Need Help Mapping Your Career Path?

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    American Chemical Society

    For more information call 1-800-227-5558 x6209

    Take advantage of these valuable career workshops and consulting services, by registering for the regional meeting at

    41st MARM

    37th NERM

    42nd CERMACS

    Joint 65th NORM and 22nd RMRM

    45th MWRM

    Joint 66th SWRM and 62nd SERMACS

    April 10-13, Wilmington, DE

    June 2-5, Postdam, NY

    June 16-19, Dayton, OH

    June 20-23, Pullman, WA

    Ocotober 27-29, Wichita, KS

    December 1-4, New Orleans, LA

    Whether you are a new grad or experienced chemical professional, you need all the help you can get in todays job market. For help with navigating your job search and career planning, access the numerous resources and tools offered at your regional meeting.

    Need Help Mapping Your Career Path?

    Its Available at Your ACS Regional Meeting.

    Its Available at Your ACS Regional Meeting.

    Career Workshops and Resources at Your ACS Regional Meeting:

    Experienced chemical professionals, younger members and students, and scientists or engineers at any point in their career will all benefit from these career resources and insights into todays job market.

    Career Consultation to provide career planning

    assistance and expert advice on your rsum

    Opportunity to network

    3 practical career workshops:

    Planning your Job Searchz

    Preparing a Rsum z

    Effective Interviewingz

    For other career related information go to

    Need Help Mapping Your Career Path?