors, with heavier, stronger frames than most competitive utility tractors A wide selection of transmissions and front axle options to meet customer needs Best-in-class cabs that offer a command center and precision like no other

We do business with a lot of different types of folks. With New Holland, we can offer our customers an awfully good product and a wide-spread offering Old Stone Tractor, Anderson, SC



High-HP Tractors

up to 535 hp

New Hollands high horsepower tractors boast best-in-class performance in pulling power, hydraulic capacity and comfort. They provide innovative performance features that maximize productivity and control in row-crop and other operations. Impressive hydraulic ow and lift capacity for high-demand implements Custom Headland Management system can memorize and replay up to 30 adjustments with the push of a button to simplify headland turns The tight-turning SuperSteer axle or selfleveling TerraGlide suspended axle available as options IntelliSteer precision auto-steering capability for near perfect rows Six-cylinder engines offer exceptional power and torque rise as well as emissions compliance Best-in-class cab visibility and cap space

New Holland has equipment that covers a lot of areas. In the tractor line, we have tractors for the rural homeowner to the big time row- crop farmer with thousands of acres. On the skid-steer loader side, we have a good skid steer for the ag market, for the landscaping guy and the home builder.

Old Stone Tractor, Anderson, SC

Bidirectional Tractor 105 PTO hpAvailable exclusively from New Holland, the Bidirectional tractor is the most versatile tractor on the market

Can be operated cab-end or engine-end rst to get the best combination of visibility, traction and weight balance Exclusive Turnabout console rotates the seat and primary controls 180 degrees so the operator always faces the work Depending on the application, the tractor can push and pull implements simultaneously The loader attaches quickly on the cab end of the tractor, improving maneuverablility when working in tight barnyards, and providing more reach than traditional loader

UTILITY VEHICLESRustler Utility Vehicles 14-23 hpHard at work or hard at play, theres no stopping a Rustler utility vehicle. Rustlers combine rugged construction and gritty performance with a smooth ride. Industry-leading two-year warranty Two and four-passenger models; gas or diesel engines Customize with wide assortment of options and attachments Independent rear suspension for a smooth rideN E W H O L L A N D A G R I C U LT U R E 7

Best-in-class ground clearance for easy travel over rough, uneven terrain Durable rustproof frame made of aircraft grade aluminum


Roll-Belt Round BalersThe industry leader in cut hay technology, New Holland offers eleven distinct Roll-Belt round baler models that produce uniform, dense bales in any crop or condition. Innovations that shaped well over 200,000 New Holland balers since 1974 No hassle wrapping with twine or net Three pick-up designs including the industrys widest pick-up Silage Special models bale crops with 65% moisture for ideal silage bales

Square BalersNew Holland balers make consistent bales that stand up easily to handling and transport.Large Square Balers Since 1980, more than 15,000 efcient and reliable large square balers have been produced Versatile balers make short work of large acreages with exclusive SuperSweep pick-ups and curved tines to take in all the crop New Holland density management ensures each bale is made exactly the way you want it Proven double knotter for dense bales that stay tied

Small Square Balers 70-year heritage of more than 700,000 small square balers, beginning with the rst successful automatic baler in 1940 Exclusive rotary feeding system provides the highest capacity of any small baler Commercial small square baler forms bales ideal for handling by automatic-stack wagons

Automatic Bale WagonsFor over 40 years, New Holland bale wagons have transformed the back-breaking labor of moving and stacking bales into a job thats almost effortless. Self-propelled and pull-type models Mil-Stak big bale handling attachment available for moving large square bales ISO-mouted cab offers a quiet work environment and reduces operator fatigue

Speedrower Self-Propelled Windrower

126 226 hp

No matter what the cropalfalfa, grass, small grains, canola, barley, lentils or peasSpeedrower self-propelled windrowers deliver capacity that cant be matched. Exclusive cab and chassis suspension design for best operator ride and comfort Wide, roomy operator cab provides excellent visibility to the header, and to the rear of the machine Choice of heads to match customers requirements including sickle, draper, and MowMax disc heads Routine service and maintenance is performed at ground level with easy changeover between heads

