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Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) Training Status & Way Ahead Jim White, PMW 240T September 2012

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  • Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) Training Status & Way Ahead Jim White, PMW 240T September 2012
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  • 2 Focuses of Brief 1. NSIPS Programmatic Background/Status 2. Training Support Status 3. Training Support Planned Way Ahead 4. Progress Update
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  • 3 Personnel and Pay Acquisition History [Context] FY2008FY2009FY2010FY2011FY2012FY2013FY2014FY2015 TBD DIMHRS FPPS DIMHRS cancelled by SECDEF Feb 2010 DoD/Joint Navy Pay & Personnel USN Resets FPPS to Pre-MS A Oct 10 FPPS PE Ends FY2012 NSIPS NSIPS Dev/Mod Navy Personnel Personnel Pay CBA AOA Pay solution (TBD) Navy decision to modernize NSIPS while defining pay solution
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  • 4 Navys Success-Oriented Approach to Modernizing Personnel Capability Minimize change management challenges NSIPS is Navys field-level input system for Active and Reserve personnel Personnel professionals and service members are familiar with NSIPS, and are using some self-service capabilites Approval authority hierarchy in place for eLeave can be leveraged for many other automated business processes Leverage existing capability (NSIPS) Navy was an early adopter of PeopleSoft HR capability; has many years of functional and technical experience using PeopleSoft tools NSIPS uses modern software and hardware no technical obsolescence issues NSIPS operates in a disconnected mode conserving limited bandwidth Develop effective and efficient business processes and apply technology as needed Primary issues are with inefficient business processes and lack of data integration, not with NSIPS itself
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  • 5 Personnel Strategy Acquisition strategy for Navy personnel capability is to develop/modernize the existing Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) NSIPS is the foundational system for Navy personnel, currently in Operations and Support/Sustainment phase - not an active ACAT Reserve Headquarters Support (RHS), Officer Personnel Information System (OPINS), Inactive Manpower and Personnel Management Information System (IMAPMIS), and Navy Enlisted System (NES) also provide current personnel capability NSIPS Dev/Mod may subsume these capabilities Use of NSIPS to meet Navy personnel requirements allows for: No new single acquisition program of record to meet Navy personnel capability needs Dev/Mods to be acquired under the Business Capability Lifecycle (BCL) using a tailored approach First Dev/Mod defined by Functional Sponsor is Retirements and Separations
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  • 6 NSIPS Training Status Formal training was removed from YN & PS A Schools Reinstatement in PS A School underway Original training materials developed with NSIPS (CBT, embedded help) are not current Heavy reliance on OJT at PSDs Substantially reduced waterfront support for training Reserves have some formal training for NSIPS underway
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  • 7 Current NSIPS Training Gaps PS/YN HPPR hosted by CSS from 1-4 Feb, 2011 Fleet called for reinstituting NSIPS training into the YN & PS A Schools US Fleet Forces Command Action Item Provide description of shore infrastructure to support pipeline training for NSIPS Note: OJT is not an acceptable plan for maintaining ship's crew proficiency. OPNAV N16 FIT Evaluation of Navy Personnel Systems revealed Fleet knowledge gap for personnel systems and services The lack of knowledge (training) results in confusion among Fleet users regarding how to access and use personnel systems, such as the Electronic Service Record Formal training required for multiple Fleet user groups Sailor/Command Pass Coordinator training/performance support needed Civilian and contractor personnel providing PSD services also need NSIPS training
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  • 8 Way Ahead - Major Training Tasks Task AreaLead NTSP UpdatePMW 240 Update Job, Duty, Task Analysis data for A-Schools training NETC N7 Update Job, Duty, Task Analysis data for non-A- Schools training PMW 240 NSIPS Embedded Help UpdatePMW 240 NSIPS Job Aids and CBT (if needed)PMW 240 Update Waterfront Training Support MaterialsPMW 240 A School Curriculum UpdateCenter for Service Support Develop Updates to Training Materials for new capabilities PMW 240 Conduct Fleet Introduction Training for new capabilities BUPERS
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  • 9 Schedule
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  • 10 1.Configured NSIPS training server for immediate use by NTTC Meridian and Naval Justice School Det, SDiego 2.Established TRPPM Advisory Board MPT&E SMEs to guide the analysis Principals include: OPNAV N1BX, OPNAV N16, PMW 240 Participants include: BUPERS 26, COMNAVRESFOR, NPPSC, NETC N7, CSS 3.Identified Fleet Top 10 NSIPS Training/Performance Support priorities Beginning with Transfers/Receipts JPA Scheduled completion 28 SEP 12 Page 2 next 4.Developed POA&M 5.Began NTSP Update Progress
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  • 11 1.ISD analysis on next priority 1. Determine training/performance support medium 2. Produce training/performance support intervention 3. Repeat the process 2.Assess need for more E2E solution 1. Perhaps Sailor/CPC Front-End to NPPSC SOPs w/ PMW 240 Training/Performance Support Intervention 3.Finalize NSIPS NTSP Update Next Steps
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  • 12 Discussion, Questions?