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  • 4 Nature Trail

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    Native Wildflower Meadow

    33 22















    CCrréécchhee SSiittee

    11 Native Irish Trees

    22 Pond Fjords

    33 Conifer Woodlands

    44 Native Wildflower Meadow

    55 Deciduous Woodlands

    66 The Boardwalk

    AA Picnic Area

    BB Piazza


  • Native Wildflower Meadow Ireland is home to a remarkably diverse range of wildflowers. The Burren in County Clare is famous for the wildflowers found on its limestone pavements. Here in Honeypark there are over 20 different species of native and introduced wildflowers. Here are just some of them.

    11.. BBlluueebbeellll HHyyaacciinntthhooiiddeess NNoonn--ssccrriippttaa // CCooiinnnnllee CCoooorraa

    Flowering Time: April-May. Perennial bulb. Native. Height: 20-50cm

    22.. WWoooodd SSaaggee TTeeuuccrriiuumm SSccoorrooddoonniiaa // IIúúrr SSllééiibbhhee

    Flowering time: July-September. Perennial. Native. Height: 25-60cm

    33.. SSwweeeett VViioolleett VViioollaa OOddoorraattaa // SSaaiillcchhuuaacchh cchhuummhhrraa

    Flowering Time: March-May. Occasionally native, often introduced.

    44.. PPrriimmrroossee PPrriimmuullaa VVuullggaarriiss // SSaabbhhaaiirrccíínn

    Flowering time: December-May. Perennial. Native. Height: 15cm

    4 Nature Trail

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  • Native Wildflower Meadow

    4 Nature Trail

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    55.. HHeemmpp--aaggrriimmoonnyy EEuuppaattoorriiuumm CCaannnnaabbiinnuumm // CCnnááiibb UUiissccee

    Flowering time: July-September. Perennial. Native. Height: 120cm

    66.. WWoooodd AAvveennss GGeeuumm UUrrbbaannuumm // MMaaccaallll CCooiillllee

    Flowering time: April-September. Perennial. Native. Height: 25-60 cm

    77.. WWiilldd AAnnggeelliiccaa AAnnggeelliiccaa SSyyllvveessttrriiss // GGaallllffhheeaabbhhrráánn

    Flowering time: July-September. Perennial. Native.

    88.. SSlleennddeerr PPaarrsslleeyy--ppiieerrtt AApphhaanneess AAuussttrraalliiss // AA.. MMiiccrrooccaarrppaa // MMiioonnáánn MMuuiirree CCaaooll

    Flowering: May-August. Annual. Native.

    99.. CCoommmmoonn SSoorrrreell RRuummeexx AAcceettoossaa // SSaammhhaaddhh BBóó

    Flowering: May-June. Dioecious perennial. Native.

  • Native Wildflower Meadow

    4 Nature Trail

    PAGE 44

    1100.. RRiibbwwoorrtt PPllaannttaaiinn PPllaannttaaggoo LLaanncceeeeoollaattaa // SSlláánnuuss

    Flowering time: April-October. Perennial. Native. Height: Stems to 50cm.

    1111.. RReedd CCaammppiioonn SSiilleennee DDiiooiiccaa // CCooiirreeáánn CCooiilllleeaacchh

    Flowering: April-August. Perennial, sometimes annual. Native.

    1122.. RRaammssoonnss // WWiilldd GGaarrlliicc AAlllliiuumm UUrrssiinnuumm // CCrreeaammhh

    Flowering time: March-May. Perennial bulb. Native. Height: to 35 cm

    1133.. MMeeaaddoowwsswweeeett FFiilliippeenndduullaa UUllmmaarriiaa // AAiirrggeeaadd LLuuaacchhrraa

    Flowering time: June-September. Perennial. Native. Height: 60-120 cm

    1144.. CCoommmmoonn KKnnaappwweeeedd HHaarrddhheeaadd // CCeennttaauurreeaa NNiiggrraa // MMiinnssccootthh

    Flowering time: July-September. Perennial. Native. Height: 1m

  • Native Wildflower Meadow

    4 Nature Trail

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    1155.. FFooxxgglloovvee DDiiggiittaalliiss PPuurrppuurreeaa // LLuuss mmóórr