Discbine & Haybine Mower-ConditionersNew Holland offers an extensive line of mower-conditioners ranging from a narrow nine-foot cutting width for outstanding maneuverability in smaller elds to 15-1/2 feet to knock down acres fast. MowMax true modular disc cutterbar with the ShockPro protection system and three-year warranty Extra-fast knife speed slices smoothly through thick crops Premium cutting quality with gentle chevron intermeshing rubber rolls or ail conditioner for thorough conditioning and fast dry down Advanced header otation hugs the ground moving up and back to protect valuable crop stubble

Disc Mowers Designed to breeze through the toughest conditions with non-stop, trouble-free cutting Cuts a smooth, fast swath through open elds and makes quick work out of mowing around ponds, buildings and lanes



MATERIAL HANDLINGSpreadersNew Holland spreaders are built for high-volume spreading, heavy loads and years of performance.HydraBox Hydraulic-Push Spreaders Heavy-duty vertical beaters provide up to a 30 wide spread A unique patent-pending beater design for a more uniform spread pattern Hydraulic-push unloading allows a broad range of application rates DuraTank Side-Delivery Spreaders Heavy-duty overshot paddle expeller provides a uniform controlled spread pattern Offset 40/60 tandem axle reduces spindle stresses and tire wear Gusseted side supports and heavy-duty spindles can haul the heaviest loads Box Spreaders New Holland box spreaders known as strong boxes are engineered to produce an even spread pattern and are built to last These top sellers have the toughest oors and sides of any spreaders available

Super Boom Skid-Steer Loaders & Compact Track LoadersNew Holland Super Boom skid steer loaders and compact track loaders beat the competition with superior visibility, more lift capacity, better stability, better durability and better dump height and reach. Super Boom vertical lift linkage loader arm lifts up and out Roomy cab with excellent visibility Wide range of attachments to tackle any job Deluxe cab enclosure available for comfort in all weather conditions

Telehandler 20 32 lift height 7,250 - 8,800 lbs. lift capacity Moves massive amounts of material fast: it loads, stacks, scoops and digs Wide variety of attachments Provides plenty of traction in slippery conditions with full-time four-wheel drive and four large tires Maneuverability can be matched to any application with a choice of three steering modes: front-wheel steer, circle steer and crab steer

When it comes to rugged, high-capacity forage harvesters, no one builds them like New Holland. Thats why New Holland offers Americas best-selling forage line with industry-leading levels of power, capacity, and comfort.


425 824 hp

Widest cutterhead and feedrolls provide the industrys highest capacity and best chop quality Exclusive Variow system achieves the strongest bowing force in any crop condition, avoiding blockages and plugging Largest cab in the industry provides a panoramic view and premium operator comfort Advanced Metaloc metal detection protects the machine and locates metal for quick removal from the crop Heads to suit any crop or condition: windrow pick-up, 6-12 row corn, direct cut hay, 1-2 row coppice tree headers


150-300 hp

Exclusive ip-up feedrolls provide full access to components for easy servicing Toughest cutterhead in the industry with standard 12 knife cutterhead on all models Metalert III metal detector protects machine from damage and keeps metal out of feed Hay heads from 7-9 and 2-3 row corn heads




322 - 591 hp

Impressive grain quality and harvesting capacity are the hallmarks of New Holland combines. Twin Rotor and Super-Conventional combines Best-in-class Harvest Suite cab with a choice of state-of-the-art IntelliView displays Wide range of heads from pick-up heads to chopping corn heads Highest quality grain sample with grain-on-grain threshing of the Twin Rotor combine Two rotors deliver higher centrifugal force than competitive-brand combines for the highest capacity threshing systems in the industry

Precision Land ManagementPrecision farming and guidance systems for extremely accurate application of seed and materials. EZ-Steer Assisted Steering System uses guidance information from the EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar for handsfree steering IntelliSteer auto-steering system is an integral part of the tractors steering system and uses global positioning technology to maintain arrow straight rows and return to those same rows for operations later in the season

Guardian Self-Propelled Sprayers

240-365 hp

With the exceptional productivity of Guardian sprayers, producers can get into their elds just about any time during the growing season to protect their investment and prot for the year. Front-boom models with four-wheel hydrostatic drive Rear-boom models with two-wheel mechanical drive An industry-leading 15-foot turning radius allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces and effortless headland turns Full size front wheels gives better ride, better turning traction and less compaction 1,000 - 1,600 gallon tank options

