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    Welcome Autonomous Driving in the context of Highly Accurate Maps - Standards - NDS and OADF 06.09.2017 IFA-Droidcon-GeoIT, Berlin Dr. Volker Sasse VP NavInfo Chairman NDS / OADF



    4.San Jose





    If you want to go FAST, go alone. If you want to go FAR, go together.

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 2 NAVINFO NDS

    Autonomous Driving (AD) Revolution Map Inside AD

    reduce CO2 by 50%

    ... Some estimate global yearly savings of 5.6 billion

    ... saving 25% parking space, e.g. in Germany

    ... improve effectivity of 1.2 billion people by 1h time each day

    ... potential to generate net 5 billion new media revenue

    ... Telecom equipment investment rise very high (~ 100 billion )

    ... eliminates human errors within traffic

    reduce the 1.2 million deaths globally due to car accidents(2011)

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 3 NAVINFO NDS

    Autonomous Driving (AD) Revolution Map Inside AD

    Some quotes about AD in general are: The obstacles to mass adoption of AD appear relatively easy to solve. As with other innovations before, each society must and will adapt. Current production cars already installed several AD functions. Ref.:Autonomous Cars: Self-Driving the New Auto Industry Paradigm, Morgan Stanley Research.

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 4 NAVINFO NDS

    Autonomous Driving (AD) Revolution Map/Information is Important

    History shows: The Map was always of high importance

    AD requires the support of better maps

    Consequence: The whole world will be mapped extremely precise

    Japan collected all freeway maps for AD at Olympia 2020

    But AD requires worldwide standard maps and more cooperation

    Each car acts on map data collection other updates are too slow

    Massive map data are stored and processed in clouds

    Up and down streams will fill the air with map data

    Legal, ethic & insurance issues which includes maps need to solved

    AD sensor information including maps needs to be secure after all

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 5 NAVINFO NDS

    Autonomous Driving (AD) Revolution

    Map Suppliers assure consistency in the map clouds

    Sensors create a buffer around a car

    A domain controller is the central new BRAIN in a car - both HW & SW

    (subset of sensors)

    Domain Controller


    Maps are Updated Geocoded Sensors

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 6 NAVINFO NDS

    Autonomous Driving (AD) Revolution 1.Map geocodes

    2.OADF motivation


    Car 2 Car seen as AD module

    Car 2 Car sends the warning

    The Map geocodes dangers asap


    The Open Auto Drive Forum gathers several players,

    is internationally active,

    is organizing share specs&tools,

    needs motivators & partners in order to fulfill the mission!

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 7 NAVINFO NDS

    OADF Forum: founded by NDS e.V. and the ADASIS Forum in November 2015, first meeting in December 2015

    Meanwhile, also SENSORIS & TISA joined

    Connected with SIP-adus (Japan) and ISO

    More organizations of the relevant business are about to join

    The Initiative

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 8 NAVINFO NDS

    Standardization Organization: NDS

    Compatibility and interoperability Compatibility and interoperability for the exchange of map data between NDS compliant systems is the key objective of the NDS format. Separation of application software & map data In proprietary navigation systems the application software and the map data are combined. A separation of the two creates the desired flexibility between NDS compliant systems.

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 9 NAVINFO NDS

    Standardization Organization: NDS

    Updates At present, a variety of different update media and several update mechanisms are available for several in-car systems or mobile clients. NDS provides a harmonized format for different systems, and flexibility regarding map composing and map update. Roadmap of Association WORK on the NDS Successor Workshop results in revolutionary new design Scope of the new product is AD

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 10 NAVINFO NDS

    Standardization Organization: NDS

    Further features / objectives World-wide usability Format compactness and efficiency Support of different distribution and work media Map enhancements like 3D objects and detailed maps for cities as

    well as driver assistance functions Flexibility in terms of extension and inclusion of proprietary data Prevention of illegal copying Validation of the format interoperability by a conformance

    checking tool

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 11 NAVINFO NDS

    Standardization Organization: NDS

    Web site:

    Partners: ->

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 12 NAVINFO NDS

    Standardization Organization:

    Aim: To enable and/or enhance the functionalities of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), vehicle manufacturers want to access and use the information provided by navigation systems such as map data, vehicle position and speed. In order for ADAS applications to access this data, an appropriate information exchange interface must be defined. This is the overall aim of the ADASIS Forum/AISBL. Web site: Partners: AISIN AW, Alpine, AND products BV, Autoliv, Autonavi, BMW, Centro Tecnologico de lAutomocion Galicia (CTAG), Continental Automotive, Daimler, Denso, dSPACE, Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, FORD, Garmin, HERE, Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd., Honda, Hyundai Motor Company, Honda, Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH, IPG Automotive GmbH, Jaguar Land Rover, LG Electronics, Magna Elecrtonic Europe GmbH Co. KG, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Europe, NAVINFO Co. Ltd., NNG LLC, Novero, Opel, Panasonic, Renault, Robert Bosch Car Multimedia, TeleNav,Tom Tom,Toyota Motor Corporation, TRW, Valeo, Volkswagen, Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Technology Corporation (VTEC) , Zenrin

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 13 NAVINFO NDS

    Standardization Organization:

    TISA (Traveller Information Services Association) is a non-profit company Focus: proactive implementation of traffic and travel information

    services and products based on existing standards, including primarily RDS-TMC and TPEGTM technologies.

    TPEG specifications offer method for transmitting multimodal traffic and travel information, regardless of client type, location or required delivery channel (e.g. DAB, HD radio, Internet, DVB-x, DMB, GPRS, Wi-Fi ).

    Web site: TISA membership has steadily grown to more than 100 members to date.

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 14 NAVINFO NDS

    Standardization Organization:

    The Sensor Ingestion Interface Specification describes the needed technical requirements of data sets for vehicles submitting rich data gathered by on-board car sensors. In constitutional phase organized by Ertico Continental, Daimler, Elektrobit, Harman, HERE, TomTom, NAVINFO, Jaguar, LG, Pioneer, Qualcomm, ...

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 15 NAVINFO NDS

    None Std Standard Partly Std







    Sensor DATA

    Lidar Radar Video C2X etc.








  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 16 NAVINFO NDS

    Open Auto Drive Forum Terms

    Objectives 1. Act as a platform to present the latest developments and achievements

    towards a connected world of autonomous cars 2. Act as open discussion platform for cross-domain topics in the area of

    autonomous driving that require cooperation throughout the industry 3. Generate globally applicable, state-of-the-art solution possibilities as further

    input for standardization in organized bodies 4. Connect local authorities and the global industry to facilitate future


    Mission is to develop industry wide accepted state-of-the-art solutions for autonomous driving which are compatible and work in the defined ecosystem.

  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 17 NAVINFO NDS

    Open Auto Drive Forum Structure

    Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF) Processes, Quality Solutions & Legal Topics

    Taskforce b Confidence System for Eco-System Data

    (Meta Files)

    Taskforce c Quality Assessment

    Methods (Spice/ASIL Extension)

    Taskforce a Eco-System

    Architecture & Interfaces

    Support Teams

    Taskforce x Localisation/Positio

    ning, Certification Content,...

    OADF Speaker defined by SC Primus inter Pares

    Steering Committee (SC) Chairmen of participating standardisation


  • GeoIT 06.09.2017 I Dr. Volker Sasse 18 NAVINFO NDS

    Web site OADF

    The OADF maintains the web site It provides a public section as well as a section which is only accessible for OADF members(participants). Please apply for a free of charge registration. The latter cont