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Presentation on Lumichrom and e-marketing & Social Media I put together for the boss.

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  • 1. Creative Expression, Visual Solutions Presented by: Paul Zago October 21, 2009 Lumichrom


  • Graphics
  • Exhibits
  • Displays


  • Graphics
  • Canvas Prints
  • Photographic Prints
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Signage
  • Mounting & Finishing


  • Exhibits
  • Pop Ups
  • Pop Fab
  • exhibitline
  • Easy Wall
  • Magnetic Panels


  • Displays
  • Banner Stands
  • Literature Racks
  • P.O.P. (point of purchase)


  • Green Lineup
  • Bamboo Stands
  • Bamboo Lit Rack
  • exhibitline
  • BioBanner


  • New at Lumichrom -Flat Bed Printing
  • Printing substrates Poster Board, Glass, Wood, Plastic & Much More
  • Vacuum System Holds unusually shaped objects in place
  • White Ink Under, Over or Spot Printing


  • Use traditional & some non traditional advertising mediums to drive traffic to website & build client base

Marketing Strategy things we currently do:

  • Use in-house graphic design talent to give similar look and feel to all advertising mediums from e-flyer to newsletter to direct market pieces
  • Use humour to elicit response & build awareness for brand with e-flyers
  • Use Keyword & Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Use Link Strategies increase links to our site by submitting articles to targeted sites, discussion groups, etc. plus request links from websites that we provide sponsorship


  • e-flyers Corporate & Retail
  • Sent bi-monthly, use humour to connect with clients
  • Corporate e-flyer promotes Lumichrom as a Company
  • Retail e-flyer focuses on specific products or services
  • Can include sales promotion, discount, new info about company, thank you for joining newsletter, etc.
  • Newsletter WIIFM Strategy (Whats in it for Me)
  • Monthly newsletter with content such as:
    • Helpful Articles & Design Tips, Trade Show Mktg., etc.
    • In The Spotlight (showcasing one of our clients)
    • Exhibit of the Month
  • Website
  • Added pricing, ever-evolving with new & updated content
  • Optimized for Keywords
  • Links coming (4/10 Page Ranking)
  • Opt-in Form for Newsletter
  • Monitor traffic with Google Analytics, StatCounter

Marketing Strategies Internet Goal: to communicate with our customers and drive new traffic to our website 10. Marketing Strategies InternetSocial Medias goal to connect with our customers on-line

  • LinkedIn
  • Business networking site focused on professional contacts, experience & qualifications
  • Facebook
  • Social Networking Site
  • 276% growth in the 35-54 year-old age group
  • Avenue for business to reach potential customers
  • Twitter
  • Offers businesses the opportunity to communicate with, relevant industry contacts & customers and to monitor negative or positive feedback
  • Approx. 12 million users
  • 45-54 year olds fastest growing user group

11. Traditional Marketing Strategies

  • Although, we are focused on Web Marketing right now, we do have some traditional marketing strategies in place:
    • Email and personal follow up on jobs both in production and at the quoting stage
    • DM Pieces targeted at new business
    • Trade Show presence
    • Personalized hockey puck promotions

12. Is it Working?

  • Newsletter slowly adding new subscribers
  • We are in the preliminary stages of setting up our social media marketing
  • E-flyers have a 36% average open & 3% click through rate*
  • Most recent e-flyer had very positive feedback with those that opened it challenge is getting customers to open experiment with subject lines
  • Whats Next?
  • Redesigning website for easier navigation
  • Business cards redesigned to reflect website redesign
  • DM & e-flyer to announce arrival of new Flat Bed Printer
  • Post news to Social Medias, Press Releases to local news medias
  • Targeted Google Ads
  • Targeted e-flyers to specific mkt. i.e. green product to environmental groups

*Average are 14-18% Open & 1-3% Click Through rates Sources: Vertical Response, Marketing Magazine, 5 13. Our first e-flyer sent out way back in January, 09 14. In March, we introduced both a Corporate & Retail e-flyer this is the Corporate 15. This is the Retail follow up with encouragement to click through 16. Our design has evolved to a sleeker, more professional look with added humour September 09 -Clients were encouraged to click through and see what else we can do 17. This page is hosted on our website 18. Our most recent e-flyer you should see the follow up 19. We send this out to introduce our newest employee its a template that can be used anytime we hire someone new 20. This one is for new subscribers to our newsletter just to say Thanks!