Pull-Type SprayersHeavy-duty New Holland eld sprayers provide dependable performance, accurate spraying and load stability, even across bumpy, varied eld conditions. 1,000- and 1,600-gallon options Choice of suspended or wheeled booms High-clearance suspension with parallel link design for improved boom stability and spray accuracy

Air CartsThe most progressive air delivery technology available. Apply several products in a single pass, ll and clean out fast, and transport easily for maximum productivity. Carry up to three products Easiest air cart tank cleanout, roller changes, or adjustments in the industry On-the-go product rate changes from the tractor cab

Air Hoe DrillsDeliver precise seed placement across the entire width of the machine in all types of challenging terrain. Large air drills, ranging between 27 and 70 working width Best-in-class ground contourfollowing air drill Patented individual opener control



SUPPORTNEW HOLLAND provides dealers with world-class parts, service,training, business management, nancing, promotional support, and a staff of to back it up.

responsive, experienced individuals

SALES SUPPORTBUSINESS MANAGERSNew Holland Business Managers are our frontline liaisons to help you manage and grow the business. They live in your area and have a solid understanding of the local markets and New Holland products, processes and policies. Although they are focused on the wholegoods side of the business, they own the relationship with your entire dealership operation. New Holland Business Managers work with you to develop and achieve your business plan for market penetration, support your sales and marketing efforts, and help with order planning. They are focused on helping you sell equipment and make money. Our products are sold through New Holland dealerships and you can rely upon the expertise of New Holland Business Managers to help you manage your business protably. They work to better understand the needs of customers in your area and will mutually serve those needs. Making sales is your business and that keeps us in business!

DEALER PORTALThe New Holland Dealer Portal is the single point of access for dealership communications and New Holland Internet applications. Because the Dealer Portal can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection, you will be able to easily access the most current news and information whenever you need it. Information on the New Holland Dealer Portal includes letters, policies, user guides, programs and pricing. Internet links connect you to information on wholegoods, parts, service, nance, and marketing tools.

DEALER SALES SUPPORTNew Hollands Dealer Sales Support Department works with dealers and their New Holland Business Managers to protably grow New Holland sales and market share. They support an assigned group of dealers, based on region, so that each representative will have specialized knowledge of the products, competitive environment, and challenges in the region. The Dealer Sales Support Department assists with: Equipment locating and availability Order entry Order changes Order diversions Special order programs Government & eet concessions Bargain list sales Equipment order status inquiries Shipment tracking

From my experience, New Holland provides more of a personal touch. Its a little easier to get in touch with somebody higher up the food chain than it is with some of the other companies. Northside New Holland, Dothan, Al.


The Dealer Help Desk supports dealers with access to New Holland systems such as the Dealer Portal, Parts eCatalog, Parts Ordering, Wholegoods, Finance and Warranty. You can contact the Dealer Help Desk with requests for additional user IDs, questions on receiving New Holland e-mail, or system and password issues. The Dealer Help Desk is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST and can be reached by phone, fax, or e-mail.

DIGITAL DEALERNEW HOLLAND DIGITAL DEALER PROGRAMNew Holland Digital Dealer Program provides New Holland dealers with a simple, low-cost, integrated online dashboard to manage sales and business activities, quote products, evaluate used inventory, and strengthen customer relations. New Holland Digital Dealer is a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM), pricing and quoting application for dealers thats tailored specically for the farm equipment industry. Its web-based, so theres no software to upload, and its accessible from your laptop or mobile device. Youll be able to close deals faster by using this single source for updating deal information, tracking opportunity milestones, and recording interactions. eligible New Holland programs for the models being quoted and integrate them into the quote. Build & Price tool, prospects can congure equipment and request a quote from their local dealer.

ITS EASY TO EVALUATE TRADESCompetitive trades or older inline trades can be hard to appraise, but New Holland Digital Dealer makes that easier, too. With New Holland Digital Dealer 20 years of IRON Guides valuation data is just a few clicks away. Your quote will incorporate used equipment and values from the Ofcial Guides. And, New Holland Digital Dealer enables used inventory to be automatically published on IRONsearch.com, saving you valuable time.

DEAL OR NO DEAL?New Holland Digital Dealer also helps you know which deals to take and which deals to walk away from based on protability. Gross margin is calculated on the new unit and trade-in, so as you negotiate with the customer, you can immediately see how your customers offer impacts the protability of the deal.

