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  • 1. 2008 Asia-Pacific Members Meeting & Conference September 22-23, 2008 Sponsored By

2. Convergence How to build a converged hotel network Ruxiang Jin Network Consultant 3. Hotel wiring Network architecture Network technology Network upgrade Performance, Cost Ruxiang Jin Network consultant for HSH. Over 20 years of experience in telecom/networking industry. Worked as professor/CEO/CTO at universities, government labs, and high tech companies. Designed and built various national backbone, metro, access, and last-mile networks. Chaired Asia communications conference (AOE) and European communications conference China site (ECOC). Over 70 publications/patents.Ask not what is available from vendors, ask what you want. 4. Infrastructure wiring: fiber (FTTR), fiber+RJ45, RJ11, coax Architecture network topology: tree (coax), star, mixture How to build converged network on existing infrastructure on fiber network on RJ45/RJ11 network on coax network Technologies VLAN EPON WDM EOC 5. Challenges Faced by Hotel Network Operators How to chase fast moving targets

  • Increased Diversity of Network Services
  • 2. Network Security
  • 3. Scalability in Bandwidth
  • 4. Quality and Reliability of Service
  • 5. Cost of Operation and Maintenance
  • 6. Future

6. Existing Services Analog/Digital TV Fixed/Mobile PhoneBroadband Internet Video Surveillance PMS Room Control (lighting, air conditioning, etc) VOD Background Music New Services IPTV (personalized TV service) Internet Radio (personalized radio service) VOIP (free calls, calls to PC, etc) HDTV WiFi Phone/Video (watch video anywhere, anytime) Video Conferencing Increased Diversity of Network Services 7. Hotel Multimedia Network System Should Service Three Major Displays: TV, PC, Cellphone Watching CNN using wireless laptop and cellphone at cafe: 8. Interactive Multimedia Network Demands Huge Bandwidth Quantifying bandwidth requirements Expect >3 video screens per room soon! 9. IPTV Stream 2M DVD HD IPTV Stream 8M HDTV Effective bandwidth per room:Much higher BW than web browsing! Internet bandwidth per room: 0.5M 10X expansion 10. Converged Network Architecture Considerations Major Trends/Assumptions: Everything digital Everything over IP (IPTV, VOIP, all control, data) Bandwidth requirement always going up Cost of copper/cost of fiber keeps going up TV will become a personalized media 11. Converged Network Architecture Considerations Keep things simple! Existing Hotels: Fiber to floor, copper to room Star topology for fiber Star topology for RJ-45 Tree topology for coax with CBA New Hotels: Fiber all the way (to room) Some copper for backup 12. Optical Fiber Cable (no re-wiring needed in the next 100 years) Takes less space than other wiring, and provides much higher bandwidth. 13. Single Mode vs Multimode Fiber Multimode: 50/125 or 62.5/125 Single mode: 9/125 14. Signal Loss in Single- vs Multimode Fiber Single Mode: Multimode: 15. Modal Dispersion in Multimode Fiber (dispersion limits data rate and degrades SNR) 16. Conclusion:Use Single Mode Fiber Single mode fiber performs much better in terms of bandwidth,signal-to-noise, attenuation, etc. Single mode systems are much easier to design in terms of optical power budget, bandwidth, range of components, etc. Most important technology developed over the past 10 years, including WDM and PON, are all based on single mode. Single mode costs less than multimode now, removing the only reason for multimode. 17. Network Wiring Topology Considerations CO Room Room Room Room Star (Cat-6 cable) CO Room Room Room Room Tree (coaxial cable) 18. Fiber Network Architectures 19. Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) 20. EPON TDM 21. Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) Each wavelength travels independently in fiber. 22. WDM Technology 23. Fiber Network Architecture Example 24. All PassiveFloor Distribution (passive = reliable) 25. Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) 26. Network capacity upgrade: using existing fiber plant, up to 16X capacity increase with increased network efficiency by constructing various logical network topologies. IP-over-WDM Simultaneous delivery of multiple analog and digital channels (analog/digital TV and data) with different protocols and data rates.Mode conversion btw single mode and multimode fiber. OPN: multiple isolated networks on the same fiber plant, physical layer security without adding wires, immune to hackers. Can upgrade network by simple adding wavelength ports, without affecting existing services. 27. WDM + VLAN Much better security and higher performance than VLAN. 28. WDM+VLAN Example 29. Automatic Protection Switching Protection against: equipment failure performance degradation line break Network recovers within milliseconds using optical switch Network recovers within seconds using soft switch 30. Automatic Protection Switching Examples 31. Active Floor ODF Bandwidth Calculation For hotels with fiber to each floor, RJ-45 to each room: Fast Ethernet switches with 1G uplink and 100M ports SD and compressed HD IPTV (with video surveillance): say 20M per room, 30 rooms per floor, 20 floors: BW per floor = 600M So 1G per floor is OK for compressed HD IPTV 50-100M per room will be needed in the next few years as the number of HD video screens increases. 32. Features: Simultaneous delivery of analog/digital/IPTV/Data in the same coaxial cable, without changing the existing cable plant, greatly simplifies SD IPTV deployment. Simple to install, plug-and-play, fast deployment, no re-wiring. 100M bandwidth shared among 10-20 rooms. Data port compatible with switches, routers, IP STBs, PCs, etc. Supports full and half duplex mode Coaxial Broadband Adaptor for IPTV (Using existing coaxial cable plant) Applications: Triple-play convergence, hotel network and service upgrade. Especially useful for older hotels that does not have RJ-45 to each room. 33. TV Channels (65-865 MHz) (downstream, QAM) Data Channels (2-35 MHz) (bi-directional, OFDM) Transforming Existing Cable TVNetwork into IP Network 34. Converting Coax Cable Network to IP Network 35. Fibers Dos and Donts For new installations, use single mode fiber Always use mouse-protected cable Use a secondary connector (disposable) Do not bend too hard (glass will break!) Do not look into fiber from connector end 36. VLANs VLAN = Virtual LAN (broadcast domain created by switches) Trunking protocol = ISL or 802.1Q Reason to use VLAN:Higher performance by limiting broadcast packets Better security Better management 37. VLAN Application Example 38. Set all user ports to nontrunking Deploy port security when possible for user port Put DMZ servers into PVLANs Configure VACL on primary VLAN Use authentication for VTP Disable all unused ports and put them in an unused VLAN Some VLAN Dos and Donts 39. Private VLANs (for better network security) 40. PVLAN Port Types 41. Separation of ports without requiring a separate IP subnet for each device Isolated ports can talk only to promiscuous ports Promiscuous ports can talk to any port PVLAN in DMZ can prevent attack to spread to many servers PVLAN Features 42. PVLAN in DMZ In DMZ: Servers should connect to isolated PVLAN ports Routers and firewalls should be connected to promiscuous ports 43. Use VACL VLAN access control list Limitation of PVLANs: PVLANs only works at Layer-2 so a router can route traffic btw isolated ports.VACLs configured on primairy VLANs drops traffic with a source and destination address within the same subnet. VACL has no performance penalty Overcoming PVLAN Limitations 44. Lorica Network Example 45. Control4 Zigbee Control Panel 46. Network Management NE management software integration easy to operate pinpoint trouble fast response to alarms anticipate and prevent problems reduce maintenance and operation cost easy network upgrade 47. Conclusion: Building a converged network is like cooking: all the ingredients we need are available today, we just have to know exactly what we want to deliver for the guests, and do it right within our budget. Thank you. Ruxiang Jin Tel: 011-86-13816516337 (China) 001-678-200-2224 (US) Email: 48. 2008 Asia-Pacific Members Meeting & Conference September 22-23, 2008 Sponsored By


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