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National Travel Forum US Coast Guard TAC-ON 26 June 2006

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Text of National Travel Forum US Coast Guard TAC-ON 26 June 2006

  • National Travel ForumUS Coast Guard TAC-ON26 June 2006

  • CWO3 Andrew AlkireBranch Chief, PSC Travel BranchMrs. Karen StadlerSupervisor, Travel Systems Support TeamMrs. Kimberley ValenzuelaSupervisor, Travel Audit TeamYN2 Rebekah McLeanAuditor, Travel Audit TeamPresented by PSC Travel

  • PSC Procedures

    T-PAX Functions: Passwords / Retrieve Request / Print Travel Voucher Summary Sheets

    T-PAX Navigation: Special Claims

    T-PAX Post Audit Process

    Various Types of Per Diem Items To Be Discussed

  • CWO A. AlkireBranch Chief, Travel Business LineProductionYNC R. WebbAuditK. ValenzuelaSystem SupportK. StadlerTravel SupportYNC B. BartschProcess TDY & PCS

    Forwards TPAX claims for releaseAudit all TDY & PCS

    Releases all claims to FINCEN for paymentResearches corrective action for claims that FINCEN is unable to payProcess Supplementals issued by CCB

    Researches CC Calls15 Team mbrs7 Team mbrs6 Team mbrs5 Team mbrs

  • PSC ProceduresPSC batches travel claims through T-PAX daily

    PSC examines/enters Travel Claims

    Daily transmissions to FINCEN for disbursement of Funds

    PSC requests Audits for T-PAX claims monthly -

  • Member ResponsibilitiesPrompt submission of claimsProviding package upon receiving audit requestsCheck FINCEN pay history site for paymentsClosely review TVSs (Travel Voucher Summary sheets) now available On-Line via PSC or FINCEN websites (also available thru T-PAX)Submit supplementals when necessary (new claim signatures required)

  • Travel Claim Volume June 12th 16th399 PCS Claims week (8000 expected) 3030 TDY T-PAX Claims week468 TDY Manual Claims week603 Advances week$88 Million Yr 180K transactions

  • T-PAX Functions

  • T-PAX Password ResetsEight charactersAlphanumericNo special characters (i.e. @#$&)Make sure Authentication information is filled out correctly and you can remember it!!!If the member forgets their password, they can click forgotten password, enter their Authentication information, and T-PAX will e-mail them the password.

    T-PAX: Password Resets

  • This option will retrieve a claim forwarded to the AO for approval as long as the AO has not approved it.

    T-PAX: Retrieve Request

  • Can be obtained from TPAX by:Opening settlement Click on print request Select print voucher

    ** For more information, please see T-PAX tutoriallocated ** Travel Voucher Summary Sheets

  • T-PAX Navigation

  • TDY Claims Only NO PCS at this timeSee it, Try it, Know it, Do it On-Demand toolsQuick Reference Guides for a number of actions ( changes with T-PAX from UTS systemLayout is Windows Based

    T-PAX: Navigation

  • T-PAX: Resources

  • The More Difficult Claim

    Back to Back claims paid for by different Tonos

    TDY within TDY (Reserve recall members are sent TDY while on recall with a different Tono)

    The Not So Normal Travel Claim

  • This is the Recall Tono

  • Per Diem will only pay 75% this day

  • Member needs to claim 25% additional per diem on this day

  • Note this is the new Tono for the TDY after the 1st tripMember starts the TDY claim the next day

  • Per diem will pay 75% here

  • This will cover the entire day of per diem due to the reduction on the beginning day of travel

  • Recall Tono

  • Will only reimburse 75% on first and last day

  • Dual lodging, due to recall.25% to cover the reduction for travel days

  • Always good to use

  • TDY within Recall period

  • Will only reimburse 75% on first and last day

  • 25% to cover the reduction for travel days

  • Pick up on the recall Tono the following day

  • 25% per diem to cover travel days

  • T-PAX Post Audit Process

  • Audit Request notifications are sent out monthly by PSC TVL Branch.

    Audit Request notifications are auto-generated.

