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Cavite, Guimba, Nueva Ecija To Campus Coordinator Eduardo L. Joson Memorial College Guimba Annex, Pacac, Guimba, Nueva Ecija Mr. Juanito F. Ignacio Please consider my application as an instructor at Eduardo L. Joson Memorial College Guimba Annex Pacac. As my resume reveals, I was graduate at Eduardo L. Joson Memorial College with a BS degree in Education major in English. My student teaching experiences afforded me the opportunity to assume all the responsibilities of a college level. My student teaching experience includes several urban settings with diverse student populations. I have also worked successfully with students with various disabilities. Furthermore, with a strong background in psychology, I bring a true understanding of the many factors affecting the education of children. I feel confident and qualified to take on the challenges that teaching offers. I am eager to demonstrate my talent and teaching skills within a school district that is committed to high standards in the education of children. I look forward to an opportunity to meet with you and further discuss my qualifications. In the meantime, should you need to reach me, please feel free to call me at 09072400077. I am free anytime. Thank you for considering my application.

Very Truly Yours, Norman Kristoffer U. Cruz Applicant


NORMA JEAN U. CRUZ Bachelor of Elementary Education

College of Education EULOGIO R. DIZON COLLEGE OF NUEVA ECIJA Under the New Management of WORLD CITI COLLEGES Guimba, Nueva Ecija

April 2011



Title Page Table of Contents Approval Sheet Acknowledgement. Introduction I. The School.. a. Location b. Teacher Profile. c. Student Profile. d. Enrolment Profile..... e. History of the School... II. Working with the Cooperating Teacher. III. Working with the Pupils. IV. Classroom Teaching V. Working with the Community.

VI. Action Research... VII.Case Study.. VIII.Insights Gained.. IX. Appendices


This NARRATIVE REPORT ON OFF-CAMPUS TEACHING at the GUIMBA WEST CENTRAL SCHOOL, prepared and submitted by Norma Jean U. Cruz in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree BACHELOR OF ELEMENTARY EDUCAION, is hereby accepted.


Accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education.




This piece of work expresses my gratitude to the people who extend their assistance and guidance in my practice teaching and in my life. I want to express my gratitude to Armesto Corpuz, PH. D., Dean of College Education, Eulogio R. Dizon College of Nueva Ecija under the new management of World Citi Colleges, for his encouragement and support to me. To Mrs. Concepcion L. Sadornas, P.T. Adviser, who gave her valuable suggestions, supervision and encouragement to me. To Mr. John H. Dela Cruz, District Monitoring Area Supervisor of Guimba for the seminar he gave to us and for his undying support. To Mr. Alberto P. Rodriguez, Principal of Guimba West Central School, for his guidance and constructive criticism and the care he gave to us. To Mrs. Josephine M. Cruz and Mrs. Rubi Rose G. Dumayas, my cooperating teachers, for their professional pieces of advice and constructive criticisms and suggestions, supervisions and guidance to improve redound, and success during my practice teaching. To Madam Antonia A. Galapon, our PT Coordinator of Guimba West Central School, for the laughter and joy we shared together, to the faculty and staff of the said school for their warm welcome and acceptance, invaluable time and assistance they have

given to us. To all pupils of Guimba West Central School, especially the Grade IV-Red and Grade II-Earth pupils, who shared their wonderful moment togetherness, and truly made my practice teaching as the most memorable in my life. To my co-practice teachers namely Charville, Lailyn, Lysiel, April Rose, Evangeline, Joan, Vanessa and Violita, for their companionship, tears and laughter we shared with each other. To my classmates and friends for their valuable assistance, moral support and concern. To my beloved father, Mr. Anselmo J. Cruz Jr. , and loving mother, Norma U. Cruz, for their undying love, understanding, financial support and prayers, and to my brothers Dante, Ronaldo, Ryan, Norman and Robin, and to my sisters Leilani and Karen, for their love and care. Above all, I want to give praises and thanks to our Almighty God for giving my life, faith, strength, hope, wisdom and blessings to pursue my studies. To all of them, this work is wholeheartedly dedicated: Thank you and God bless!