INVENTORY AT A GLANCENew Holland Digital Dealer also helps you maintain customer proles so you can target specic machine owners. You will know what equipment your customers own and can continue marketing to them. Units sold are stored automatically as customer equipment. Competitive pieces the customer has purchased can be added as well to create targeted marketing campaigns. You also have an up-to-date equipment inventory list for all locations, and know what machines are being quoted and the price quoted.

BUILD & PRICE FAST, ERROR-FREE QUOTESNew Holland Digital Dealer captures information for your customer database, and enables you to quickly go back to the customer with a fast, professional, error-free quote you can produce in just minutes. All of the current programs matched to a specic product are in the system, so it makes it easy to verify New Holland has made a signicant investment in the Digital Dealer program and in a targeted, online advertising campaign that is designed to reach more buyers and drive prospects to the Build & Price site on newholland. com/na. When prospects click on online banner ads promoting New Holland products and offers, they are directed to Build & Price. Using the interactive

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS SUPPORTTheres a certain way of thinking that comes from living on a farm. A seasoned farmer knows some decisions are best left to your gut. They know it takes equal parts brain and brawn. Plus thick skin, calloused hands and a fair share of know how. And above all, they know that it helps to have equipment thats built by farmers, sold by farmers and used by farmers.page 6OCTO BER 20 10

Native Farm foPeople r Healt h

You might call that instinct, but we call it

N NEW HOLLAND PU PUBLICATIONSNew Holland produces targeted publications to keep your customers and prospects informed of what is happening in agriculture and the New Holland brand. They are a great way to keep in consistent touch with your customer base. These publications are customized with your dealer information, so your customers know that these publications are being provided to them by your dealership.

WEB SITESNew Holland maintains a number of Web sites to provide customers with news and information about New Holland products and special programs.newholland.com/na New Holland Agricultures North American corporate site showcases the full line of New Holland equipment with promotional text and specs. Information about special programs, nancing and a dealer locator are also included. Customers can congure, price and request a quote by using the Build and Price congurator. Leads generated by the congurator are sent to dealers for follow-up. NewHollandUsed.com & EquipmentAlley.com These used equipment sites help you remarket your used equipment for a wide audience of potential buyers.

PRODUCT & SALES LITERATUREDealers have access to professionally produced, four-color product literature for all New Holland products free of charge. Collateral promotional materials are also available, including a variety of posters, point-of-purchase displays, direct mail programs, and other promotional materials designed to help you sell New Holland products and promote special offers.

New Holland NewsFor livestock and dairy customers

AcresFor rural lifestyle, equestrian and hobby farmers

PowerManagerFor cash crop producers

CO-OP ADVERTISING SUPPORTNew Holland offers dealers promotional support through a co-op program designed to assist dealers in promoting the New Holland brand and their dealership at the local level. Dealers who choose to participate in the co-op program can advertise with a portion of the cost reimbursed by New Holland. Professionally produced newspaper ads, radio and TV spots, product images, online banner ads, direct mail postcards and other advertising resources are available to all dealers on the online New Holland Library Site. Dealers can personalize their promotions with the tools available.

DATABASE MANAGEMENTNew Holland Publications provide a convenient online format for maintaining your customer mailing list.


NATIONAL ADVERTISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONSNew Holland promotes brand awareness by advertising in a variety of publications and online sites targeted to key customer segments. New Holland regularly provides information to ag journalists and ag broadcasters through news releases and media events. In addition, New Holland supports many major commodity groups and other associations to build and maintain important relationships with important customer segments.

The New Holland-branded You Tube channel provides an avenue to learn about New Holland products and to interact with the brand. New videos are uploaded regularly.N E W H O L L A N D A G R I C U LT U R E 17

facebook.com/newhollandna twitter.com/nhagricultureFacebook and Twitter encourages interactive conversations by connecting friends and business associates interested in New Holland with the latest news and blog posts.

PARTS & SERVICE SUPPORTASISTASIST is an online tool that retrieves, stores, analyzes, presents and shares technical information using contact management, knowledge management, and the technical information database. ASIST gives dealers faster access to accurate information, reduces diagnostic time, increases recovery rate, and improves customer satisfaction.


New Holland keeps it dealers upto-date and well informed on special offers, sales programs, pricing changes and other updates, as well as tracking the shipment of special parts through a dedicated Order Management department.

