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  • S newsletter vol. MO no* 5

    private funds for international activities conducted by privateorganizations. The Conference Board of the Associated Re-search Councils (the ACLS is one of four) has expressed toPresident Nixon concern over the decline in governmental sup-port for international education. The Councils recommendedsubstantial increase in the State Department's budget for edu-cational and cultural programs for fiscal 1970 and steps tosecure adequate appropriations to implement the InternationalEducation Act. Secretary of State Rogers replied that he hopedto meet with the presidents of the Councils after an AssistantSecretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs hasbeen appointed.


    Paul Leser (Hartford Seminary Foundation) and LawrenceKrader (CUNY) have received travel grants from the AmericanCouncil of Learned Societies on the recommendations of theAAA. The grant funds are derived from the National Endow-ment for the Humanities. Leser will attend the 5th annualmeeting of Europeanists and a meeting of the editorial boardof Ethnologia Europea in Cracow August 28-30, the annualconference of the Permanent International Atlas Committeeand a meeting of the Permanent International Committee forResearch in the History of Agricultural Implements (of whichLeser is president' in Helsinki September2-9,andthe DeutscherVolkskunde Kongress in Detmold September 22-27

    Krader attended a meeting of Secretaries-General of the In-ternational Social Science Council March 10-11, the majoractivity of which was discussion of the UNESCO 6-yearplan concentrating on peace research. Krader is Secretary-general of the International Union of Anthropological andEthnological Sciences. He was the only U.S. representative andthe only anthropologist at the meeting.


    NEH announced in March 29 grants totaling one-half mil-lion dollars. These include a study of linguistics in NorthAmerica directed b> Thomas Sebeok U Indiana" which willconsider inter-relationships of North American languages, nativeand European, and contribute to an understanding of the lan-guage problems of minority groups; and an archeological train-


    The American Ethnological Society, through thegood offices of the American Anthropological Asso-ciation, offers for sale Vol. 1-3, New Series, of theAmerican Anthropologist. The price is $20.00 per vol-ume. Individual issues will not be sold separately.OnJy 14 sets are available. Check your institution'slibrary needs. The issues are in mint condition, stillin wraps. Checks should be payable to the AmericanAnthropological Association.

    ing project at Franklin and Marshall College, directed by WFred Kinsey, for high school students to participate in excava-tion of a 16th century Indian village on the Susquehanna. Lastyear the Endowment supported archeological work at Corinthand in northern Florida.


    The National Geographic Society has granted $30,000 tothe School of American Research, Santa Fe, for archeologicalresearch in the Grand Canyon area. This continues supportfor the work directed the last two summers by Douglas W.Schwartz, Director of the School.

    Departments and PeopleUNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA

    The new graduate degree program leading to the anthropology was initiated in September. The program willgive emphasis to Latin America and Africa, areas in which de-partmental and university-wide activities have already beendeveloped, in archeology of the southeastern United States,community study applied anthropology, and anthropology andeducation. In September 1969 a new program of doctoral studyin urban anthropology will be started. An entering group ofnine post-master students are enrolled in the doctoral program.

    The annual archeological field school held during the sum-mer months was again under the direction of Charles Fair-banks. Three prehistoric village sites and a burial moundwere excavated in Alachua county.

    Theron Nunez was summer visiting professor at the Depart-ment of Anthropology at Columbia University Sarah A. Rob-inson continued her research among the N'anaimo in RritishColumbia. Solon Kim ball revisited County Clare, Ireland, andalso conferred at the National University in Dublin and theNew University in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

    The department added two new members this year: MarthaJ. Hardman-de-Bautista of Peru was appointed associate pro-fessor of linguistics; William R. Maples came from WesternMichigan University as assistant professor in physical anthro-pology.

    The Florida State Museum has announced the appointmentas of July I of William R. Bullard of the Harvard PeabodyMuseum as associate professor of anthropology in the depart-ment.

    The department also feels honored by the selection of one ofits members, William E. Carter to be the new director of the("inter for Latin American Studies. In the long history ofthis center this is the first time that an anthropologist hasbeen chosen as its director.

    Urban Anthropology: Research Perspectives and Strategies,edited by Elizabeth Eddy, who is director of the Urban StudiesBureau, was issued in December. This is a report of the pro-ceedings of a symposium on urban anthropology held in March1968, in Gainesville by the Southern Anthropological Society.Carol Taylor, anthropologist in the University health center,has had her book on anthropology and nursing administration


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