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NAVMC Sponsor Update June 2015

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Here is what our sponsors and donors have empowered us to accomplish recently. Thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts to help others.

Text of NAVMC Sponsor Update June 2015

  • Thank You for Caring

    Here is what YOU have accomplished this year!

  • Volunteer Teams

    Trauma Victims Treated!

    Two NAVMC medical teams worked in Haiti treating trauma victims and teaching Haitian orthopedic residents.

    Toilets and Plumbing for orphanage!

    A NAVMC construction team built toilet facilities and restored water systems at New Life Orphanage in Haiti.

    Dental Care for Orphans!

    A NAVMC dental team treated children of several Haitian orphanages: There is no routine dental care.

    Let there be light!

    A NAVMC electrical team restored power to Renmen orphanage, they had been without electricity for 3 months.

    Ortho Residents at work

    Light after 3 months of darkness

  • Education and Medical Supplies

    at Hospital Bernard Mews

    Medical Student Casting Seminar

    In May, Dr. John Durham and the Orthopedic

    Trauma Association, provided a training program

    for Haitian Orthopedic Surgeons, Residents and

    Medical Students in Port-au-Prince.

    An anonymous donor donated

    $17,000 through NAVMC to purchase

    a SIGN Nail set for Haiti.

    These orthopedic implants will help treat the

    majority of long bone fractures seen at Hospital

    Bernard Mews (HBM).SIGN Nail at HBM

  • Education in Haiti

    Ange is now in her third year of

    nursing school funded by


    Manoucheca is self-sufficient

    and employed after a year long

    college level training program

    funded by NAVMC.

    At New Life and Renmen

    orphanages in Haiti, NAVMC

    continues to feed and educate

    150 children.



  • Support for

    Local Youth Development

    Camp Colton

    Camp Colton was founded in

    1971 and is Flagstaff Unified

    School District's experiential

    environmental education

    program for sixth grade


    Cinder Hillbillies 4-H Archery

    A youth archery group teaching

    leadership and life skills.

    Camp Colton

    4-H Archery

  • Higher Education

    Nerlande and Bebe,

    from the Renmen

    Orphanage, just

    completed their first

    semester of college

    at NAU.

    They are living with

    one of the NAVMC

    volunteer families in


    From Haiti

    To NAU


    Zombie Blood Drive: Halloween

    At our first-annual Halloween

    Zombie Blood Drive in Flagstaff

    30 units of blood collected!

    Good times with the first-

    annual Zombie Hand Drop!

    $11,500 RAISED for the

    Flagstaff Family Food Center!

    Zombie Hand Drop!


  • Swingin Fore Kids Golf Tournament


    The 3rd-annual golf tournament

    raised thousands of dollars for

    NAVMC efforts.

    Our Nate Avery Memorial Hole was

    dedicated to Flagstaff Family Food

    Center, which received proceeds

    from the Split the Pot.

    $22,000 was the total raised from

    the first-annual Golf Ball Drop,

    courtesy of Classic Air Medical.Nate Avery Memorial Hole

    $123,000 raised

    Golf Ball Drop!

  • Earthquake in Nepal The village of Langtang

    $5,000 was donated by

    NAVMC to two

    organizations providing

    direct relief to victims of

    the recent tragedy in


    NAVMC gathered

    orthopedic implants and

    sent them to Nepalese

    Orthopedic Surgeons to

    treat victims of the




  • Collaboration and Volunteerism

    NAVMC volunteers helped pack

    food for Haiti working with Kids

    Against Hunger (KAH).

    Renmen Orphanage received

    9,500 meals from KAH in March


    NAVMC supported the recent

    fundraiser for Nepal at the

    Orpheum in Flagstaff where

    $12,000 was raised!

    NAVMC volunteers have worked

    at the Flagstaff Family Food

    Center, serving meals.

    Renmen Orphanage


    Santa Claus arrived at

    Renmen Orphanage

    with a small gift for

    each child sent by

    NAVMC, last


  • Thank you for all you have done, and all the lives you have helped!