NC Odyssey of the Mind Awareness Session

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NC Odyssey of the Mind Awareness Session. International Creative Problem-Solving Program. NCOM Eastern Region Mission To Provide Creative Problem-Solving Opportunities for everyone and To Foster Original and Divergent Thinking. Teams, Coaches, Practices, Meets. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of NC Odyssey of the Mind Awareness Session

  • NC Odyssey of the Mind

    Awareness Session

  • International Creative Problem-Solving ProgramNCOM Eastern RegionMissionTo Provide Creative Problem-Solving Opportunities for everyoneandTo Foster Original and Divergent Thinking

    Teams, Coaches, Practices, Meets

  • History of Odyssey of the MindThe program was started by a NJ College Educator, Dr. C. Samuel Micklus (Dr. Sam)

    Dr. Sam challenged students in his courses to solve assignments in unusual and creative ways. At the end of the semester, students presented their solutions in a competition

    In 1978-1979, the Odyssey of the Mind program began. Originally it was called Olympics of the Mind

    North Carolina was one of the 1st States outside NJ to participate and compete in an OotM World Finals (were currently in our 31st year). Non-profit organizations in individual states/countries operate the program in their area Creative Competitions, Inc. (the international organization) was formed to develop the problems and administer the program at the national, and later, the international level

  • OOTM develops real-life communication and brainstorming skills, and rewards creativity and calculated risk-taking in the solution of complex problemsFocus is to develop divergent, independent-thinking skills (thinking outside the box, taking the path less traveled) through a challenging, AND FUN, learning process

  • What do we mean by divergent-thinking?Convergent Problem Solving - for every problem, there is just one correct answerDivergent Problem Solving - for every problem, there may be many correct answersOdyssey of the Mind encourages young people to explore many possible answers and to be creative in finding a solution

    Odyssey of the Mind allows kids to use their imaginations to interpret and solve complex problems in a FUN way!

  • Odyssey of the Mind InvolvesThe Most Creative and Original Solution Possible

  • Memberships & Team Structure

    Memberships are from: schools, clubs, churches, libraries, community groups and home schoolsTeams of up to 7 membersP-DI-DII-DIII-DIVPrimary: K-2Div I: Grades K-5 Div II: Grades 6 8Div III Grades 9 - 12Div IV: Enrollment in College

    (based upon highest grade team member)

  • Solutions to the problems are ENTIRELY that of the team. No OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE is allowedOUTSIDEASSISTANCEQuestions YESAnswers - NO

  • Long-TermThe Three Components of OOTM 200 Points Specific Rules Open-Ended Solution Presented in Skit Form (8-min) 100 Points On the Spot Anything Goes 3 Types Verbal Hands On - Combo/Hybrid50 Points Elaboration of LT Pizzazz, Sparkle, Polish Team Chosen ElementsLong-Term + Style + Spontaneous = Total ScoreStyleSpontaneousTotal 350 Points

  • The Long-Term ProblemsThere are six new problems each year (Aug -Sept)200 Points

    P1 Vehicle Pet Project

    P2 Technical The Email Must Go Through

    P3 Classics ARTchitecture: The Musical

    P4 Structure Tumble-wood

    P5 Theatrical Its How You Look At It

    Primary Demonstration Only Top Sea-cret Discoveries*

    *Not all problems are offered in all age Divisions

  • There is a Cost Limit to each problem ($125-145) - Only the materials used in competition are included in the cost - Duct tape & cardboard, lawn-sale value, scavenging - Some items are exempt from cost, these are listed in the Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide

    Performance Time Limit: 8 minutes

  • What do OMERs Need?

  • Participation requires a commitment by Team members and CoachesTeams generally work on their LT Problems from Oct-Feb.

    Meeting times vary by age and team. In general, teams meet twice a week. This is a very large commitment and not all teams make it to their regional tournament therefore:


    One team is awarded 1st Place for each LT Problem and Division In NC 1st and 2nd Place Teams are invited to attend the StateTournament.Commitment

  • CoachesAll VolunteersRegional TrainingSupport: Books, Videos, Web pages,

  • Training Tournament Temperament 2 4 hours No training Pre-tournament or at tournament

  • Expenses Membership in Odyssey of the Mind International $135 per school or org. NCOM Regional & State Registration $105 per team. $80 per team Early Bird before (date TBA) Coaches Training per Coach $20 ($15 if pre-registered) Team Support Snacks & Supplies R & D Judge Volunteer Travel to Tournaments

  • TimelineLate August Mid DecemberPurchase international membershipOctober 6, 2012Coaches Training - Salem MS, ApexDecember 21, 2012Early Bird Registration DeadlineFebruary 9, 2013Judges Training Morris Grove Elem., Chapel HillMarch 2, 2013Eastern Region TournamentSeawell Elem, Smith MS, Chapel Hill HSNovember 3, 2012Technology Fair Tech Shop, RaleighSpontaneous Fair Mills Park Elem., ApexJanuary 12, 2013

  • NCOM State TournamentApril 6, 2013Coastal RegionEastern Carolina University, Greenville, NC

  • World Finals - 2013May 22- 25 Michigan State University - East Lansing, MichiganAn International ExtravaganzaThe Odyssey of the Mind is truly a worldwide competition. Participants include teams from Australia, Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Siberia, Singapore, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, West Africa, and practically every state in the U.S. The annual Odyssey of the Mind World Finals is an event to behold. It embodies the international spirit of creativity!