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  • 1. Native American Indians: Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, and Music

2. Visual Arts: Pottery

  • They first go and gather the clay.
  • Then they mix the clay and water to start to form the shape of the pot.
  • Once they have completed making the shape of the pot, they need to make the clay dry.

3. Visual Arts: Pottery contd

  • They dry it using fire, but if they dry they leave it under the fire too long, they crack.
  • They then need to paint it and decorate the pot once it the clay has dried.

4. The result 5. Drama: Storytelling

  • Native Americans passed down their traditions and history through the way of storytelling.
  • Elders of the village would tell the stories at night around the village fire. Many times they acted out what the story was about for the children.
  • This was one of the many ways they also educated their children about their past.

6. Storytelling 7. Storytelling contd 8. Dance: The Sun Dance

  • It used to be a dance for men only because it was kind of torturous.
  • It was held during the summer solstice.
  • It was a dance to celebrate new life and spiritual rebirth of the participants.
  • During this 4-8 day dance ceremony, the dancers would fast and self inflict pain.

9. Sun Dance contd 10. Sun Dance contd

  • When the America came to be, the government banned this dance.
  • Some of the Native Americans continued to do it anyway but they called it the rain dance to disguise it.
  • The governments laws have changed and they are allowed to continue the dance today.

11. Music: Native American Flutes

  • These flutes are generally handcrafted.
  • Before they make the flute out of wood, they must make sure the wood is of good quality.
  • Generally their flutes are carved from wood.
  • Once they have finished carving it, which is a long process, they treat the wood so it lasts.
  • It is not easy work, but the end result, if you can play, is priceless.

12. Music: Native American flutes 13. Music: Native American Indian Flutes


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