PRODUCT TRAININGHaving well-trained service technicians with the training and knowledge to keep pace with increasingly sophisticated equipment is a continual challenge for dealers. New Holland supports dealers Service Department by offering product training courses to service technicians and managers conducted by New Holland product experts.

ONLINE PARTS CATALOG (OPC)The Online Par ts Catalog (OPC) is a comprehensive tool indexing par ts for over 8,400 models dating back to 1939. It also includes over 7,000 ser vice bulletins for dealers use and research.

PARTS SERVICENew Holland backs its dealers Parts & Services operations with a host of product support programs designed to make doing business a pleasure while maximizing your protability.

ePartseParts, New Hollands electronic parts ordering system, allows dealers to easily order parts electronically. eParts contains up-to-date price and availability of parts at your ngertips.

PARTS AND SERVICE MANAGERSNew Holland Parts and Service Managers provide after-sales parts and service consulting to assist dealers in maximizing the protability of their dealerships. New Holland Parts and Service Managers are also available to conduct training programs and seminars.


New Holland offers its dealers access to quarterly marketing programs at little or no cost that drives customers into your store.


The people at New Holland are good to work with. Ive always had rst-rate sales reps calling on me who do what they can for me. The people I deal with on a personal basis know their business and want to help. They take an interest in my business. I do think they want me to succeed. Northside New Holland, Dothan, Al.

Parts assistance is as close as your phone or via email. When your customers have technical questions, New Holland makes sure youll have the answers.


New Holland rewards its dealers with a liberal cash incentive program based on the growth of your parts business over a set period of time.


24/7 TOP SERVICEPeace of mind when your customers need it most

During harvest time, when every hour is critical, equipment downtime takes it toll in frustration, inconvenience and productivity. While you cant promise your customers that theyll never experience a breakdown, you can promise them that if they do, New Holland Top Service will be there to help. New Holland provided a replacement combine, which saved us quite a lot of productivity. Without it, we would have lost 4 or 5 days. The total downtime was about 24 hours from start to nish. Without the New Holland Top Service program, we would have been lucky to receive the gearbox in four days. Brian Carpenter, Champlain Valley Equipment, Middleburg,VT


Arden Myers, Myers Farms Ltd. Wrentham, AB

New Holland understands that especially during harvest season, any loss in productivity can be costly to your customers, so we designed New Holland Top Service to give your customers the assurance of 24/7 support with fast-track technical and parts location solutions. Our customer support is second to none!


Working in close cooperation with the dealer, the New Holland Top Service team is a group of customer service reps, parts and service analysts, and logistics experts who are specially trained to understand and resolve problems quickly. New Holland Top Service team can draw parts from any facility within the New Holland manufacturing network, including assembly lines, to work towards a fast resolution.

In unit down situations*, the New Holland Top Service team is empowered to quickly take any action necessary to get your customers machine up and running. That includes providing a loaner machine, express shipping parts, taking parts from another unit, or even paying for a custom harvester at no additional cost to you or your customer!


866-NEW-HLND*Available for New Holland combines, highhorsepower tractors, and self-propelled harvesting equipment within warranty.




FINANCE SUPPORTCOMMERCIAL REVOLVING ACCOUNTThrough CNH Capital, New Holland offers dealers a nancing source with a wide range of exible nancing options, so you can gain a competitive edge and nalize sales quickly and efciently.

WHOLESALECNH Capital provides inventory oor plan for New, Used and Parts inventory. New Holland provides additional oor plan support by offering various dealer terms for New Holland products.

LENDINGCNH Capital offers a variety of options to your customers to meet their nancing needs. Flexible payment schedules support the seasonality of the agricultural industry while meeting the cashow needs of the customer. And, CNH Capital can custom build loans with loan options such as split-rate, xed-rate and variable-rate nancing.

The CNH Commercial Revolving Account (CRA) provides approved customers with a ready and available credit line to purchase the parts, service, rental, accessories and other small wholegoods when they need it, not when they have the cash. The CRA can improve a dealers cash ow by providing funding within 48 hours, help drive additional parts and service business through special extended terms promotions, and help reduce your operational costs.