    Flowering time: June-August. Biennial. Native. Height: 60-180 cm

    1166.. DDeevviillss--bbiitt SSccaabbiioouuss SSuucccciissaa PPrraatteennssiiss // OOddhhrraacchh BBhhaallllaacchh

    Flowering time: July-October. Perennial / biennial. Native. Height: 40-120 cm

    1177.. CCoowwsslliipp PPrriimmuullaa VVeerriiss // BBaaiinnnnee BBóó BBlleeaacchhttááiinn

    Flowering time: April-May. Perennial. Native / introduced. Height: 3-10cm

    1188.. LLeesssseerr BBuurrddoocckk AArrccttiiuumm MMiinnuuss // CCnnááddáánn

    Flowering Time: July-September. Biennial. Native. Height: 60-130 cm

  • Native Wildflower Meadow

    Mini-beast hunt A bonus of a wildflower meadow is the wild life it attracts, including bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. The world's bees and other pollinating insects are in crisis- without healthy populations of insect pollinators, our future food security is under threat. It is therefore important to restore and protect our threatened wildflower meadows.

    You might find some of these creatures here;

    4 Nature Trail

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    11.. BBuummbbllee BBeeee BBoommbbuuss TTeerrrreessttrriiss // BBuummbbóógg

    Often confused with Honey Bees, the Bumble Bee is larger and furrier. There are 20 different species of Bumble Bee in Ireland. 14 true Bumble Bees and 6 Cuckoo Bumble Bees. Bees store their venom in a sac attached to their stinger and only female bees sting. Bees see all colours except the colour red. That and their sense of smell help them find the flowers they need to collect pollen.

    22.. HHoovveerrffllyy SSyyrrpphhuuss RRiibbeessiiii // BBeeaacchh

    Around 180 species have been recorded in Ireland in a wide range of habitats. Many species mimic Bees, Wasps or Bumble Bees to deter predators. The mimicry is often very close and it makes people nervous of them. But it’s only a bluff because no hoverfly species can sting.

    33.. WWaasspp VVeessppuullaa VVuullggaarriiss // FFooiicchhee

    Wasps are distinguishable from Bees by their pointed lower abdomens and the narrow "waist," called a petiole, that separates the abdomen from the thorax. Typically, Wasps are most active during the day and usually return to their nests at dusk. Most Wasps live less than one year and some only live for a few months. Queens sometimes live for several years.

    44.. RReedd AAddmmiirraall BBuutttteerrffllyy VVaanneessssaa AAttaallaannttaa // AAiimmiirrééaall DDeeaarrgg

    A large and strong-flying Butterfly, The Red Admiral is common in gardens and can be found throughout Ireland. It is attracted to gardens where it feeds on buddleia, several other flowering species and also over-ripe fruit.

  • Native Wildflower Meadow - Mini-beast hunt

    4 Nature Trail

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    55.. PPeeaaccoocckk BBuutttteerrffllyy IInnaacchhiiss IIoo// PPééaaccóógg

    The Peacock's spectacular pattern of eyespots, evolved to startle or confuse predators, make it one of the most easily recognized and best known species. It is from these wing markings that the butterfly gained its common name.

    66.. EEmmppeerroorr MMootthh SSaattuurrnniiaa PPaavvoonniiaa // IImmppiirree

    The adult Emperor Moth is a truly spectacular insect. The male of this large, day-flying moth species is a particularly striking sight, with prominent black and yellow eye spots, reminiscent of the eyes of an owl. It can easily be mistaken for a butterfly due to its bright colours.

    77.. LLaacceewwiinngg FFllyy CChhrryyssooppeerrllaa CCaarrnneeaa // SScciiaatthháánn

    Lacewings are common flying insects about 12 - 15mm and with green bodies and lovely delicate green lacy wings which lie folded on their back when at rest. They are best known as a predator of aphids, and fully deserve the nickname "aphid lion" as a single insect can consume 100-600 aphids in its lifetime.

    88.. LLaaddyybbiirrdd CCoocccciinneelllliiddaaee // BBóóíínn

    There are 18 species from the ladybird family living in Ireland, the most common species is the seven-spot ladybird. Most ladybirds eat aphids or greenfly which are garden pests and this is why so many people love to see ladybirds..