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Nerd Ethnography English Final

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NERDSNERDSBy: Natalie FieneNerd: One whos unbridled passion for something, or things, defines who they are as a person, without fear of other peoples judgment Zachary Levi Nerd is the Word The differences between a Nerd, Geek, and DorkNerds have an unique language. It derives mostly from the internet with references to gaming, computers, comics, pop culture etc. N00b: It literally means newbie, or the inexperienced. Owned: To beat someone at something, usually via computer games.Uber: German for above. Commonly used on the internet for being the best, the top, the supreme, the highest of the highest. L337: A language invented on the internet which puts numbers and symbols in place of letters. Fail: The glorious lack of success. Also, slang for sucks.Language Rituals Videogames are often (but not always) essential to a nerds life.5Artifacts Motivations


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