    Three Audit Request notifications will be sent to mbr for any claim that meets audit criteria.T-PAX Audit Process

  • Audit Criteria:

    All claims resulting in an entitlement of $2500.00 or more.

    10% of the remaining claims for a specified Month.T-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • Audit Request notifications are sent to mbrs email addresses listed in:

    T-PAXDirect Access

    **** Keep email addresses in T-PAX and Direct Access updated ****T-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • 1st notification of Audit Request is sent to mbr.

    2nd notification of Audit Request is sent to mbr if no response is received after 30 days of 1st request.

    3rd and Final notification of Audit Request is sent to mbr if no response is received after 30 days of 2nd request.

    T-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • If no response is received after 30 days of 3rd Request:

    TVL will process a supplemental to recoup all monies previously paid against that claim.

    TVL will send email notification of debt to mbr. T-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • Unit reportsSent to all units Attn: Commanding OfficerLists all members attached to unit with pending Audit Requests.Lists 1st, 2nd, and 3rd audit requests for the unit. Provides stats to unitStats include # of audits requested from unit# of those audits correct# of those audits incorrectT-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • Audit packages should include COPIES of:

    Audit Request notification e-mailTravel Claim Must be signed by mbr and AOOrders Must be signed by Authorizing OfficialAmendments / Endorsements (if any)T-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • Audit packages should include COPIES of:

    Itemized Lodging receiptsAirfare receiptsMust show form of payment and $$ amountRental Car receiptsAny receipts $75.00 or moreT-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • Audit packages should be mailed to:

    Commanding Officer (TVL: T-PAX Audits)U.S. Coast GuardPersonnel Service CenterPO Box 3551Topeka, KS 66601T-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • Audit packages received by PSC TVL are:

    Logged as received in databaseReviewed for completenessIf incomplete, the audit package is discarded and mbr is notified to resubmit with complete package.30 days begin the day mbr is notified to resubmit complete package.Reviewed for errorsT-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • No errors found:Audit is logged as complete.No further action is required.

    Errors found:In members favor TVL will attempt to notify mbr of the possible missed expense. It is mbrs responsibility to review claim and submit a supplemental.Against mbr TVL will process a negative supplemental to recoup the overpayment. Audit is logged as complete.T-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • Supplementals submitted in response to a post-audit claim that resulted in a debt and:

    Debt has begun collecting from mbrs pay (both Military and Civilian)

    TVL will process the supplemental to pay mbr the additional entitlement and let the existing debt run against mbrs pay.T-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • Supplementals submitted in response to a post-audit claim that resulted in a debt and:

    Debt has not begun collecting from mbrs pay (both Military and Civilian)

    TVL will process the supplemental to lower or cancel the existing debt depending on the previous debt amount and amount of entitlement.

    T-PAX Audit Process (continued)

  • Various Types of Per Diem

  • TDY PER DIEMA per diem allowance is designed to offset the cost of lodging , meals, and incidental expenses incurred by a member while performing travel, and/or TDY away from the members PDS. A per diem allowance is payable for whole days, except for the departure day from and for the return day to the PDS.75% of the appropriate M&IE rate is paid for the days of departure from and/or return to the PDS in connection with TDY, regardless of what time the member departs or returns. On these days, the GMR or PMR do not apply.

  • TDY Per DiemCommercial Rate (Locality)Government Meal RateProportional Meal RateDeductible Meal RateNon-deductible MealsActual ExpenseActual Expense Lodging PlusSuper Actual Expense Reduced Per DiemNo Per Diem

  • Finding locality rates in T-Pax

  • Various Types of Per DiemLocality Rate (Commercial) This is the rate auth and given from the JFTR. This rate is determined by the lodging facility.Per Diem computation for TDY of more than 12 hrs, but less than 24 hours:M&IE of 75% of the M&IE rate for the TDY location is payable.If more than one TDY location is involved and the mbr is not required to obtain lodging, M&IE of 75% of the highest M&IE rate is payable.**Per diem is not auth when tvl is performed in the local area.

