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    Course # CRN # Course Title Date Campus CostYCLS-5227 61103 Nature Merit Badge 6/26 - 6/27/18 DR $10.00

    YCLS-5228 61102 Fish and Wildlife Management 6/28/18 DR $10.00Merit Badge

    June 26, 2018 June 28, 2018Tuesday - Thursday8:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.

    Downriver Campus21000 Northline Road, Taylor, MI 48180

    Nature Merit Badge provides scouts with a understanding ofa very close connection between the soil, the plants, and allanimal life, including people. Understanding this connection,and the impact we have upon it, is important to preserving thewilderness, as well as to our own well-being as members ofthe web of nature.

    Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge provides aninsight into wildlife management from the science and art ofmanaging the wildlife, both animals and fish, with which weshare our planet. By maintaining the proper balance and thedynamics that go with it requires humankind's attention.Understanding various stewardship tools to help minimize oreradicate the possibility of extinction of any given species.


    Please register at the Downriver Campus, 21000 Northline, Taylor, MI 48180.Registration form is on the back of this flyer.



    For more information contact Jacqueline GrowPhone: 734-946-3500 ext. 3208

    Registration call 734-374-3229

    in partnership with The Boy Scouts of America presents

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    Card Holder Signature ______________________________________________________________________________

    * the college will use your Student iD number for record keeping, identification and billing.

    Course number CRn number Course title Campus Cost

    YClS-5227 61103 DR $10.00

    YClS-5228 61102 DR $10.00

    Optional Section: Not considered in determining admissibility. Federally required

    reporting information: Sex: n Male n Female Marital Status: n Married n Single

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    Return Check PolicyStudents are liable for all amounts pertaining to any bank rejected checks, which includes but is not necessarily limited to the following:The amount of the rejected check, a $20 District service fee for NSF (bad check) processing, a $20 deferred fee charge assessed by the external check guarantee company utilized by the District.

    All checks written to the college are verified by an external check guarantee agency. All returned checks are subject to theagencys collection fees. Stop payment of check does not initiate cancellation of classes. You must officially withdraw from your classes.

    Registration: To register, please visit the Downriver Campus on Northline Road in Taylor. Registering in person will ensure each scout is assigned theirstudent number, personalized school email address, and to complete their individual safety forms for the first day attending camp. The registration officenumber is 734-374-3229. For questions or more information, feel free to contact Jacqueline Grow by calling 734-946-3500 or send an email to Badge Requirements: Scouts can obtain the pre-work information required for their selected merit badge(s) by visiting the Boy Scouts of America website. Scroll down the website page and select the badge being earned to see the merit badge requirements. or pre-printed packets are also available at the Downriver Campus in the registration office.

    CE Registration Form - The Boy Scouts of America Please use one registration form per student. Feel free to duplicate this form as needed.

    ID Number* Date of Birth

    Last Name (Please Print) First Name

    Applicant Signature or Parents Signature if a Minor Forms with no signature are incomplete and Will not be processed. Date


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