Neoprene Auto Seat Covers - Why A Good Choice For Seat Covers

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  1. 1. Neoprene Auto Seat Covers - Why A Good Choice For Seat Covers Don't Deny Your Seats The Protection They Need The seats are the most vital part inside our cars. If you spend a lot of time in your car, you will know how significant it is to have confortable seats. It is important to keep them looking clean. A neoprene material is a great choice for auto seat covers because they provide extra comfort and protection. It will enhance the comfort of your cars seats and provide many different types of protection. Having a car seat cover will extend the life of your car seats. It is much cheaper to purchase a car seat cover than replace the entire car seat. I realized this after owning a Jeep for a couple of years. My seats were under constant abuse from my pets, outdoor activities, friends, and the weather. Thanks to sun challenged PNW weather (and forgetfulness), the seats of my Jeep were downright drenched a couple of times. After a couple good soakings, my seats took on a smell of a moldy towel. It made trying to sell my Jeep very difficult to say the least. In hind-sight, I would have avoided this problem if I had an auto seat cover. Neoprene seat covers protect against: Liquid spills and the elements Dirt, dust, food spills Pet claws and scratches Heat, friction and UV light Neoprene Auto Seat Covers Are A Good Choice Neoprene is such a good choice for an auto seat cover because it protects the inside of your vehicle from a broad range of external hazards. The material is great a blocking liquid spills and can be enhanced with durable water repellent. Forget about burning yourself on those sunny, hot summer days. Neoprene does not absorb the sun's rays and won't scorch your skin when you sit down. It will slowly fade from all that direct sunlight though. It is best to get a spray to block the UV light spray. Neoprene is great at absorbing all types of enhancing or protective sprays. The material was made to be durable because it is so widely used. Your pets and kids will have troubles tearing, scratching or ruining the neoprene auto seat cover. The seat covers are sturdy enough to last a good five years before showing wear. CR-Grade Neoprene Covers CR-grade neoprene seat covers are made from the same stretchy material as a wet suit. This makes installing a custom fitted neoprene seat cover exceptionally. Make sure before purchasing a custom fitted seat cover it will not hinder your side seat airbags. These seat covers are very easy to wash. Once they are dirty enough, the covers can easily be taken off and machine or hand washed. The material is also fast drying. They will be like new after a good washing and air drying. Of course, neoprene seat covers come in a variety of different colors and patterns to choose from. An auto seat cover made out of CR-grade neoprene is excellent for any car because they add a high
  2. 2. level of comfort and protection. The custom fitted seat covers have four separate layers. It makes the comfy material a must have on long road trips or to protect against a number of external hazards.