NARRATIVE AND FINANCIAL REPORT BASED ON THE SUPPORT ... 1 narrative and financial report based on the

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    Young Mothers Kenya is a non –governmental, nonprofit making, non- partisan, non-religious

    broad based organization focusing on community, young mothers and child welfare, human

    resources development and economic empowerment. It works directly with abandoned young

    mothers and infants in partnership with other community-based organizations, civil society

    organizations and development partners in alleviating poverty levels, gender equality in all

    sectors in society, basic rights, conflict resolution and peace building. (View of Young Mothers


    Young Mothers Kenya core values are primed on and shaped by the principles of:

    Capacity building on proper use of reproductive health, Basic Human rights to all, We also

    believe in guiding young mothers make informed decisions and choices to avoid an abortion,

    We also guide on the fundamentals of giving birth at all levels of pregnancies.

    Young Mothers Kenya Vision

    YMK Vision is to have a place in which all forms of abortion, intolerance and discrimination on

    young expectant girls including their infants and, abject poverty and human indignity will be a

    thing of the past for whole the Society.

    Young Mothers Kenya Mission

    YMK Mission is to play a leading role in providing an enabling environment, where young girls

    can practice the use of reproductive health to avoid more unwanted pregnancies and abortion,

    which is the leading factor in mortality.

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    Young mothers Kenya Objectives

     To promote access to reproductive health especially maternal and child health care. Among Young Mothers below 21 years

     Curb abortion on young girls and to live in a conducive environment to be able to see their infants grow and have a mother- child love.

     Establish and tackle the structural causes and propagating agents of abortion and the prevailing under development in the Coastal region.

     Generate new forms of reproductive health knowledge and methodologies that can inform and change the plight of (young) poor girls in the Coastal Region.

     Empowering young girls, development and economic institutions with new forms of knowledge and methodologies for sustainability in human and environmental development.

     To advocate for behavioral change amongst the young mothers in relation to socio-cultural practices that fuel HIV/AIDS.

     Stop Drug abuse through psychological counseling and other relevant forms of rehabilitation support for the youth. (girls)

     Provide Counseling and holistic support for the young girls. Statement: Young mothers Kenya works directly with isolated vulnerable school dropout girls who are below 18 years, and are faced with rejection from either the family or the guardian and are expectant at the same time having challenges and not sure with what to do with their life. YMK comes in as a bridge for the Young Mothers to be able to build their life and nature their pregnancy by providing for their basic needs, love and comfort, and to be able to have a child - mother bonding..

    And with the requirements of basic needs water was a big challenge to the entire family of

    Young Mothers Kenya, since the capacity of the girls and their babies was growing day by day,

    however; the Organization water tank for water storage was not adequate, this was exposing

    both the babies and mothers at risk of being infected by different diseases more so during the

    Kenyan normal power blackout forcing the mothers not to do their laundry as required or clean

    their units(house) and sanitation as far as cleanliness is concerned. Mothers were being forced

    to draw water from outside making them to miss their normal learning lesson within the

    institution or sometimes to draw water when it’s dark.

    However; after the kind donation of 500,000 ksh which was presented to Young mothers Kenya

    by friends of Young Mothers (Swedish Families) in regards to proper and adequate water

    storage, the management moved with speed and identified an area where the pillars were to be

    erected, and the construction of the tower to begin since the initial place where the Organization

    has a small tank couldn’t fit the bigger tank, the organization was also incurring huge power

    bills at the end of the Month due to frequent water pumping from the well to the small tank which

    was being consumed simultaneously within the compound, but in the end the compound now

    have adequate water throughout 24 hours weather there is power blackout or not, and this was

    made possible through willingness and cooperation which we got from the mentioned above,

    which was then channeled to ymk account through the help of our sister Victoria Bengtsson.

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    Below are the photos of water tower construction and installation work

    Water Tower after the completion of


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    Apart from the water tank installation the Management also managed to bring a new face of the

    institution by painting all the places and building the perimeter wall behind the units for

    the security purposes, since the initial fence which was there was only bush fence which was

    supported by woods, exposing the mothers and their babies to other risks such as bandits, or

    escaping through the fence, now the girls and the staff feel more secure within the compound.

    YMK also managed to paint inside its medical room. (Please see the photos below of the

    work in different stages.

    2 photos before

    Fundis working on the ymk fence

    Fundis in progress

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    YMK security wall being erected.

    Below is the painting work, and we managed to paint the whole units including kibanda,

    and kitchen.

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    After re-evaluating ourselves, the aim was achieved within the shortest period possible, and this

    was realized due to the cooperation and the financial support that Young Mothers Kenya

    received from Sven-Ola Bengtsson and the entire team which was intended solely for the work

    as shown above, however this was after realizing how water shortage within the Compound was

    jeopardizing the lives of Young Mothers Kenya clients and their babies, and for sure it has been

    of great help to the entire family of YMK. We look forward to a more rewarding working

    relationship with our partners (friends of YMK) and we do want to appreciate their role and

    efforts of contributions to ensure that Young Mother’s Kenya clients are comfortable and happy

    as they continue with their healing therapy.

    All in all on behalf of the entire family of Young Mothers Kenya we say,

    Thank you so much.

    Financial Report:

    Please Note: All the funds in respect to Young Mothers Kenya accountability are properly

    recorded and expenses incurred by YMK are supported by adequate documentation.


    Item Quantity Price per unit Total

    Erecting of tower materials Y 12 Twisted wire Y10 Twisted wire R 8 Rounded wire1 Ballast Sand Cement Nails 4” Nails 3” Nails 2” Polythene paper Makuti Poles Woods Plumbing materials 1”PPR pipe 16 1”PPR male Adaptor 1”PPR union 1PPR tee 1”PPR Elbow 1”Gate Valve

    18pcs 15pcs 15pcs 1 lorry 2 lorries

    20 bags 5kg

    10kg 3kg 4m2

    60 bundles 10pcs 12pcs

    20pcs 5pcs 2pcs 2pcs 6pcs 1pc

    @950 @750 @550 @9000 @3500 @700 @100 @100 @100 @100 @50 @900

    @450 @350 @200 @60 @260 @1500

    17,100 11,250 8,250 9,000 7,000 14,000 500 1,000 300 400 3,000 9,000 10,350

    9,000 1,750 400 120 360 1,500

  • 9

    1” PPR Socket 1”PPR Ballock 1”GI backnut Thread seal tape Transportation Labour charge Total cost for water tower Perimeter Wall behind Cement Stones Sand Stones Transportation Labour charge Total cost for security fence behind Painting and Tailoring roof fixing Paints ,brushes Ply-wood and corner puppy Labour charge for painting Bank charges Medical Cabinet Refreshments/food/snacks(mothers&babies) Total cost for painting/roof fixing

    20pcs 1pc 3pc


    60 bags 71000pcs

    4 lorries 4 trips 4 pple x 800

    per dayx13 days

    @60 @260 @50 @40

    @700 @20 @3500 @3500

    1,200 500 150 400 2,500 40,000 149,030

    42,000 142,000 14,000 14,000 41,600


    49,000 12,445 20,000 500 9,880 5,545 97,370

    Total 500,000