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<ul><li><p>NEWS</p><p>5Sealing Technology October 2006</p><p>Borderless business practices requiredto drive successTo be successful in todays flat andfast world, auto suppliers mustrecognize and accept no limits,time zones or market barriers.</p><p>This was the theme of a presen-tation by Dr Mohsen Sohi, presi-dent and chief executive officer ofFreudenberg-NOK, in a presenta-tion at a Management BriefingSeminar. To be successful, compa-nies must adopt and adapt to dif-ferent ways of thinking, and beopen to areas that were once con-sidered borders, he says.</p><p>In his speech, Beyond herethere be dragons, Sohi shared hisview of a rapidly expanding glob-al business perspective. He urgedsuppliers to look past their tradi-tional views, to a new level ofglobal cooperation. As a companythat maintains a strong globalbalance, Freudenberg-NOK hasattempted to develop and main-tain a seamless flow of technolo-gy, while coordinating a level ofsuperior service to customersthroughout the world. He notedthat while some may protest theglobalization of business, it can</p><p>help enhance trade and help dis-parities in socioeconomic levelsaround the world.</p><p>In the new world of today, mar-kets such as China and India, whichwere previously valued exclusivelyfor their low cost of labor, are nowseen as emerging markets that aresources of demand.</p><p>This concept, he explained, takes aworld perspective to economic activi-ty, and will ultimately raise the stan-dard of living. He also suggested thatexecutives need to conduct a betteranalysis of where labor fits as a com-ponent of the product total cost. Asan example, one production facilitywas faced with significant cost issues.The solution was not to move pro-duction overseas, but to adopt leanmanufacturing disciplines andimprove lead time, delivery and, as aresult, customer satisfaction.</p><p>Contact:Freudenberg-NOK GP, 47690 EastAnchor Court, Plymouth, MI 48170-2455, USA. Tel: +1 734 451 0020,Fax: +1 734 451 0125,</p><p>New distributor preferred in SouthAfricaAbes Technoseal has become thenew preferred distributor forFreudenberg Simrit in SouthAfrica.</p><p>Established in 1937, AbesTechnoseal now has 60 employees,including eight specialists who visitcustomers personally to advisethem on product purchases. Thetwo companies have had a partner-ing agreement since 1950. TheElandsfontein-based firm belongs</p><p>to the Hudaco Group. Productsare distributed by a network ofmore than 50 branch offices runby Bearings International in theRepublic of South Africa and othersouthern African countries.</p><p>Contact:Freudenberg Simrit, D-69465 Weinheim,Germany. Tel: +49 1805 746748,Fax: +49 1803 746748,, Web:</p><p>Dow makes major China investmentDow is planning to build a majorliquid epoxy resins plant andalso an epichlorohydrin facilityat Zhangjiagang, China.</p><p>The 150 000 MTPA world-scaleECH plant, which is expected tostart up in 2010, would be the first touse a new Dow proprietary glycer-ine-to-epichlorohydrin technology.Glycerine is a bio-renewable productgenerated during bio-diesel produc-tion. The use of glycerine as the </p><p>primary feedstock in Dows ECHmanufacturing represents a majortechnology breakthrough, providingsignificant cost and environmentaladvantages compared with the con-ventional process technologies.</p><p>Contact:The Dow Chemical Company, 2030 DowCenter, Midland, MI 48674, USA. Tel: +1989 636 1463, Fax: +1 989 636 1830,Web:</p><p>Conference news</p><p>Hard chrome alternative team to meet in JanuaryThe next Program Review for theUS Department of Defense(DOD) Hard ChromeAlternatives Team (HCAT) willtake place 2325 January 2007 inNew Orleans, Louisiana.</p><p>The HCAT/JCAT is solicitingpresentations that provide resultson materials and componenttesting on alternatives to hardchrome and cadmium. Suchtechnologies should be close toor ready for implementation in</p><p>production. Of particular inter-est are case studies or rig/fieldtesting of alternative coatings oncomponents. Offers of presenta-tions relating to hard chromereplacement should comprise a title and brief summary, sent to Bruce Sartwell details of the meeting areavailable on the website.</p><p>Web:</p><p>Large order for gaskets from US truckand engine manufacturerElringKlinger will manufacturecylinder-head gaskets, as well asthe oil pan and exhaust tract gas-kets, for a newly developed V6diesel engine for the NorthAmerican market.</p><p>Deliveries will start at the end of2007, with projected annual sales ofUS$45m from 2008. More thanhalf of the worldwide sales for</p><p>ElringKlinger are for diesel engine-related products. In 2005, the com-pany achieved sales of 474.6m.</p><p>Contact:ElringKlinger AG, Max-Eyth-Strasse 2,D-72581 Dettingen/Erms, Germany.Tel:+49 7123 7240, Fax: +49 7123 724 9006,Email:,Web:</p><p>Call for nanopolymer papers at new international conferenceRapra Technology has recentlyannounced the first interna-tional Nanopolymers Confer-ence, to be held 1213 June2007 in Germany.</p><p>Nanotechnology is alreadymaking a major impact on newproduct introductions through-out the world, in many industrysectors. Many of these new prod-ucts are based on the materialproperty changes that may beachieved by incorporation ofingredients, at the nanoscale,into polymeric systems.</p><p>Papers are now being invitedfor submission, and potentialsubject areas include:</p><p> Aspects and impact ofnanopolymers on specificindustry sectors.</p><p> Production challenges. Property improvements</p><p>achievable with nanoscaleingredients.</p><p> Characterization aspects ofincorporating nanoscale ingre-dients into nanopolymers.</p><p> Market data on growth ofnanopolymers.</p><p> New research and develop-ment in the field of nanopoly-mers.</p><p>The deadline for offering sum-maries is 22 December 2006.</p><p>Contact:Rapra Technology, Shawbury,Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 4NR, UK.Tel: +44 1939 250383, Fax: +44 1939252416, Email:,Web:</p></li></ul>


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