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The Puzzle called Employability

Prof. (Dr.) Sudhi Ranjan Dey

The Greatest Challenge to the Engineers/ MBAs

The Puzzle called EmployabilityToday, there is a word employability which has shaken many in India including the Government but most of us are yet to wake up about this need of the hour.

The Puzzle called Employability There are 500 million jobs in India 90% of these jobs are skill based 8% are knowledge based 2% are both knowledge & skill based 90 million new jobs in next 5 years 50% of these are in service industry

The Puzzle called Employability

The Puzzle called Employability

The Puzzle called Employability

The Puzzle called Employability

The Puzzle called Employability

"It is not unemployment that is the major problem; it is the question of unemployability that is the major crisis in this competitive arena"

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

The Puzzle called Employability

The challenge today is not the supply of engineering talent but that of getting talent that meets the needs of the corporate world. In other words, the challenge is employability. - Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro

The Puzzle called Employability

"Skill development is very high on the national agenda. Eleventh Five Year plan and National Skill Development Mission bear it out. We need to make India's youth employable so that they and the industry benefit." -RP Agarwal, Secretary Dept of Higher Education, Govt. of India

The Puzzle called EmployabilityIndian education system at the University level is out of sync with market demands. The challenge is how we convert our college graduates into employable and skilled manpower. - K Ramakumar, Group Chief Human Resource Officer, ICICI Bank Qualification is not equal to Employability: To be Employed is to be at risk, to be employable is to be stable. - Keerthi, Head (Talent), Yahoo India

The Puzzle called EmployabilityThe biggest issue that India faces today is lack of employability skills amongst graduates. While Indian graduates know something about the theoretical aspects, they lack domain skills, communication and professional skills. Hence majority of them are unemployable. - Vijay Thadani, CEO, NIIT with economy booming and a number of sectors witnessing a dynamic growth, there is a great need for market-ready and skilled workforce. Youth should get into skill based courses rather than just paper qualifications from schools and colleges.Today

-Murlidhar Rao, President and COO NIS Sparta (a Reliance ADAG group company)

The Puzzle called EmployabilityThe McKinsey Global Institute study on emerging global talent market has pointed out that the multinational companies in India find less than 25% of the engineering students and 10% of other graduates and post graduates are falling in the employable category.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityAccording a survey, jointly carried out by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the World Bank, 64 percent of surveyed employers are "somewhat", "not very", or "not at all" satisfied with the quality of engineering graduates' skills.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityThe top three most important general missing skills identified were integrity, reliability and teamwork, while the 3 most important specific skills are entrepreneurship, communication in English, applications and use of modern tools and technologies are also found to be inadequate.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityA large number of students passing out make career decisions that stem from parental and peer pressure or even from an unclear sense of direction or lack of awareness of what they are good at. In short, they are already halfway there to not making it in the real world.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityHard Facts 1 As per the global rating and data available ( on Business Efficiency, India is being ranked 31 in the list of 51 countries in which among the Asian nations Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, China are ranked far above India.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityHard Facts 2 According to the data and global rating available ( on Technological Advancement, India is being ranked 59 out of 68 countries in which among Asian countries Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Iran, Indonesia, Sri Lanka are rated higher than India while only Pakistan and Nepal are rated below India.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityHard Facts 3 In global Human Development Index ranking (the report released by United Nations in 2009) Indias ranking was 132. In 2010 it is in 119.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityHard Facts 4 In world economic importance India ranks 25th below the Asian nations like Japan (2nd), South Korea (10th), China (11th), Taiwan (16th), Thailand (20th) and Indonesia (22nd)

The Puzzle called EmployabilityHard Facts 5 In literacy rate, India ranks 118th among 155 countries which is far below countries like South Korea (3rd), Singapore (31st), China (43rd), Thailand (52nd), Indonesia (47th), Malaysia (65th), Philippines (85th), Vietnam (93rd), Cambodia (110th), Laos (113th), Tanzania (114th), Rwanda (115th), Sudan (116th), etc.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityHard Facts 6 In education, Women to men parity index, as ratio of literacy rates, aged 15-24 (most recent), India is ranked 130th in the world while among Asian nations only Nepal (135th), Pakistan (140th) and Afghanistan (154th) feature below India.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityHard Facts 7 In patent granted, India ranks 52nd in the world with a ratio of 1 patent per million population while the no.1 country Japan has a ratio of 994 patents per million population.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityHard Facts 8 India ranks 1st in the world in Agriculture (Banana production), Crime (Acquitted), Economy (Poverty , Share of all poor people, Health), Children Underweight Rate, Cinema attendance, Films production, Newspapers, Military (Army personnel), Military (Conventional arms imports), Transportation (Total Highways).

The Puzzle called EmployabilityHard Facts 9 India ranks 2nd in the world in Agriculture (Agricultural machinery, tractors), Agriculture (Arable land, hectares), Crime, Corruption, % of managers surveyed ranking this as a major business constraint), Economy (Current transfers, receipts, BOP, current US$), Language (English speakers), Media (Television broadcast stations), Military (Air force personnel), Military ( personnel), People (Total Population, )People (Urban population).

The Puzzle called EmployabilityHard Facts 10 India ranks 3rd in the world in Agriculture (Arable and permanent cropland), Agriculture (Cotton production), Crime (Manslaughters), Disasters (Tsunami , Death toll), Energy (Coal consumption), Energy (Coal production), Health (Abortions), Internet (Users), Religion (Islam population), Terrorism (Terrorist Acts, 1968-2006, Fatalities).

The Puzzle called Employability57% of Indians youth suffer from some degree of unemployability. 90% of the employment opportunities require vocational skills but 90% of our college/ school output has bookish knowledge. Poor quality of skills/ education show up in low incomes rather than unemployment; 58% of the graduates make less than Rs. 75,000 per year

The Puzzle called EmployabilityWhile engineering colleges in India offers extensive theoretical learning to its students but teaches very little about the real life applications what is required in their professional career. The lab facilities in most of the colleges are inadequate and do not match the standards of the colleges in Asian countries.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityWhat most of the Indian B-schools do not teach Lessons on Time management and Priorities. Lessons on commitment, hard and smart working. Lessons on common sense, gut instinct, confidence and foresight. Lessons on managing stress, depression, crisis and change. Lessons on honesty, communicating, negotiating and interviewing.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityLessons on people management, practical aspect of dressing. Lessons on art of networking and entertaining people. Lessons on entrepreneurial attitude. Lessons on global vision, process mindset and balancing EQ & IQ. Lessons on holistic thinking and growth.

The Puzzle called Employability

Have you ever heard of Hard Skills ?

The Puzzle called EmployabilityThe followings refer to ones ability to do the job and are called 'hard skills'. They must include such things as :

Technical ability Knowledge Qualifications

The Puzzle called EmployabilityThe other types of necessary employability skills lately referred to as 'soft skills which is different by far from what people used to refer as soft skills, even a year back.

The Puzzle called EmployabilityTo be precise, its based on Competencies Framework and featured an Employability Skills Framework identifying eight key Employability Skills :

The Puzzle called Employability Initiative Communication Teamwork Problem solving Planning and organizing Self-management Learning Technology

The Puzzle called EmployabilityLately, employers looking for even more Global mindset Cross cultural exposure/ compatibility Superior grooming Neutral accent of English Openness to new experience Openness to learning

The Puzzle called Employability Process mindset Holistic thinking Abstraction Application of knowledge Communication (listen, think, speak, write) Working as a team player

The Puzzle called EmployabilityWe want to see all of you To be highly successful in life and their career graph Shoot up like this

The Puzzle called EmployabilityThanks