REMARKETING WEB TOOLSNewHollandUsed.com and EquipmentAlley.com deliver the ultimate used equipment buying and selling experience. These sites provide dealers and equipment buyers the convenience and power of online marketplace available 24/7 in 11 different languages across the globe. NewHollandUsed.com is the best place for customers to search for your used inventory offered at retail prices, and EquipmentAlley.com offers wholesale bidding opportunities to equipment dealers. With no listing subscriptions and no cost to bid and buy, these Web tools allow dealers to promote and quickly turn their used/aged/obsolete equipment, attachments and parts.


LEASINGCNH Capital offers customers leasing options to maximize cash ow by lowering payments while acquiring the latest in equipment technology. There are three primary leasing options available through CNH Capital: Operating, Finance and Municipal Leases.

The CNH Capital Insurance Agency, Inc., in the U.S. and the CNH Capital Canada Insurance Agency Ltd. In Canada offer a wide range of insurance and equipment protection products designed to meet the needs of CNH-branded dealerships, retail customers and rental customers. These products include: Physical Damage Insurance (PDI), Purchased Protection Plans, Credit Life Insurance, Loss Damage Waiver, Floor Plan Property PDI and Dealer Package Insurance.

BU BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SUPPORTNew Holland realizes the critical importance of our dealer network and works with dealers to improve their ability to manage their business. A dealer must maintain certain nancial ratios to ensure a protable bottom line while retaining adequate cash ow to cover day-to-day operations, and must meet these initial investment requirements: 20% owners equity ratio Working capital turns of 8 Operating investment turns of 8 New Holland publishes a standard Dealer Financial Review Book each year. This book is designed to provide dealers with a benchmark to monitor their business against like dealers. By doing so, dealers can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of their business and make the changes needed to improve their business management strategy. New Holland also provides dealers with other tools to measure their nancial standing, including a standard Chart of Accounts, Accounting Manual, Financial Training, Ratio Guide Cards, and Web-based business management system.

ACHIEVEMENTSA deeply-rooted tradition of product innovation continues into the 21st century as changing needs.

NEW HOLLAND continues a legacy

of providing creative new solutions to meet customers ever-

A HISTORY OF INNOVATIONNew Holland Agriculture, a world leader in tractors and equipment, built on a strong history of innovation and success.

1890s Abe Zimmerman opens New Holland Machine Works, a small repair shop in New Holland, PA Introduces rst portable feed mill small enough and economical enough for farm use

1900 First freeze-proof engine designed and sold

1930s Other innovations introduced that help mechanize farming, including rock crusher and fertilizer spreaders Lancaster County, PA farmer Ed Nolt creates prototype for baler Ford build rst tractor prototypeand introduces 9N tractor Mass production of Fords rst agricultural tractor, Fordson Model F, begins The three-point-hitch, introduced on Ford 9N tractors, becomes an industry standard

1940s 1940 New Holland acquired by four Lancaster County, PA, businessmen who purchase the rights to Nolts baler Worlds rst successful automatic pick-up, self-tie baler revolutionizes the hay industry First New Holland forage harvester introduced New Holland introduces famous 77 square baler with higher capacity New Holland acquired by Sperry Corporation and becomes Sperry New Holland

1950 1950s Over 100 new products introduced by New Holland Model 66 PTO baler, industrys rst PTO-powered baler Industrys rst self-propelled baler Industrys rst bale thrower Ford expands tractor line and introduces its rst diesel engine tractor First on-the-go shifting introduced on Ford tractors

MEETING CUSTOMER NEEDSNew Holland understands the needs of farmers around the world for value tractors, high-productivity machines and specialized equipment. As a full-line manufacturer, New Holland offers a wide tractor range, extending from compact and utility models for residential and municipal applications, to productive, mid-range tractors for row-crop, dairy and livestock producers, to the most powerful and sophisticated machines for large cash crop operations.This variety is further broadened by a full range of specialty tractors for the unique requirements of vineyards and orchards, as well as tractors and implements for turf and lawn maintenance. In addition to tractors, New Holland offers a full range of combines, haytools, forage equipment, air carts and drills, crop production and materials handling equipment. New Holland is recognized as a leader for its excellence in the industry based on the highest-quality products supported by a highly professional and specialized network made up of over 700 dealers in over 1,000 locations across North America. This partnership between New Holland and its dealers ensures best-inclass support to customers by providing the most innovative products, and superior service, in the industry. As part of the CNH family, New Holland is a company with global resources that develops innovative products for application to our customers local needs. We offer the resources of 39 manufacturing locations, 26 Research & Development Centers and 22 joint ventures in 12 countries each focused through Centers of Excellence that put our personnel, knowledge and resources closer to the people who use our equipment.

