{Necromany~Lost a Loved One}

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  • 8/13/2019 {Necromany~Lost a Loved One}



    {Lost a Loved One}

    First of all, lets define exactly what I mean by necromancy, since there are a lot of different opinions abouthis rather controversial type of magick. My approach is to engage with the dead, most notably honorable

    ancestors or honorable spiritual, magickal or occult mentors, seeking communion with such spirits for the

    purpose of inspiration and guidance. I believe that such an engagement should be performed with utmost

    respect, veneration and dignity for the targeted deceased.

    Necromancy {derived from the Greek {nekros}, meaning "dead," and {manteia}, meaning "divination"} is th

    evocation of the dead to obtain omens about future events or secret facts. It is also based upon the belief tha

    the deceased, free of physical limits, holds the power to obtain information that is not accessible to the livin

    Also during the {autumnal equinox} is an excellent time to perform such a ritual, for obvious reasons {it isthe time of death}, and the preferable date in our modern era would be around the end of October, during

    Samhain or All Saints Day, or the Day of the Dead.

    But do also include important date's...it is not manditroty to conduct such a ritual on the specific dates I ha


    Necromancy is a practice that originated in ancient Persia, Greece, and Rome, but was most popular durinthe Middle Ages, and is rare today. The most common form of necromancy is to summon the spirit by

    sacrifices and invocations but there is also the less common practice of attempting to raise the corpse to life

    The rituals demand meticulous execution and exacting preparations involving the choice of a proper place

    for example a cemetery or the ruins of an ancient monastery; the choice of the right time, usually between

    the hours of midnight and one in the morning; use of specific invocations; and accessories, such as bells.

    One of the most important elements is the use of a magic circles or squares which protects the necromance

    and his/her from being harmed by provoking the dead.

    Distant communication has been transformed since ancient times. People can bridge the distance betweenabsent loved ones by picking up a cellular phone, sending e-mail, or boarding a jet that quickly eradicates

    physical distance. Nevertheless, technology has not improved communication when it is death that separate


    There are many examples of necromancy throughout history, but the best-known necromancer was the witc

    of Endor, for instance. Often considered a sinister practice, necromancy was condemned by the Catholic

    Church and was outlawed by the Witchcraft Act of 1604 in Elizabethan England.

  • 8/13/2019 {Necromany~Lost a Loved One}


    This ritual deals with astral and physical forces that can be dangerous if misused or used carelessly. It is

    important that the magician involved knows his/her own limits first before undertaking this ritual, and mus

    be strong minded and strong willed.

    And remember that you are responsible for any outcomes that that also may be unfavorable.

    *A Word of Caution:{Spiritual entities of the dead, should not be banished or called for amusement}

    There is a way that you can bring back a loved one after death. I wouldn't recommend it, though. Death is

    final, and cheating it always leads to bad results. But youll want to know anyway. Well, here you go:

    *First before you go to the graveyard take a dead sea salt bath and soak for an hour then put on clean all

    black clothes or a all black cloak.

    The bath helps purify your energies and your living space from negative influences and other bad energies

    that may be effecting your life.

    Before entering a cemetery.

    Now go to the cemetery that your loved one is buried in under a new moon and this only works for those

    who've been buried, though {theres probably another method for cremation or something, but I dont know


    *You'll need 4 black candles {You may want to also bring whats called a hurricane vase/candle holder this

    will protect the flame from any winds that might be at the cemetery at night its their in order to make sure th

    black candles do not go out, they must remain lit until your awaken or they go out on their own accord via

    till the candle burns out by its self}

    *A Silver Chalice.

  • 8/13/2019 {Necromany~Lost a Loved One}


    *Red wine {Of your liking}

    **Also a fixed date of the ritual must be placed; this can be the birthday, or a very important date of the

    deceased~ a date that the deceased could never forget.

    *You will also need whats called {Wormwood} for it has long had a connection with the spirit forces.

    Historically, it has been used for summoning the spirits of the dead since as early as the ancient Greeks. Fo

    this purpose it was burned on a fire of privet, the wood chosen for use in funeral pyres, as it was also used t

    opened the doors to the underworld.

    It has also the power to summon the spirits of the dead, it should be finely ground and burned on charcoal a

    an incense. Wormwood can be used either to summon a spirit into a medium, or to summon a spirit into

    visible appearance.

    *As well as you will also need Dragons blood incense, the resin product only, in which you will burn at the

    opposite end of the grave/tombstone opposite the wormwood witch lies at the foot, so the dragons blood wi

    be burnt at the head of the grave.

    * A sword preferably, or an athame whatever you prefer or have worked with the most and, have it also

    empowered first before you begin.

    *Now draw out in the dirt your {own} sigils that are personal unto you and your deceased surrounding the

    perimeter of your loved one's grave with your {sword} or an athame, also draw out a square surrounding th

    grave..the sigils will be placed within the square.

    * You will now after you have drawn out the sigils within, place the four black candles at each point of the

    {four} corners of the perimeter of the grave/tombstone.{The diagram should be 9 by 9 feet length times


    *Finally, the most important component of this rite {in my opinion} is the linkage between the seeker and th

    deceased person that he or she wishes to contact. A suitable and specific target for the rite must be

    established before it is even attempted. It is better if that target is a blood relative or a departed member of

    ones family, but spiritual kinship can also be used as a link to the ghost of the departed. Seekers should hav

    something that helps them to identify and also connect with the deceased, such as old belongings or a prize

    possession. Still, a single photograph of the deceased can be sufficient to act as the focus of a necromantic

    rite. A photograph and other items should be treated as if they were aspects of the deceased - in other word

  • 8/13/2019 {Necromany~Lost a Loved One}


    one should address petitions and other exhortations to the picture or belongings as if they were that person

    This may require some meditation and even some trance work in advance to assist one in making this cruci

    mental connection.

    My opinion is that a necromantic rite cant be seen as a completely objective means of summoning and

    materializing the ghosts of the departed. It requires the strong association and bond between the seeker and

    the deceased, so what does manifest is mostly in the mind and soul of the living person and only partiallyassociated with the deceased. What this means is that the degree of success of this rite has a lot to do with

    the strength of the bond between the living seeker, the deceased ancestor.Another objection that could be

    made is that necromancy is nothing more than a ritually conflated form of channeling or performing a

    seance. One could argue that using elaborate rituals to commune or communicate with the dead is

    completely unnecessary, since simpler forms of divination or psychic communication are all that is required

    However, necromancy has a verifiable historical precedence and an antique pedigree that has continued to

    make it an item of interest and engagement throughout the centuries. For every occult methodology there ar

    probably a multitude of ways to accomplish the same exact end, so whichever one we choose represents how

    we believe, function and accomplish our ends within the various occult disciplines.

    If one is a reputed psychic or master diviner, then that will be the methodology that one would employ to

    communicate with the dead; yet if one is a ritual magician, then perhaps a ritual working might be used

    instead. Still, a necromantic rite causes the seeker, the guide and attendees to be completely immersed into

    kind of temporary mystery temple of death, where they not only commune with the targeted shade of the

    deceased, but also experience a transformative insight into the nature of life itself. Through a manifestation

    of this mystery, participants learn first hand what might transpire for anyone after their own death.

    Allow me to continue with the ritual at hand here.

    *Now also make sure that you take one material object that is most important to you with you. The emotion

    from this object, this sacrifice, will provide your power.

    *Also collect memorials of the deceased you wish to conjure {trinkets, things they loved, and belongings yo

    will also need a picture of your loved one and place it next to the head of the grave/tomb and {nail} it into

    the earth