The Student-Teacher


Each student who dreams of becoming a teacher should undergo trainings to learn different methods and strategies of teaching that need in the profession which they want to belong. Three half years of pure lectures about the profession they choose, and during those times, the students were still undecided on their course. The remaining semester was the deciding moment that determines for their success or failure. At this period, the students still undergo practice teaching to apply the theories, teaching strategies and methods they learned. It was the time in which the student will teach in real classroom situations, where they would handle pupils whom they did not know what kind of behavior they had. During this period, the students expect that all things might happen to them. They also prepared themselves about the possible problems they might encounter when they are inside the school. They also should always be prepared on what possible solutions to solve their problems. I could say that this was one of the memorable parts of my entire life. In this period, I learned a lot of things like dealing with my pupils, my cooperating teachers, and other personnel in the school. I learned how to love this profession that I had chosen. I could say that I did the right choice to become a teacher.



a. Location Guimba West Central School is located near the old municipal hall of Guimba, Nueva Ecija. The place is conducive for teaching and learning process. The school ground is wide enough for different school activities. The classroom building is well organized, has good ventilation, adequate lighting, and good arrangement of chalkboards, chairs and other school facilities. b. Teaching Profile Guimba West Central School has 43 teachers, 38 of them were teaching, and the remaining 5 were in the higher positionthe district supervisor, school officer-in charge, district liaison officer, district property custodian and the guidance coordinator. The district supervisor was very strict in school rules and regulations. All the faculty and staff were very supportive and active in all the activities of the school. c. Students Profile The total number of pupils enrolled at the primary level was 822. There 407 boys and 415 girls. In the intermediate level, there were 376 pupils176 boys and 200 girls. The total number of pupils enrolled in the S.Y. 2010-2011 was 1,198.

d. Enrollment Profile for S.Y. 2010-2011 GRADE LEVEL I II III IV Total Primary V VI Total Intermediate Total I-VI MALE 102 98 103 104 407 92 84 176 583 ENROLLMENT FEMALE TOTAL 114 216 116 214 95 198 90 194 415 822 103 195 97 181 200 376 615 1,198

e. Brief Historical Background of Guimba West In 1920, the first Grade I was organized. The class was accommodated temporarily at the ground floor residence of the late Lorenzo Cuyuco located north of the Ongjanco

Street and north of the public auditorium, no school building was available then. In 1922, a seven-room building made of light materials like nipa roofing and sawali walling was constructed at the southern portion of the present Guimba West Central School site facing L. de Ocampo Street. The building orientation was east to west and gate was at the L. de Ocampo Street. The school was headed by a supervising principal with seven barrio schools. In 1928, because there was an abrupt increase in the yearly enrollment, so there was a need for additional school buildings and classrooms in all schools in the district. To improve for this, a three-storey building replaced the temporary school building with ten rooms, an office at the third floor and a library room at the second floor. A home Economics building was also constructed and the ground floor served for the shop classes. During the Second World War in 1924, the storey building was burned by Japanese forces when they had made a building as their headquarters. After the war, in 1948, when the educational program expanded, the primary and the complete elementary school were established. The Gabaldon Type School Building was constructed at Guimba East Central School, Guimba West Central School, and to the other five barrio school like Manacsac, Pacac, Maturanoc, Bunol and San Roque. These buildings were named after Senator Isauro Gabaldon who hailed this province. Presently, the Gabaldon buildings were demolished because they will build new buildings. This growth were attained through the leadership of the District Monitoring Area Supervisor, Mr. John A. dela Cruz, and the concerted efforts of the whole teaching force and the school population in their involvement, cooperation and participation on any school project. An overview of the district growth and development is quite impressive,

particularly the remarkable accomplishment in both academic and physical aspects of the school. Most school surroundings are now laboratories of learning with school facilities very much innovated.