THE ENERGY INDEPENDENT FARMAn increasing demand for reduced emissions and energy independence has fueled the need for new technology and the use of alternative fuels on the farm. One of the most promising concepts under development is the New Holland NH2 hydrogen-powered tractor. More than just an idea, the NH2 tractor is a 106-hp working prototype able to perform all the tasks of a tractor while operating virtually silent and emitting zero pollutants. New Hollands experimental hydrogen-powered tractor is a key element in a project that hopes to free farmers from the cost of purchased fossil-fuel and allow them to achieve fuel autonomy while meeting increasingly stringent emissions standards. Farmers are in a unique position to benet from hydrogen technology. Unlike many people, they have the space to install alternative electricity generation systems, such as solar, wind, biomass or waste, and then store that power as hydrogen. Apart from the environmental benets, such a system would allow customers to become energy independent and improve their nancial stability.

1960s Industrys rst self-propelled windrower introduced (Speedrower windrower) Industrys rst self-propelled forage harvester introduced Industrys rst automatic bale wagon introduced Industrys rst mowerconditioner introduced (Haybine 460) Model 273 baler, the most popular baler ever sold, introduced Ford introduces their rst tractor with engine over 100 hp

1970s Industrys rst metal detector for forage harvesters introduced (Metalert) TR Twin Rotor combines introduced, the rst commercially successful rotary combine Ford rst to introduce deluxe tractor cab with air conditioning, radio and contoured seats Revolutionary Bidirectional tractor introduced by Versatile

1980s New Holland acquired by Ford Motor Company and merged with Ford Tractor to become Ford New Holland Super Boom parallel lift linkage introduced for skid steers New Holland enters disc mower-conditioner market with Discbine disc mower-conditioners Versatile joins New Holland team, bringing a 4WD tractor and Bidirectional tractor to the family

1990s Roll-Belt round baler concept introduced SuperSteer tight-turning front axle introduced Genesis tractors introduced as power units with the latest technology and sharp turning radius Bale Slice cutting system for round balers introduced CNH formed with the global resources of New Holland, New Holland Construction, Case IH, Case Construction, Kobelco, Steyr and Flexi-Coil brands

PRESENT New Hollands CR9090, the worlds largest combine, sets a Guinness World Record for harvesting Lean and Mean economy tractors introduced for value-minded consumers FR Series introduced as the industrys most powerful selfpropelled forage harvester by a major manufacturer XtraSweep, Edgewrap and Autowrap innovative features introduced on BR Series round balers


Agritechnica, the worlds largest agricultural equipment exhibition presented these awards to New Holland: 2010 Tractor of the Year Presented for innovation, productivity, economy and ease of use T7070 Auto Command tractor 2010 Golden Tractor for Design Presented for design excellence in ease of use & operator comfort T7070 Auto Command with SideWinder armrest 2010 Machine of the Year T7070 Auto Command tractor Gold medal IntelliFill system for FR9000 Series self-propelled forage harvesters Silver medals Opti-Fan system on the CSX7000 combine & ABS SuperSteer anti-lock brake technology

Good Design Awards Presented by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for design excellence Boomer 8N compact tractor SideWinder II armrest

FinOvation Award Presented by Farm Industry News for best innovations of the year BB9000 Series large square balers

AE50 Awards In 2010, New Holland was honored with seven prestigious AE50 Awards by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). Only 50 products are chosen for the award each year. Boomer 8N compact tractor combines retro design with modern, innovative amenities. Dynamic Bale Weight System provides highly accurate on-the-go single bale-weighing. The SideWinder II armrest delivers superior ergonomics, convenience and control formerly only available in the most advanced self-propelled forage harvesters and combines. The 130 FB coppice header is a new specialty header designed to harvest and process fast-growing, woody biomass crops grown as a renewable fuel source. The 760 CG Varifeed combine grain header introduced signicant new features to provide less downtime, a lower cost of ownership, and highcapacity harvesting. The IntelliView III monitor with Smart Cameras system provides live video views of key combine eld operations on one central touchscreen monitor. P2070 precision hoe drill delivers precise seed and fertilizer placement with adjustable individual opener depth control.N E W H O L L A N D A G R I C U LT U R E 23

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