  • GMR Government Meal RateGovernment Meal Rate (GMR) The standard GMR for meals in a government mess plus $3 for incidentals expenses is paid. This rate applies each day that:The GMR is directed when: The government mess is available for all three meals on the U.S. Installation to which the member is assigned TDY

  • PMR- Proportional Meal RateProportional Meal Rate (PMR) the PMR plus $3 for incidentals expenses is paid. The PMR applies each day that:Adequate Government quarters are available on the U.S. Installation to which the member is assigned TDY,At least one meal is available and directed where the member is assigned TDY.

  • A Deductible Meal is a meal/meals:Made available pursuant to an agreement between a Uniformed Service and any organization, if the orders direct use of the facility providing the meal (s);Included in a registration fee paid by the Government;Furnished at no cost to the traveler by a school while attending a course of instruction if the Government ultimately pays the school for the meal cost;Provided by a lodging establishment for which a charge is added in the lodging cost (ex., lodging cost $75 without breakfast; lodging cost $85 with breakfast); orProvided by a lodging establishment when the meal (s) are included in the lodging cost under an agreement between the Government and the lodging establishment (ex., an agency arranges for lodging at a conference / meeting and the cost of one or more meals is included in the lodging costs).If all three meals are provided / consumed at no cost to the traveler, only the incidental expense amount for that day ($3 CONUS, or the applicable locality incidental expense rate is payable.

    Deductible Meal Rate

  • Non-Deductible MealsThe following are not deductible meals:Box lunches, (which include such things as C Rations, K Rations, MREs) except when MREs and / or other box lunches are the only method of providing adequate subsistence to members.In flight mealsRations furnished by the Government on military aircraft,Government meals paid for by the member and consumed in a Government mess,Meals provided by private individuals, orMeal(s) provided by a lodging establishment on a complimentary basis without adding a charge for the meal(s) in the lodging cost (ex., lodging cost with or without breakfast).

  • Actual Expense Allowance (AEA)An actual expense allowance allows the members to be reimbursed, in unusual circumstances, for actual and necessary expenses that exceed the maximum locality per diem rate. When authorized / approved, AEA is in lieu of the per diem rates for the area. The AO may auth AEA.An AEA may be auth / approved for the travel when the per diem is insufficient for part, or all, of travel assignment because:Actual and necessary expenses (especially lodgings) exceed the maximum per diem,Of special duties or special / unforeseen events.**AEA must not be auth as part of a blanket travel order.

  • Actual Expense Lodging Plus (AELP)Ordinarily, the daily AEA maximum needed for a TDY is at/below 150% of the locality per diem rate, but in certain circumstances members are auth a higher rate.The formula is basic:150% multiplied by the locality rate and then subtract the M&IE rate and you will have your new Lodging Plus Rate.

  • Super Actual Expense (SAELP) Daily maximums for CONUS/OCONUS travel in excess of 150% but not exceeding 300% of the locality per diem rate may be auth/approved if required to meet travel-associated expenses.Formula is the same as 150%.300% multiplied by the locality rate and then subtract the M&IE rate for the new Super Actual Expense Rate.

  • Reduced Per Diem

    The Secretary concerned may authorize zero per diem or rates of per diem in lesser amounts.When the circumstances of the travel or duty to be performed so warrant and are peculiar to that particular Service. This authority may be delegated to a chief of an appropriate bureau or staff agency of the headquarters of the Service concerned or to a commander of an appropriate naval systems command headquarters, but may not be re-delegated. Reduced per diem rates should incorporate amounts for clothes laundry/dry-cleaning/pressing if the travel is OCONUS or for less than 7 days in CONUS.

  • No Per Diem When Not in a Travel StatusDay of Leave or Proceed TimeWhen PCS MALT PLUS Per Diem Is PaidTravel or TDY within PDS LimitsTDY within the Local Area of the PDS (Outside the PDS Limits)Round Trips within 12 HoursMembers Traveling Together with No/Limited ReimbursementNavigational and Proficiency FlightsAssigned to Two-crew Nuclear SubmarinesTDY or Training Duty Aboard Government ShipAboard Ship Constructed by Commercial ContractorField DutyTDY Aboard Foreign (Non-government) ShipMember in Missing StatusMembers Traveling Together

  • PSC Travel