NCCC Team Leader Alumna - Tiffany Shares Her Story

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NCCC Alumna Tiffany shares her service story and how she stays involved with NCCC.


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    Get to the Point Alumni spotlight

    Gulf coast recovery

    inspires lasting service

    by Samantha Cass, Buffalo 2

    Tiffany Zapico was a Corps Member on

    Red 4, Class XIII, and also a Team Leader

    for Blue 4, Class XIV at the Pacific Region.

    She currently lives in Montclair, New Jer-

    sey, right outside of New York City.

    Tiffany first learned about AmeriCorps

    NCCC while working at a restaurant. A

    co-workers girlfriend, who was an

    NCCC member at the time, told Tiffany

    about her experience. Tiffany looks

    back at this moment as, Just your ran-

    dom good luck.

    As a Corps Member, Tiffany took on

    the role of Service Learning Coordina-

    tor. Much of Tiffanys AmeriCorps life

    consisted of projects along the Gulf

    Coast. There, she assisted in disaster

    recovery from the devastating Hurri-

    cane Katrina and in doing so learned

    quite a lot. She gained insight on her

    own leadership skills as well as the

    power of the community and that of her

    team. Her most inspirational moment

    was from a day of service named "The

    Pascagoula Service Blitz."

    My first round project as a Corps

    Member, we were at Community Cen-

    ter for a Day of Service. We wanted to

    help some homeowners in a neighbor-

    hood, so we invited other NCCC teams

    for Independent Service Project hours.

    A total of 67 Corps Members showed

    up for the Day of Service, which made

    me feel supported by the Corps. I really

    enjoyed helping people and learning

    that we could bring people together.

    NCCC allowed her the opportunity to

    meet new people, make new friends

    whom she now considers as her family,

    and she also enjoyed the road trips.

    I seem to have caught the nomad

    bug, she said. She likes to travel

    from place to place. But most of all,

    she greatly enjoyed seeing the appre-

    ciation of the people for her help,

    which in turn lead her to learn to re-

    ally appreciate people.

    AmeriCorps really helped shape her

    career in non-profit management. After

    graduating from NCCC, she took on a

    position as a special education teacher

    through Teach for America. Today, she

    works for Reading Partners in New

    York as a Program Manager while de-

    voting her time to volunteering with

    AmeriCorps Alums, the AmeriCorps

    NCCC Advisory Board and she is the

    chair of the AmeriCorps NCCC Alumni

    Leadership Council. Her involvement

    consists of connecting with other Al-

    ums to bring them together for days of

    service and job opportunities.

    Buffalo 2 greatly enjoyed speaking with

    her. For me personally, her story really

    captivated me, and I really enjoyed

    talking with her. For all of you who ever

    get to meet her, shes a lot of fun.

    Lastly, here are some words of advice

    to all AmeriCorps NCCC Members,

    courtesy of Tiffany: You all should

    take a lot of pictures and videos. You

    should write about your experiences,

    because youll really look back on them

    in a different light someday. Everyone

    should enjoy every day for what it is.

    Stay positive and always think possibil-

    ities are endless in AmeriCorps NCCC.

    Team Leader Tiffany Zapico with her Pacific Region team Blue 4.

    An AmeriCorps tent in the Gulf region

    where Corps members would gather.

    Tiffany preps with proper PPE before

    gutting a house in St. Bernard Parish