Namo Free Motion2008 - .:. บริษัท เอซอฟท์วัน ... Free Motion2008 Importing and editing SWF movies Namo FreeMotion supports importing Flash movies in SWF and EXE (Flash Projector) format, compatible with movies created with Flash v4, v5, v6 or v7, including full action

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  • Namo Free Motion2008

    Importing and editing SWF moviesNamo FreeMotion supports importing Flash movies in SWF and EXE (Flash Projector) format, compatible with movies created with Flash v4, v5, v6 or v7, including full action support. Script written in ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0 can be decompiled and displayed in the Action panel.

    It also supports importing SWF movies into the Library, making their resources available for use in your movies. Besides the ability to import SWF files, the program is also able to edit almost all of the elements of imported SWF files; that is, you can replace the elements of an SWF flash movie as you wish, without an FLA file.

    SWF movie importing

    Flash Video importingNamo FreeMotion supports importing AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, or Real video and creating Flash video.

    Saving a movie from the Internet Explorer browserWhen you install Namo FreeMotion, the Namo FlashCatcher button is added to Internet Explorer's toolbar. While you are viewing a page containing Flash, click the button or right-click the Flash movie and select Namo FlashCatcher to get the flash movie file.

    Saving a movie from the Firefox browserWhen you are browsing a page with a flash movie in Firefox, you can catch it and save it to your local folder for further modification and use.

    Creating Flash Video fileWhen you import a video file to Namo FreeMotion, you can save the video as an external Flash Video file (*.FLV) so that you can play it using ActionScript 2.0 without embedding it in the movie.

    Action script

    Action script editorNamo FreeMotion's Professional Action Script Editor assists you by providing functions such as syntax highlighting, auto member lists, parameter information, and auto code completion.

    ActionsScript settingsNamo FreeMotion 2008 offers ActionScript settings for movies to be exported. You can set the ActionScript version to version 1 or version 2 so that it will match the compiled ActionScript of the movie you want to export. Also you can set the warning level for type checking.

    Animation support

    Motion tweenNamo FreeMotion supports creating Motion Tweens which allow an object to move around the canvas, as well as scale, rotate, and skew. And you can set the tween's rotation angle, speed, etc. in the Property panel.

    Guide line motionNamo FreeMotion also provides easy-to-use Guide Line tools. When you would like to create motion paths, these tools will help you create guide lines more freely. Mask motionYou can create Mask Motion by using Mask/Masked layers with ease.

    Shape tween animationThe Shape tween animation makes objects in the start and the end frames change their own shape, deform, or transition from one shape to another.

    Image tween animationImage Tween animation in Namo FreeMotion 2008 enables one image to be changed into another between the designated start and end frames.

    Built-in animation effectsTo help you create professional animations or movies easily, Namo FreeMotion provides you with a number of animated effects for you to apply to your artwork.

    Template wizards - Album, Banner, Navigation Button, and slideshow

    Namo FreeMotion provides several wizards -- Album, Banner, Navigation Button, and Slide Show -- that guide you through creating complex objects in minutes.

    Drawing toolsNamo FreeMotion 2008 added new drawing tools to improve the precision of your drawing work. New drawing tools are as follows:

    Selection toolWith the Selection tool, you can not only select a whole shape including its fill and stroke at one time or separately, but you also can select a certain part of the shape. After selecting a part, you can move or delete it or set separate properties for it.

    Lasso toolThe Lasso tool is used to select the desired area of a shape on the canvas by dragging the mouse free-hand. Once selected, you can drag, delete or set properties for the selection.

    Brush toolThe Brush tool allows you to create strokes as you do with a paint brush. You can set the shape and the size of the brush.

    Eraser toolYou can erase the fills and strokes of a shape, changing the eraser's size or shape as you need.

    Drawing optionsWhen you draw a straight line, circle, rectangle, polygon, star, or make a free-hand drawing, you can choose to draw it as a shape, as a graphic, or as a guide line.

  • Frame management

    Cross-layer frame selection and movingYou can select frames across multiple layers and move them freely. You can select and move a single frame or multiple frames.

    Onion SkinIn general, one frame of the animation sequence is displayed at a time on the canvas. With the Onion Skin, you can view and check more than one frame on the canvas at once with the frame under the playhead in full color and other surrounding frames dimmed. The effect is like sheets transparent onion-skin paper stacked on the top of each other.

    Mask motionYou can create Mask Motion by using Mask/Masked layers with ease.

    Text editingCustomizing textBy using the Text tool in the Tools panel, you can add horizontal text to any place in your movie. In the Text panel, you can customize all the properties of text, such as color, font, font size, URL link, etc. Furthermore, you can give a different color, font style, or URL link to a paragraph of text.

    Resource ManagementShape editingNamo FreeMotion allows you to draw and edit vector shapes. You can resize, reshape, rotate or skew shapes as you need. And you can use the Fill transform tool to edit the color gradient directly. You can also import other popular vector formats including AI, SVG and WMF/EMF and use them in Namo FreeMotion.

    Symbol replacingYou can replace the symbol of multiple instances or all instances with another symbol, which will help you when deleting instances of a symbol and adding instances of a new symbol.

    Symbol converting optionsBesides converting an object to a movie clip or button symbol, you can convert it to a Graphics symbol with Namo FreeMotion 2008.

    Gallery panelNamo FreeMotion 2008 features a new panel, the Gallery panel. It stores ready-to-use resources for you to create art work conveniently. Currently, Namo FreeMotion provides resources for buttons and preloaders.

    clip or sound symbol, add a new symbol to the symbol list, create a new folder, delete the selected symbol or folder, and set the background color for the preview window.

    Image quality controlYou can set the final format (PNG or JPEG) of images and control the JPEG quality when exporting a flash movie.

    Sound controlWith Namo FreeMotion, you can add stream and event sound to your movie and control the settings for individual sounds. Sound optionsNamo FreeMotion provides two types of sound--stream sound and event sound. Stream sound begins playing as soon as enough data for the first few frames has been downloaded. You can choose between ADPCM and MP3 compression and specify the sample rate and the bit rate. An event sound must download completely before it begins playing, and it continues playing until explicitly stopped.

    Sound Playback SettingsYou can control the settings for individual sounds in the Sound Properties dialog box. The sample rate and bit rate make a significant difference in the quality and size of sounds in exported SWF files.

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